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Author Sean Pemberton (DOC)


									Author: Sean Pemberton Course: ITSE2402_Intermediate_Web_Programming Assignment Number: Lab_1_Chapter 3 Case Project Date Created: 09/11/07 Date updated: 09/13/07 Description: Site Specification Site Title: Anderson Bicycle Company Developer: Sean Pemberton Focus of site: To convey a presence on the web, show Anderson Bicycle Company to the world. Generate new customers via the web. The site will be billboard type at first then slowly become an e-commerce site. Content of the site: The site will begin with an animation intro that is a bicyclist riding a bike across the screen. After the bicyclist crosses the screen the Anderson Bicycle Company logo will fade in. After the company logo fades in then enter will appear as a link to the home page. The home page will include a feature product for the visitor to see with additional info. The home page will have the navigation menu to the left of the screen. With the links to the following pages Home, Products, News, Gallery, About us, Store, and Contact us. This menu will be the same on all of the rest of the pages. The Products page will contain a list of bikes plus small images of the bikes the user can click to view a larger view to see details and product specs. The news page will contain company news. The gallery page will have images of happy Anderson bike owners. The about us page will have info about Anderson Bicycles Company. The store page will have a small store selling hats, t-shirts, socks and sweatshirts with the company logo. The user may add any items they want to buy and click a checkout button on the bottom of the page. The contact page will have an email form that the user may click to send email to Anderson Bicycle Company. This page will also have a dealer locator search to find a local dealer to buy products from. This page will have a web site feedback form to send in visitors request on how to improve the site. Target Audience: Anyone from the ages of five years old to eighty years old who enjoys bikes. Design goals: Make a professional web page with pleasing graphics and easy navigation. Limiting Factors: Coming up with a visual pleasing site, one that appeals to all ages. Having a working e-commerce page. Here is a list of URL’s that have examples I liked. I really like this site! schwinn really has a nice color scheme. Good navigation. Cool easy to navigate site! Informative did not realize they made Matt Hoffman bmx bikes. Like the color scheme. I didn’t like that they did not take advantage of resizing for different resolutions to use the whole screen of the browser. nice site design smooth elegant lots of images of the products Liked that it is centered in the browser. Good high resolution graphics. Ah good old Diamondback I remember mine from when I was a kid. I like the fact that they give you a choice between their products to view from their home page. Wow I really like how they have this zoom in picture effect when looking at their bikes. You use your cursor and place it over the bike image and it gives you a zoomed in look at that area without having to load a full separate image of the object. It is something called realZoom cool really cool. I also like that they list the features of the bike below the image. They are using xml on the site. terrible site didn’t like that they don’t really show you their bikes just links to where they are sold. A real cheesy site loo ks like a little kid designed the graphics. the street designed drop down menus look cool but didn’t like the striped background it’s harsh on the eyes. The Anderson Bicycle Company web site will have the following navigation. The first page seen will be an Intro animation of a bicyclist riding across the screen to revile the company logo. With words enter appearing last or fading to the home page.

On the homepage the logo will be at the top left of the page. Below that to the left will be the menu. The menu will stay the same through the rest of the web site. The menu will contain links to the rest of the website. Home will link back to the home page. Products will link to the products page. News will link to the news page. Gallery will link to the gallery page. About us will link to the about us page. Store will link to store link. Contact us will link to the contact us page.

This page will have images of the product to click on to view a larger image with product details.

This page will have news about the company.

This page will have a gallery of images sent in by happy Anderson bike owners

This page will have company info.

This page will have products like hats t-shirts socks with company logos on it.

This page will have an email form for visitors to fill out. A search for a local dealer that sells Anderson bikes. A website feedback form to help the webmaster improve the site. You will be able to navigate from any page on the site to another. I’m considering adding a sitemap. 1. Researching Started researching at 09/04/07 at 4:00pm Still researching at 09/04/07 at 4:30pm Still researching at 09/04/07 at 5:00pm Still researching at 09/04/07 at 5:30pm Ended researching at 09/04/07 at 6:00pm 2. Writing Started writing at 09/04/07 at 6:00pm Still Writing at 6:30pm Still Writing at 7:00pm

Ended Writing at 09/04/07 at 7:30pm Started writing at 09/12/07 at 6:00pm Still Writing at 6:30pm Ended Writing at 09/12/07 at 7:00pm Started writing at 09/13/07 at 8:00pm Ended Writing at 09/13/07 at 8:30pm 3. Drawing flow board and scanning to computer Started drawing at 09/13/07 at 5:00pm Ended Drawing at 09/13/07 at 5:30pm Started Scanning into computer at 09/13/07 5:30pm Ended Scanning into computer at 09/13/07 6:00pm 4. Posting Started posting files to web site at 09/13/07 11:00pm Ended posting files to web site at 09/13/07 11:30pm

Reflection: A few of the things I learned in this lab is you never have enough time number one so use it wisely. I really liked the realZoom feature at the diamondback site. Writing site specifications is pretty difficult. I never realized that xhtml was that picky. I will try to use that realZoom tool on my site.

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