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Issue 1 From the Principal:
First, for all 5th graders and others new to Pleasant Hill Middle School—welcome! We are very glad you are here. For new as well as returning students and staff, PHMS has had an exceptionally good start. There is a strong sense of positive enthusiasm present that we intend to continue throughout the school year. Thanks for your support in making this happen! Aside from a welcome to new students, I would like to extend a greeting to a new teacher—Ms. Ellen Myers. She taught last year in the Bethel School District and we are very pleased to have her here at PHMS teaching 5th grade. This was a very late hire—we were waiting to see how many 5th graders we were going to have. Sometimes in the summer students move away and sometimes new students move in. This summer, we had more new students and thanks to some federal funds, we were able to hire a third 5th grade teacher. Even though she had less than a week to prepare for the first day of school, Ms. Myers worked very hard and has got off to a great start. We are very pleased to have her here at PHMS! I would also like to welcome our assistant principal, Mr. Randy Fisher. Mr. Fisher is not entirely new to the district—he was formerly a PHHS math teacher and football coach. After stints at North Eugene HS and Cottage Grove HS, he is back again as our varsity co-head football coach. It is great to have Mr. Fisher back at Pleasant Hill! You will see Mr. Fisher out greeting arriving students on most mornings...he is doing a great job spending time with students at lunch, on the playground and in the halls during passing periods. Beside duties as PHMS principal, I am also the district superintendent. My office is located at the district office. You may contact me by phone through the PHMS office at 736-0400 or the

September/October 2008

D.O. at 746-9646 or by e-mail at I am looking forward to a great school year. Sincerely, Tony Scurto

Do Something Different This Year! Try Destination Imagination!
Even if you missed the Destination Imagination Information Night on September 18, it’s not too late for your student to get involved in the program. Sign-up sheets are in the office and the first meeting is not until after school, October 16. Students who are participating in the PHCT play can arrange to start DI later, but would need to attend the first meeting (until about 3:30) to express their interest and possibly set up an alternate team-building time. Destination Imagination (DI) is a creative problem solving program for students in grades Kindergarten-12. In this program, students have fun learning problem solving skills, construction techniques, set and costume designing, script writing, improvisation, and teamwork. Students work in teams to create and perform a solution to one of five challenges. Each challenge blends a different mix of skills—some are more technical and others are more theatrical in nature. Teams also perform an instant challenge, given to them with just minutes to prepare. The regional tournament, where teams share their solutions to the challenge, is held in Pleasant Hill with teams coming from Corvallis to Klamath Falls. This year’s Regional Tournament is March 7.

Reaching Out Mentoring is now recruiting volunteer mentors who are willing to give one hour of time each week throughout the school year. If you’ve ever thought about mentoring and have a little time to spare, contact Jess at 736-0495, for more information about how to make a difference in this community.

Free School Transportation Services for K-12 Families
Free services provided by Smart Ways to School, can help parents find carpool partners, or find other students to walk or bike to school together. We also provide the free LTD pass for students in grades 6-12. Call 682-6812 or visit for more information!

LIV’S FUN WALK/RUN Liv’s run, the annual 5K event to benefit the PHHS Preschool, will be held Saturday, October 4th at 9 a.m. Support is needed from the Pleasant Hill Community, so come out and enjoy the fall morning. It begins and ends at Trent Elementary School and meanders through Elijah Bristow State Park. Early registration (by 9-30-08), with a TShirt is $16 per person. No T-Shirt entry is $11. Late registration is $20 with TShirt and $15 for no-shirt entry. Walk, run, or just show up to lend your support! Call Jess at 736-0495 for details or registration. Registration forms are also in the school office.

News from the Guitar Club & Mr. Hunt
Hi friends, just a quick note from the guitar end of the spectrum. I have a great turn out this year of young pickers ready to tackle their instrument. I need a little help though. As with band, there are certain publications that are very helpful in furthering the progress of the aspiring student. While I do not require these publications, I strongly recommend their possession. I offer these lessons for free, and can not afford to purchase materials for students. Many years of formal study in classical and guitar specific theory, as well as years of teaching the instrument, have taught me that having a full host of resources is essential. Students would use these books at each lesson and at home. Please review the list and call or email me with any questions you may have. These books are available at: Guitar Center 1015 Green Acres Rd. Eugene, OR 97408 Phone: 689-1820

Guitar Club (cont.)
Either of these will do, although #1 is my top pick… 1. Carl Fischer The Guitar Grimoire Chords & Voicings Book $19.99 (You have to know chords. This one will help you see the entire fretboard as a whole chord chart). 2. Carl Fischer Guitar Grimoire Chord Encyclopedia Book $24.99 (Essential to any guitarist—you have to know chords). Optional book: Carl Fischer Guitar Grimoire Book of Scales and Modes - $19.99 (Essential knowledge for aspiring soloists— basically if you want to fly, buy this one). Russell Hunt 736-0422

Missing Keys…
Any coaches or patrons who have checked out keys for our gyms or buildings and have not returned them after your sport or activity has ended, please stop by the office and check them back in with Carrie Thoms as soon as possible. We have a new sports season the current coaches need those please take the time to drop otherwise you will be receiving office. Thanks for your help! underway, and keys to use, so them back by, a call from our

Canteen Reminder…
The Canteen is closed on half days of school. Parents will need to have their students either bring a snack or pack a small lunch to get them by until they get home from school. There are no lunch supplies or snacks available if your child forgets to bring something, so please help your child remember. Thanks!

Music Department News
Music is off to an excellent start this year with an amazing number of students joining 5th grade band. Keep up the good work! We look forward to an exciting year of concerts and festivals with an occasional field trip. Here are some important dates to know for this year. There may be some additional dates, but prior notice will be given!
Dec. 4 Dec. 11 Dec. 17 Mar. 5 April 18 April 22 June 2 7 pm 5/6 Gr. Winter Concert th 7 pm 7-12 Gr. Winter Band Concert th 7 pm 7-12 Gr. Winter Vocal Concert 7 pm Band Concert PH Jazz Festival - All Day th 7/8 Gr. Shasta Concert Band Festival 7 pm Almost summer Concert

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either director: Kris Kasten Jonathan Light 736-0425 736-0480

Chess Club News…
INTERESTED IN LEARNING CHESS? WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME AND MEET OTHERS WHO LOVE TO PLAY? Please come join us! We'll be starting up on October 14. Chess Club will meet on Tuesdays in Room 1 at the Jr. High building, from 3:00 - 4:30. Forest Tomlinson is coaching. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! Questions? Call Anne Leong, parent volunteer, at 7447337, or Forest Tomlinson, Coach, at 7474402.

E-Mailed Announcements…
Would you like to get PHMS Student Morning Announcements sent to your email address each day? If so, you can contact Stephenie Anderson at and she will add you to the Parent Announcement group. Our announcements are also posted each day on the Pleasant Hill School District’s web site, so don’t miss out on the latest information.

Dates To Remember…
October 1 3 4 8 9 9 10 13 14 14 15 15 16 17 17 22 23 27 27 29 30 30 31 5 5 6 6 7 10 11 8:45-2:45 pm 9 am 7:50 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm 7 pm 12-2 pm 7:50 am 3-4:15 pm 3 pm 7:45 am 3:15-5:15 pm 7:50 am 3 pm 7 pm 7:50 am 3 pm OASC (Student Council) Workshop 7th Gr. Forest Field Day Liv’s Fun Run/Walk/Trent School Student Council Mtg. Jog-A-Thon EARLY RELEASE/Teacher In-Service NO SCHOOL/Statewide In-Service Day School Board Mtg/6th Gr. Commons Area 5th Gr. Music to Hult Center Athletic Team Pictures/during practice REACH Mtg. Reaching Out Mentoring/Picnic DI/Room 1 Jr. High Site Council Mtg/Upper east commons 7/8th Grade Dance/Lunchroom Student Council Mtg. DI/Room 1 Jr. High Red Ribbon Week Begins School Board Work Session REACH Mtg. DI/Room 1 Jr. High



12:30 pm 1:20-8:30 pm 12:30 pm 1:20-8:30 pm

NO SCHOOL/Teacher Grading Day EARLY RELEASE Parent/Teacher Conferences EARLY RELEASE Parent/Teacher Conferences Students 1st Qtr. Reward Activities NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL/Veterans’ Day

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