; October 2005
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October 2005


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									Pride of Paradise Band Newsletter
Message from the Directors

Paradise Valley High School Band Newsletter

October, 2005

Wow!!! It’s already October, and we only have a month and a half of marching band left. We just finished a very, very busy week of band activities. The Fuddrucker’s Fundraiser (Thanks to Barb Grossman for setting it up), hosting the PV District Marching Exhibition, another home football game (a great,close game – but a win), and of course hosting the Arizona Percussive Arts Society ( AzPAS ) Fall Festival of Percussion. Thirty-six (36) high school drumlines participated! Mr. Semrau and I would like to take a moment to say a very, very, very heartfelt thanks to all of the parents and students who volunteered their time and talents working the festival and also to those who donated soda and snacks too. All of the events this last week of September went off without a hitch thanks to the work of so many who made it possible. We truly have incredible people who are part of our band family. A very special thanks to Dianne Andersen for organizing and coordinating the AzPAS event! Things went very well and ran smoothly thanks to great planning. Everyone we have talked to really enjoyed the experience of hosting the festival and many of our director colleagues expressed their appreciation of our facilities and how professional and courteous all of our parents and students were. So – again – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! A couple of things as we enter the final 6 weeks of marching season. Wow… six weeks… band camp seems like yesterday… Students – thanks for your work on the first three/four movements of the show… Mr. Semrau and I are proud of your progress. However, we do have one more movement and if you haven’t already started, please get on memorizing our closer. Do you part for your band family and don’t be the weak link!! The Solo / Ensemble participation and All-Regional audition sign-up sheets are now up in the band room. Deadline to sign-up is Friday, Nov. 4. All students who are Sergeants (Level II) or higher must sign-up for Solo/Ensemble to retain their rank. All students who are Lieutenants (Level III) or higher must also sign up for All-Regional auditions. Parents, please encourage your child to either talk with Mr. Semrau, Mr. Hoerber, or their private teachers ( of course – we highly recommend private lessons for maximum improvement of your child’s musical progress ) to start picking a piece for the Solo/Ensemble festival. Our first Marching Band festival will be Band Day at Northern Arizona University on Saturday, Oct. 15. This is a required and graded performance (as are all of our out-of-school rehearsals and performances). We are hoping to be able to perform all of the music for our show this year at that festival. Your child should be memorizing the last movement of our show NOW….Shostkovich – Finale , Symphony No. 5. We have not been given an official performance time yet – but we have requested a late afternoon / early evening time. However, please keep that entire day open on your schedule. Let’s make these final 6 weeks the best ever!!! Come prepared and ready to get things done at every rehearsal. If we make every rehearsal and performance better than the last there is no telling how great your experience will be. Keep up the PV P.R.I.D.E. !!! Mr. Hoerber – Mr. Semrau.

Meet our Seniors
Michelle Finet
Michelle moved to Arizona six years ago from Bellingham, Washington. She has played the flute for 3 years and horn for 2 years. This is her fourth year in the band with Portraits of the Mind being her favorite show. Michelle enjoys the music of Jack Johnson. She plans to attend Scottsdale Community College next year. Her career interests include culinary arts, business and dance.

Regina Little
Regina has been playing the clarinet for nine years and the marching French horn for two years. This is her fourth year in band and her favorite show is the Miss Saigon show. Her future plans are to be a foreign exchange student in Belgium next year. College plans are to attend University of Arizona or a California University to become an editor.

HOMECOMING, 2005 Bonfire Thursday, October 21 Some students will need to attend to play the fight song and other stand tunes. The bonfire starts at 7:00 Parade Friday, October 22 The Parade starts at 3:30 from Foothills Elementary School and travels down Grovers and then 40th Street to PVHS. Students need to be at school by 2:45 and dressed in this year’s band t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Come and cheer on the band. PIT CREW We have a great PIT Crew this year. They are the guys and lady wearing the red t-shirts with “Pride of Paradise PIT Crew” on the back that can be seen hauling band equipment to the stadium, lugging water to the stands and packing the truck for all the away events. We have a large group of volunteers this year and I want to thank each of them for their dedication and efforts each week. I would also like to thank the PIT and Drum Line for their help in loading and unloading the truck. The cooperation has been excellent and we are working extremely well together. I want to also recognize my co-leaders, Jeff Greeson and Mark McDanell for their help and leadership. Bruce Little, PIT Crew Co-Leader

District Exhibition
The District Exhibition was a great success and a fun time for bands and parents. Thank you to the directors, instructors and parents who helped make this a night every one enjoyed.

Halloween Costume Rehearsal Tuesday, November 1 Trandtionally the students dress up in Halloween costumes for a Tuesday night rehearsal around Halloween. BPO fills bags of goodies for the students. Please bring candy to the band room so we can make up the bags for the students. Parents are invited to come to the rehearsal around 8:30 to see all the costumes.

Take a break from cooking once a month and help raise money for the band. Dates for the first semester are: Islands—October 24 Fuddruckers— November 30 You must present a flyer at the restaurant. PIR Phoenix International Raceway The band sells programs at PIR each year as a fundraising event. The race is Thursday-Sunday, November 10-13. We need people to sign up to sell programs. It is an all day event. Please contact Vic Spurlock at nspurlock@qwest.net for more information and to volunteer to help.

Other Fundraisers
October—Cookie Dough Yard Sale November—Pens Braided Pastries December—Westcor Coupons Gift Wrapping February—World’s Finest Candy Used Inkjets Please bring us your used inkjets. Last year the band made over $200 by collecting these and sending them in for recycling. You can find a collection box in the band room.

PAS— The BPO would like to thank Diane Anderson for organizing the wonderful and successful PAS. We thank all the parents and band students who helped out October 1.

Fair Share —
The second payment of $50 is due October 15th and the 15th of each month after that. Fundraising may be used to pay your fairshare. The total is $200 for a single student, $375 for two or more students in a family, and $125 for those students who are only in band for one semester or only in jazz band.

T-shirts and Polo Shirts are still available. T-shirts are $12.00 and Polo Shirts are $18.00. They will be available at the BPO meeting or contact Margaret Little to arrange for a time to purchase a shirt. Remember—wear red at the games!

Visit our web page at pvhsband.org. It is a great site that includes the calendar, tax credit forms, fair share forms, Island flyer, band contact information and more. Visit the web site often for updated information and forms.

October 11 is a half day of school with regular Tuesday rehearsal starting at 6:00. Don’t forget there is no school on Monday, October 17.

Important Dates
October 7 11 14 15 17 18 21 25 28 29 Away Game Tuesday Night Rehearsal Away Game NAU Band Day No School Tuesday Night Rehearsal Homecoming Parade and Game Tuesday Night Rehearsal Away Game Goldwater Marching Invitation OCTOBER FOOTBALL GAMES Friday, October 7—Brophy at Phoenix College Friday, October 14—St. Mary’s at Phoenix College Friday, October 21—Desert Mountain -Homecoming Friday, October 28—at Shadow Mountain All band families are invited to sit together in the stands just north of the band. Families are also invited to join the band on the tennis court (just north of the home stands) after each home game half time performance. Don’t forget to wear red to the games.

Any one can have a school picture but only band students can have a picture in their uniform with their instrument. We have a professional photographer coming to school the night of our last regular season football game (November 4) to take pictures of the students in their uniform The cost of the photos has not been determined yet, but plan now to order pictures of your student. _____________________________________ NAU BAND DAY Saturday, October 15 We will load the busses at 10:00 and depart PVHS at 11:00. The band performs at 4:30. We will return to PV around 11:30 that evening. STATE MARCHING FESTIVAL Plan now to attend the State Marching Festival on Saturday, November 12 at Glendale Community College Band Parent Organization (BPO) General Meeting Thursday, November 10 6:00 p.m. Band Room

GOLDWATER INVITATIONAL Saturday, October 29 This is a ranked festival. Goldwater High School is located at 27th Avenue just North of the 101.

Next BPO Meeting December 8

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