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					Submitted On Project Name Project Type Executive Sponsor Project Manager Project Requestor Project Requestor Department/Unit Strategic Goals

What are the project goals?

How will this project improve university (school/unit) operations or performance?

January 19, 2007 - 02:41 PM Achieving research and academic goals at the SPHTM using SharePoint major Buekens, Pierre Gerone, John Mather, Frances Academic Information Systems, SPHTM 988-7329 Strategic Goal 2: Build virtual and physical communities to support enhanced c learning in and out of the classroom; Strategic Goal 5: Enhance the research en 1. Acquire training in use of SharePoint services. 2. Assess the business practic general learning, research productivity and retention of faculty, staff and stude business practices effecting strategic goals. 4. Acquire software (Turnitin) to ev teaching. SharePoint has developed enterprise software that provides a range of intrane authenticated users both locally and at distance. Adoption of SharePoint shoul of virtual groups; acquisition, storage and recall of documents for grants; shari abroad by authenticated users; sharing and development of documents by stu University degree programs, and organization of documentation of the various the University. The software is used in universities abroad, in government offic on an experimental basis (TS, Business and Law)..

Each graduate of Tulane will have completed some form of community service outside the purview of Blackboard. Organization of these materials can be rea tools to organize classwork from the perspective of both teacher and student f providing an infrastructure for both traditional and distance learning modes. . How will this project enhance the student addresses the need for adherence to standards in preparation of research and experience at Tulane? University. Student graduating from Tulane must have a firm understanding of SharePoint will enhance the research enterprise at Tulane University by provid supporting research. SharePoint can organize and share secure information am collaboration of interested investigators whose quality research proposals sho research, especially for global research SharePoint can be used to communicat data from various sites to be analyzed at a central repository. The organization results of the study. It should be noted that agencies ( are already u How will it advance the research enterprise? for funding. A pre- and post- assessment of SharePoint will use a questionnaire to obtain sp completion of a unit of work, reliability of the software and satisfaction. To eva investigators will be tracked. Reliable estimates for assessing savings will be ba will be obtained from pre- and post- questionnaire. Annual costs savings can b person X number of documents per person for a given year. To measure the su How will success be measured and student knows how to properly reference work among those whose professor evaluated? assess the effect of Turnitin.

Will this project require interaction between multiple schools and/or units? Yes This project will focus on the business procedures of the SPHTM, however, the schools of Business and Law have both examined some of the ways in which Sh If yes, please describe. their findings. Would you be willing to collaborate with another unit to acheive funding, if that collaboration required changes to your proposed project? Yes Will this project be self-sustaining or The project has the potential to become self-sustaining to the extent that the generate revenue? The evaluation techniques outlined should illuminate these issues. Is there potential for external support, either External support may be available in the private sector, however, these funds governmental or private sector? Please be possible if the focus can be found (see Pro Bono Law example). Governmen describe why or why not. submission is focused on general public health training and research efforts.

Will implementing this project save the university money? How much? What is the projected return on investment?

This project does have the potential to save the university money, if implemen make everyday business practices less onerous, thus freeing faculty to focus o SPHTM with no additional staff resulted in the addition of 2 new masters stude ($50,000 per annum) whose sole job was to manage the system would require assume any benefit from additional research activity which would increase the

What is the timeline for implementation of this project? How many staff are required to maintain this project? Network management 0.25. fte Training 0.5 fte Design 0.5 fte Implementation Is there a "sunset" provision? No, we expect that this software would continue to be used much as our curre What are the risks of implementing this project? There are few if any risks associated with this project except in the addition of

Year 1 Initial Dell training of AIS staff Purchase of software and hardware Asse participate Pre implementation data collection Begin design, implementation a evaluation procedures Post implementation data collection Year 5 Complete im

What are the risks to the university/school/department of NOT implementing this project?

SPHTM has a global commitment to public health. We have research grants in Maintenance of communication, collaboration, data collection and analysis for field. We currently have, in spite of Katrina, a well respected presence in Africa communication among Tulane collaborators both in New Orleans and abroad a proposed can be used to accomplish the necessary interactions with little effo Requested Resources 1 Software 2 Hardware 3 Implementation 4 Services 5 Training Costs 6 Marketing/ Communications 7 New Cost Estimate

RESOURCE ESTIMATE. Round-up to the nearest dollar

RESOURCE ESTIMATE. Round-up to the nearest dollar

8 Anticipated Cost Savings 9 Net Cost

Please describe your sources of information in developing these estimates: Dell for hardware TS for Turnitin Savings are computed without additional staff assuming at least one(1) extra s Please describe how the anticipated cost Additionally, cost savings should accrue for decreased phone, Fax , DHL docum saving is has been calculated: sharing.

Staffing required includes network managers to set up and maintain the equip Installation: network manager (2 weeks X 40 hrs) = 80 hours trainers (1 week X hours per yr Design/implementation (52 weeks X 8 hours/week) Training/rese Please describe the staffing needs required contribute the efforts of the network manager, trainers and research assistant to implement this project. Collaboration with DELL on the training activities. Design, assessment of busin Please describe any indirect costs: NA Outside Resource(s) Company Name Vendor(s) Consultant(s) Other(s) Other costs References: Pro Bono Net Selects XMLAW on Microsoft SharePoint http://www Is there any additional information you'd like Public Health Agency o to include?

SPHTM using SharePoint

mmunities to support enhanced communication, collaboration, and camaraderie; Strategic Goal 4: Enhance c Goal 5: Enhance the research enterprise es. 2. Assess the business practices of the SPHTM and select prototypical practices effecting communication, tention of faculty, staff and students. 3. Design, implement and evaluate SharePoint solutions for three significant Acquire software (Turnitin) to evaluate student training in standards of reporting required in research and

e that provides a range of intranet portal solutions to locate information and share knowledge among ce. Adoption of SharePoint should provide more effective and efficient business practices regarding the formation all of documents for grants; sharing and exchange of documents and data among investigators both locally and evelopment of documents by students related to capstone and practicum experience required by SPHTM and of documentation of the various SPHTM and University committees. SharePoint extends to other schools within sities abroad, in government offices sharing information with other agencies and business and currently at Tulane w)..

some form of community service, some of which may be participatory and require written essays and reports, on of these materials can be readily accomplished by SharePoint. Blackboard has provided Tulane with a set of ive of both teacher and student for the widely varying content of the courses. It has been immensely successful in al and distance learning modes. . The request for Turnitin software (plagiarism detection in written documents) ds in preparation of research and scholarly documents among the faculty, staff and students of the SPHTM and ust have a firm understanding of how documents meeting scholarly criteria should be prepared. ise at Tulane University by providing standardized forms and procedures with which to apply to various agencies and share secure information among authenticated colleagues within and outside the University resulting in the se quality research proposals should obtain higher scores and thus more funding. During implementation of funded Point can be used to communicate among investigators, share documents on the progress of research and submit ntral repository. The organization of these documents should provide information for reports and papers on the gencies ( are already using SharePoint like software to control their documents and track submissions

ll use a questionnaire to obtain specific information on ease of use, mastery of procedures involved, time to software and satisfaction. To evaluate research impact, pre- and post- counts of grants submitted by selected es for assessing savings will be based on times to locate, complete, or process documents. Time saved estimates naire. Annual costs savings can be estimated as follows: average time saved per document X average pay per r a given year. To measure the success of Turnitin, a survey of students will compare the extent to which the rk among those whose professors used the software with those who did not. Other factors must be measured to

ures of the SPHTM, however, these procedures are dependent on those of other units in the University. The ned some of the ways in which SharePoint can be used in their technology infrastructure. We can benefit from

sustaining to the extent that the business processes can free faculty and staff to do other revenue generating tasks. uminate these issues. te sector, however, these funds are usually driven by a particular focus. Partnering with DELL and Microsoft may Bono Law example). Government funds are also available for specific programs (see sources below). This current h training and research efforts.

he university money, if implemented and extended to other schools. The University can through this mechanism us, thus freeing faculty to focus on their scholarly research work or teaching skills. If use of SharePoint at the e addition of 2 new masters students per year then we would recoup our costs by year 2. Addition of an IT person manage the system would require recruitment of 3 additional masters students per year. This estimate does not activity which would increase the net savings.

e of software and hardware Assessment of business practices in SPHTM Recruitment of departments will to n Begin design, implementation and evaluation procedures Year 2,3,4 Continue design implementation and data collection Year 5 Complete implementation and evaluation procedures for SPHTM Final data analyses

te Design 0.5 fte Implementation 0.25 fte nue to be used much as our current NAS storage is. project except in the addition of more responsibility for the IT staff.

alth. We have research grants in support of this research at the both local, national and international levels. n, data collection and analysis for these grants is essential to maintain our competitive edge in a very competitive well respected presence in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We need the software and hardware to make both in New Orleans and abroad as easy and seamless as possible. Travel is expensive and periodic. The software ssary interactions with little effort on the part of the foreign sites. Initial Cost Reocurring Year 1 Reocurring Year 2 Reocurring Year 3 Total 14833 10000 10000 10000 44833 11950 1500 1500 1500 16450 15000 4500 2500 2500 24500 0 0 0 0 0 6000 5000 6000 3000 20000 1500 1000 500 250 3250 49283 22000 20500 17250 109033

30000 19238

60000 -38000

60000 -39500

60000 210000 -42750 -100967

f assuming at least one(1) extra student recruited per annum with revenue at $15,000 per year for 2 years. ecreased phone, Fax , DHL documents, and conference call expenses for document distribution, collaboration, and

to set up and maintain the equipment and software, trainers, research assistants to administer questionnaires. hrs) = 80 hours trainers (1 week X 40 hrs) = 40 hours Ongoing: Network manager (52 weeks X 2 hours/week) = 104 ks X 8 hours/week) Training/research assistant (52 weeks X 8 hours/week) = 416 hours per yr Our School will r, trainers and research assistants. Setting up and maintenance of the server and installation of software. ties. Design, assessment of business practices Interviewing skills Resource Person?s Name

Microsoft SharePoint Dell SharePoint Portal Server aspx/services/adi/dps_coll_svc?c=us&cs=555&l=en&s=biz Connect faculty, students and resources tals.mspx Public Health Agency of Canada monitors global health with Nstein Technologies and Microsoft es/phac.mspx

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