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Coalition for Eco-Recreation


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									Coalition for Eco-Recreation Minutes of the June 3, 2006 Meeting Called to order; 11:10 a.m. 380 Riverview Drive, La Belle. (Margaret England’s home) The following participated in the meeting Margaret England, Chair Peter Newman Jackie Foster Carol Foster Marti S. Daltry Meredith Marcum Terri Lazar Nikki Yeager

Reviewed minutes of previous meeting; Jackie made the motion to accept the minutes. Terri seconded the motion. Motion passed. Old Business La Belle Nature Park (http://labellenaturepark.net/) Maintenance; The 4 benches for the Park were discussed. Signs displaying opening and closing times for the Park have been ordered. Brown signs to direct tourist to the Park were discussed. Publicity; The plant identification brochure for the Park is not printed yet, funds are needed. This item could be added to the wish list. A presentation was made to the Hendry County Recreation Board to encourage participation. This presentation helped to get a commitment of $2,500 for the security system. Security: Commitments for funding the security system have come from the Rotary ($2,500) and the Hendry County Recreation Board ($2,500). The planning for the formation of a neighborhood watch group was tabled. Land acquisition; The land adjacent to the Park was estimated at $2.5 million – too costly. The hope for improving public access to the Park is lost for now. Bob Mason Park (Labelle Lion's Club Park, SR 78 & SR 29, Caloosahatchee River, La Belle) Publicity; Margaret thinks that it should be renamed “Bromeliad Park” because of the diversity of bromeliads growing in the Park. The group wondered who was Bob Mason. They concluded that he must have been honored Lyon member. Bicycle Paths Land use; The abandoned rail road between Goodno and Sears was discussed. The group agreed that access to the old rail bed could be a lot like the Florida Trail Association where permits are required in some sections of the Florida Trail (www.florida-trail.org). The group would like to see a paved bicycle path on the old rail bed. If this happens similar thing that is happening to abandoned rail roads across the country (www.railtrails.org). Southwest Florida Conservancy (http://www.conservancy.org/) Partnering; Margaret said that Alissa Bierma is no longer with the Conservancy. Alissa was our contact person with the Conservancy. New Business La Belle Nature Park (http://labellenaturepark.net/) Improvements; Two truck loads of mulch are needed for the new benches in the Park. July 22 was selected for a work day to spread mulch around the benches. Bicycle Paths Communication; Linda McVey will be the official Bicycle Path contact. Grant; “Safe routes to schools” is a grant that Linda McVey is pushing for the La Belle area. Marti suggested a meeting with the School Board to get this grant going. Coalition for Eco-Recreation (http://labellenaturepark.net/) Meeting schedule; The previously planed meeting on July 22 was canceled due to summer vacations. The next meeting will be on August 5th at 11:00 a.m. at Margaret’s home. Adjourned; At 12:30 p.m. Marti made the motion to adjourn. Jackie seconded the motion. Next Meeting; 11 a.m. Saturday Aug. 5th, 2006, at Margaret England’s home. Important dates to remember Third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., Hendry/La Belle Recreation Board meeting (Rec. Dept. on Cowboy Way). July 22, 2006, Work day at La Belle Nature Park to spread mulch. August 5, 2006, Coalition for Eco-Recreation meeting.

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