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									Application form
Complete and return when you have succeeded!
A copy of this form should be completed and signed by two group members plus a local authority representative before returning to the Fairtrade Foundation. It is preferable that this form is sent electronically to with supporting documents posted to Fairtrade Towns, the Fairtrade Foundation, 16 Baldwin’s Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ. Hard copies can be sent in to the same address with all necessary lists and added information attached. A signed and dated certificate will be awarded when the area’s Fairtrade status has been granted. Contact name

Bill Linton__________________________________________________________

Please tick if you are happy for us to pass on your contact details to Fairtrade supporters keen to join your campaign (it will not be given to any other organisations) Y Organisation (if any) Address Telephone E-mail address

Enfield Fairtrade Campaign_________________________________________ 39A Fox Lane, Palmers Green, London N13 4AJ ____________________

8372 1325 ________

Evening: Same __________________ ________________________________________

Status applied for (tick one box only): Fairtrade Town Fairtrade City Fairtrade Village Fairtrade Zone Fairtrade Island Fairtrade County Y Fairtrade Borough For the area of: Population:

London Borough of Enfield _________________________________________ 285,000
Yes No

Do you have a preferred date on which to declare?

If yes give date? (Please allow at least 6 weeks for the application to be processed and note that no date st should be confirmed until you know that your application has been successful Saturday 1 November


Goal 1: Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade*.The resolution should include a
commitment to serve Fairtrade* tea and coffee at its meetings and in its offices and canteens whenever hot drinks are served. Date achieved:


Details (Please include a copy of the resolution, or state the exact wording):

That Council agrees to support Enfield’s application to the Fairtrade Foundation for Enfield to achieve Fairtrade Borough status. In agreeing this recommendation, Enfield Council agrees to support Fairtrade, commits to

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using Fairtrade products where possible, and will continue to raise awareness of Fairtrade to Enfield residents through its publications and activities.
Any other progress or achievements:

   

For several months in late 2007/early 2008, a Fairtrade hamper was on display in the revolving doors at the main entrance to Enfield Civic Centre, increasing awareness of Fairtrade to both staff and visitors There have been several features on Fairtrade in Council publications over the last 12 months The Council’s catering service encourages the use of Fairtrade products in meetings and restaurant facilities. Posters are displayed in the Civic Centre restaurant which is used by staff and visitors Eight hours per month of officer time has been allocated to Fairtrade Four elected members, 2 labour and 2 conservative sit on the Steering Group

For further details see Goal 1 attachment

Goal 2: A range of (at least two) Fairtrade* products are readily available in the area’s shops and
served in local cafés/catering establishments – suggested targets are given in the Action Guide. Date target reached: Jan 2008 Suggested retail target required Number of retailers achieved Suggested catering target required Number of catering outlets achieved 38 47 19 30

Details of Outlets (Please include separate lists for retail and catering outlets with contact details, days open if less than a normal working week, and the number and type of Fairtrade* goods provided):

We have easily reached our required targets and with the heightened Fairtrade awareness, we expect to continue to increase these figures See separate Goal 2 attachments a) Shop Directory which lists all shops by postcode and which Fairtrade products are stocked by each shop, and b) Catering Establishments also listed by postcode. See also the map of Enfield postcodes to demonstrate the extent of Fairtrade coverage across the borough.
Any other progress or achievements: (include here places that may sell only one Fairtrade item and/or fairly traded goods or is open for less than 3 days per week and news of any directories produced with copies sent in where appropriate):

  

A website ( has been set up with full details of all Fairtrade products on sale, catering establishments, places of worship, workplaces, community groups and schools supporting Fairtrade. Donations were obtained from all the local supermarkets (Co-op, M & S, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose) and Threshers for a Fairtrade Wine Tasting Event held during Fairtrade fortnight in 2008. In summer 2007 a meeting was held with the manager of Sainsbury’s, 3 Crown Rd, EN1 1TH (which is a Sainsbury Superstore) to discuss the Enfield Fairtrade campaign. Hampers of Fairtrade produce were donated to the campaign by Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose and were displayed at the Enfield Town Show in September 2007
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The Enfield Fairtrade Group was invited to run a stall outside Sainsbury’s, Florey Square, N21 1UD during a Fairtrade promotion in early 2008

See also separate Goal 2 attachment c) Establishments open less than 3 days per week or selling only one Fairtrade item

Goal 3:

Fairtrade* products are used by an appropriate number of local work places (offices, shops, B&Bs etc.) and community organisations (faith communities, schools, universities etc). For larger populations (over 100,000) a flagship employer is expected as well as the local authority listed under Goal 1. Details (Please include separate lists for work places, faith communities, educational establishments and other community organisations that are using Fairtrade products on their premises, specifying whether they have Fairtrade status and if not, how they are supporting Fairtrade. Give an estimation of the total number of schools and faith groups they are in your area so that we can calculate the proportion of which are supporting Fairtrade. Estimated staff numbers should be given for any flagship employer.):

Our Flagship Employer is Capel Manor College, more details about Capel in attachment 3b. If Enfield is successful in achieving accreditation through this application, we plan to hold our launch event at the college. A comprehensive list of workplaces, faith communities, education establishments and other community organisations is attached as well as details of our Flagship employer on attachment 3b). See Goal 3 separate attachments a) Places of Worship; b) Workplaces; c) Community organisations, d) Schools
Any other progress or achievements (Include here places that support Fairtrade in other ways than using Fairtrade products and any ongoing or planned campaigns):

See Goal 3 separate attachment e) Internet Fairtrade Outlets

Goal 4: Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign. For the press, the story can
be revived as each goal is achieved, organising a big splash for the Fairtrade declaration ceremony, and developing a strategy to keep it in the news long after. This will also enable local businesses and organisations to benefit from their involvement. Details (Please include separate lists for events organised and media coverage attracted with dates and copies of any press articles or promotional materials produced):

See Goal 4 separate attachment Events and Talks and zipped folder Publicity
Any other progress or achievements:

A meeting about Fairtrade at the House of Commons in June 2008, organised and hosted by Rt Hon Joan Ryan (MP for Enfield North) with Rt Hon Douglas Alexander (Secretary of State for International Development) was attended by well over 200 people from Enfield, mostly Enfield North constituents, as well as some supporters of our campaign from the other two Enfield constituencies. The high level of support demonstrates the commitment of local residents to Fairtrade.

Goal 5: A local Steering Group is convened to ensure progress and continued commitment to the
campaign. This should ideally include a council representative, campaigners, and people representing the

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area’s schools, churches and businesses. The group is responsible for an annual assessment to monitor whether the area is continuing to meet the five goals. The group organises special events for Fairtrade Fortnight in March each year. Name of Steering Group:

Enfield Fairtrade Steering Group

10th 2007 – however, meetings of volunteers have been taking place for two years prior to this when the project was originally conceived by the UNA.
Date of first meeting: July How often is the Group presently meeting?

Currently about once every 2 months, during the campaign to achieve accreditation. The frequency may vary according to need and specific events in the calendar, eg more frequently in the run-up to Fairtrade fortnight. Members of the group communicate regularly by email. The Enfield Fairtrade website is regularly updated and maintained by volunteers. It is envisaged that if this application is successful, the Council’s own website will include a link to the Enfield Fairtrade website (
Details of Steering Group (Please include a list of members with contact details, roles and any organisations they may represent):

The Steering Group includes an excellent cross-section of representatives from a range of organisations as well as local campaigners acting in their own right. We are particularly pleased to have representation from a local disability group One-to-one, which supports people with learning difficulties. In fact, One-to-One has set up their own website about Fairtrade to promote awareness of the campaign: The Enfield Steering Group represents business interests, voluntary and community sector and faith groups as well as elected members from both major political parties and council officers. See Goal 5 separate attachment Steering Group Members
Future plans (Please identify any future plans and areas that you would like to focus on for the next year):

We envisage that the Council will continue to support the group through its environmental and sustainability work, although the main emphasis is on ensuring that the group is led and served by volunteers. The group is considering how it will move forward by establishing a constitution and opening its own bank account. With the increased awareness generated through Fairtrade accreditation, the workload is likely to increase with a higher presence at local events, so we are focusing efforts on working with schools and young people’s organisations to encourage more participation from this section of the community. We look forward to working closely in this respect with our Flagship Employer, Capel Manor which attracts young people but also students of all ages. The cricket coaching referred to in attachment 3d) page 4 above will be rolled out across the borough to target disadvantaged young people, and contribute to the borough’s commitment to supporting young people.
*When referring to Fairtrade Towns, Fairtrade products (i.e. products which carry the FAIRTRADE Mark) and Fairtrade in any context relating to the Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade should always be written as one word with a capital ‘F’. This form should be signed by: two members of the Fairtrade steering group, and one representative of the relevant local authority (who may also be a member of the steering group).

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1. Group member Signed Name Position/organisation Phone number Date ___________________ Bill Linton ___________ Co-ordinator (UNA) ____ 020 8372 1325 _______ 14.7.08 _____________

2. Group member ___________________ Quentin Beningfield ___ Africa React UK ______ 07708 679830 ________ 14.7.08 _____________

3. Local authority ___________________ Christopher Cole ______ Councillor ___________ 07940 302107 ________ 14.7.08 _____________

If this document is submitted in electronic format it can be deemed to be signed by the names given above.

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