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					Job Safety Analysis
Title: Setting up MTE
*Note: This document verifies the hazard assessment as required by 29 CFR 1910.132(d)(2).

Location (e.g., Station, Branch, Plant) Name: Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State: Zip Code: Area: PC:

Job Description: Setting up work areas with GPMCs, ERMCs, tray carts, hampers, utility carts, OTR/BMCs, wire containers, platform trucks (dollies or Netting trucks), & Postalpaks. Includes stacking & unstacking hampers; moving trays & flats; & installing false bottoms. Location Description: workroom floor plants and post offices

Titles of Employees Performing the Job: Clerk Mail Handler Rural Carrier City Carriers

Occupational Codes: None assigned

Author Name: Hank Woodcock, CIH Title: Safety Consultant Date: 6/12/2001

Headquarters Safety Review Name: Frank Lundblad, CIH, CHMM Title: Manager, Safety Programs Date: 6/12/2001 Approval: Yes Name: Title: Date: Approval: Yes No

Local Review

Sequence of Basic Steps 1. Check MTE condition and move to staging or work area.

Potential Hazards and Effects 1.1. Hazard: See JSA for handling MTE Effect:

Safe Work Practices 1.1.See JSA for handling MTE 1.1.<None>

Required PPE*

2. Assemble Westpaks or Postalpaks (if used).

2.1. Hazard: Single person lifting the top and bottom to assemble Westpak or Postalpak. Effect: Shoulder and back strain.

2.1.Use 2 people to lift top and bottom of Westpak or Postalpak to assemble. Leather or fabric gloves with gripping surfaces may be worn to improve grip. 3.1.Hold onto the center portion and one side of the GPMC or ERMC until the bottom holds the sides in place.


3. Assemble GPMC or ERMC (if required): swing sides of GPMC or ERMC into place.

3.1. Hazard: Bottom of GPMC or ERMC rolls away and top falls toward assembler. Effect: GPMC or ERMC strikes assembler.


4. Assemble GPMC or ERMC (if required): release bottom shelf so it holds the sides of the GPMC or ERMC into place.

4.1. Hazard: Bottom shelf not seated in the Ushaped retainers on each side. Effect: Sides spread so GPMC or ERMC collapses and strikes assembler.

4.1.Make sure the bottom shelf is firmly seated.


5. Assemble GPMC or ERMC (if required): place webbing and web support bar or ERMC on bottom shelf.

5.1. Hazard: Web or bar falling out during movement of ERMC. Effect: Slip, trip, fall

5.1.Make sure the webbing and web support bar are securely stowed on shelf.


6. Unstack hampers (if used): push pile onto floor.

6.1. Hazard: Object or worker in the path of falling pile of hampers or carts. Effect: Pile strikes worker or object.

6.1.Make sure area is clear and workers who might move near pile are warned.


7. Unstack hampers (if used): pull each MTE from pile; lift it and set it upright.

7.1. Hazard: Pulling, jerking or lifting while bending and reaching away from body. Effect: Back and shoulder strain.

7.1.Don't jerk at MTE to remove it from pile. Pull loose cart away from pile first. Don't bend at the waist. Lift with hands near the body.


8. Install false bottom in hamper (if used).

8.1. Hazard: Lifting heavy mail from bottom of the hamper while leaning over the side. Effect: Back strain.

8.1.Install a false bottom in hampers before loading them to prevent stress for workers unloading them.


9. Stack hampers (after using them): position hampers next to each other.

9.1. Hazard: None Effect:



10. Stack hampers (after using them): Stack canvas hampers 3 high: lift 2 hampers (1 at a time) & place into third hamper; or push polyethylene hampers onto their sides & slide 2 hampers into another one

10.1. Hazard: One person lifting hampers, lifting heavy polyethylene hampers into a stack Effect: Back and shoulder strain.

10.1.Use 2 workers to lift canvas hampers and count, "1,2,3 lift" to make sure the lift is coordinated. Lift smoothly without jerking the hampers. Don't attempt to lift the polyethylene hampers, push them on their sides to stack them. Use 2 workers to lift the polyethylene stack upright. Leather or fabric gloves with gripping surfaces may be worn to improve grip.


11. Position MTE in the work area.

11.1. Hazard: See JSA for handling MTE Effect: 11.2. Hazard: MTE blocking aisles or pathways, obstructing free flow of traffic. Effect: Slips, trips, falls; reduces visibility of powered equipment drivers to see and avoid pedestrians. 11.3. Hazard: MTE that can inadvertently move during loading or unloading. Effect: MTE strikes worker or equipment; back strain from sudden movement.



11.2.Arrange MTE so aisles remain open and so walking paths in work areas are not obstructed.


11.3.Set brake of MTEs that have brakes. Brace MTE against objects when possible to keep them from rolling.


11.4. Hazard: Stacking pouches, sacks, trays, and loose items in walking paths. Effect: Slips, trips, falls.

11.4.Store loose items away from walking paths, beneath tables and bins where possible. Store sacks and pouches in a sack or pouch.


12. Stack MM trays or flat tubs: toss empty MM trays into an MM tray or empty flat tubs into a flat tub to form a stack.

12.1. Hazard: Displaced air in the tub or tray causes debris and dust to fly into the air. Effect: Debris or dust in eye. 12.2. Hazard: Piling stack too high. Effect: Stack blocks visibility and reduces control; worker strikes object or equipment.

12.1.Dump visible dust. Keep face and head away from airstream. Impact resistant spectacles may be worn 12.2.Keep stacks low enough to see over and control. Separate large stacks into smaller stacks.



13. Move MM tray of flat tub stacks: lean stack at a 45-degree angle, push to the location, then lean stack upright.

13.1. Hazard: Stack falls and must be lifted. Effect: Heavy lift from floor strains back.

13.1.Either have 2 workers lift fallen stack or restack by removing 2 or 3 trays or tubs from floor at a time. Leather or fabric gloves with gripping surfaces may be worn to improve grip.


13.2. Hazard: Stack bends and collapses. Effect: Back and shoulder strains from supporting or holding stack at 45-degrees. Health Risk Assessment: 5 (Negligible) Safety Risk Assessment: 4 (Minor) Qualitative/Quantitative Exposure Assessment Data n/a

13.2.Stop, place stack upright and restack into a shorter stack.


Ergonomic Risk Assessment Code: 4 (Minor) Supporting Postal Service Policy Documents PO-502 EL-814

Container Handling Methods Postal Employee's Guide to Safety
Required Training

Supporting Safety Talks Title: Dos and Don'ts of Lifting Hand Protection Manual Handling of Materials Team Lifting Link: Course No.

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