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									Employee Uploading Instructions
Data Entry Instructions for the Company

Enter all employee information in the third tab called "MASTER EMPLOYEE UPLOAD FILE" ONLY. Do not use any other tab in this file as they are for your reference only. Required fields for GFT contracts are Company Works Number, First Name, Last Name, Address Information, Social Security Number, Hire Date, and X marks in the "List as Student" and "WEDnetPA Eligible" fields. If you do not have address information for the employee, please use the company location address as the default. This address information can easily be copied cell to cell using the Excel copy function. The "Company Works Number" is determined by the WEDnetPA Partner from the contract screen or company log on screen. This field is not completed by the Company. LINE ONE OF THE SPREADSHEET WILL ALWAYS CONTAIN THE FIELD DEFINITION INSTRUCTIONS. EMPLOYEE DATA SHOULD BE ENTERED STARTING ON LINE 2. NO BLANK ROWS SHOULD BE LEFT BETWEEN EMPLOYEE DATA. DO NOT ALTER THE SPREADSHEET IN ANY MANNER. If you are not using a field or column, leave it blank. Do not add or delete columns to the spreadsheet. Blank fields will be uploaded blank, unless they are a required field and then you will be prompted for specific information that is missing. Follow the data entry instructions on line 1 of the spreadsheet for exact details on how to enter employee data. Information must be entered exactly as defined on line 1 of the WORKS Employee Upload File. Failure to follow format examples exactly will cause improper uploading of information. See the "upload example" tab for additional examples of proper formatting. Employee ID, List as Instructor, List as Supervisor fields are NOT used for the GFT Program and should be left blank. These functions are reserved for companies using the advanced features of the WORKS software. Always make sure that your spreadsheet file includes the name of your company. Rename the file if needed. If you have more than one employee list, number each spreadsheet file sequentially. Make sure that no employees are duplicated on more than one spreadsheet or this will cause an error message to generate. An X must be placed in "Include as Student" column to ensure that employee is listed in the Student List and is available for listing in classes. Make sure an X is checked for all employees entered. If the student is participating in the GFT Program, then the "PA Resident & 150% of Minimum Wage" column must also have an X entered in the column or the student will not be checked as eligible for GFT funding when uploaded. After completing the spreadsheet, save and forward to your WEDnetPA Partner.

Uploading Instructions (WEDnetPA Partner ONLY)
YOU CAN NO LONGER DIRECTLY UPLOAD EMPLOYEES INTO THE MIS SYSTEM USING AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET. IT MUST BE DONE THROUGH THE "WORKS EMPLOYEE CONVERSION APPLICATION" FOUND UNDER "HELP". The "WORKS EMPLOYEE CONVERSION APPLICATION" checks your file for errors and converts it to a tab delimited file for faster uploading. Please refer to "HELP" for additional information and instructions on downloading the application. PRIOR TO UPLOADING ANY EMPLOYEE INFORMATION, COMPARE THE EXCEL EMPLOYEE LIST WITH THE CURRENT EMPLOYEE LIST IN WORKS FOR DUPLICATE ENTRIES. DELETE DUPLICATE ENTRIES FROM THE UPLOAD FILE PRIOR TO UPLOADING IT. Failure to delete duplicate entries may cause an error message to generate. If this occurs contact Jim Imler to report the problem. MAKE SURE EMPLOYEE DATA IS UPLOADED TO THE PROPER COMPANY BY USING THE "LOG ON/OUT AS A SPECIFIC COMPANY" MENU. Spreadsheet files should always be renamed to include the name of the company with the employee data. This will ensure that the employee names are always uploaded to the proper company by visually matching the excel file name with the name of the company you are logged on to. Rename files with a version number so that different employee lists will not be mixed up.

When uploading, DO NOT PRESS THE UPLOAD EMPLOYEE LIST BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE. After pressing the upload button, please wait for at least 60 seconds for the system to upload the information. You should receive a "The Upload Was Successful" message once the upload is complete. If after waiting 60 seconds, you do not get an "upload is successful" message, check the employee list to see if your list was uploaded. If it was not uploaded, repeat the uploading process one more time. If this does not work, please contact Jim Imler to report the problem. DO NOT UPLOAD SAME SPREADSHEET MORE THAN ONCE. Instructions

Employee Upload File GFT-005

WORKS Company # First Name (Upper and Lower Case) John John Required Field

230 Last Name (Upper and Lower Case) Doe Smith Required Field

Required Field The WORKS Company Number can be found on the log in/out as a specific company screen. SSN (Do not use Dashes) Hire Date (month/date/year) Address Suite City 123456789 1/1/2000 123 North Street 12 Allentown 123456788 1/1/2000 123 North Street 12 Allentown Required Field Required Field Required Field Required Field Required Field Use Company Location Address if no employee address information is available

State PA PA Required Field


Phone (area code) xxx-xxxx 18104 (610) 481-8876 18104 (610) 481-8876 Required Field

Fax (area code) xxx-xxxx (610) 481-5432 (611) 481-5432

Email (name@web address) jefft@mrcpa.org jefft@mrcpa.org Optional

Employee ID

Cost Center List As Supervisor (x = yes) 12345 x 12345 Optional Optional

List as Instructor (x = yes) as Student (xPAyes) List = Resident & 150% of Minimum Wage (yes/no) Job Title x x x x x x Optional Required Field Required Field Required Field

Required Field Required Fileld Use Company Phone & Fax Number is not employee numbers available


Employee Upload File Example

WORKS Company #

WORKS Company number is Required Field to prevent loading of employee data to the wrong company/ State (Initials Only) Email (name@web address) List as Instructor (x = yes) GFT Eligible (x=yes) Are they PA Resident & 150% of Minimum Wage, etc.

First Name (Upper Last Name (Upper and Lower Case) and Lower Case)

SSN (Do not use Dashes)

Hire Date (month/day/year)





Phone (area code) xxx-xxxx

Fax (area code) xxx-xxxx

Employee ID

List As Supervisor (x = yes) Cost Center

List as Student (x = yes)

Job Title

Master Employee Upload File

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