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									Kerr High School Tiger Band and Orchestra Policy Handbook
Directors Marty Koran And Jeff Sutherland
8150 Howell-Sugarland Rd. Houston, Texas 77083 218-983-8484 ext. 250 makoran@alief.isd.tenet.edu jssuther@alief.isd.tenet.edu Louis Stourner, Alief ISD Superintendent Pat McCutcheon, Kerr High School Principal Robin Parkinson, Kerr High School Assistant Principal Kevin Hurst, Alief ISD Coordinator of Fine Arts

I. Philosophy and Concepts
Mission Statement Character and Talent Program Description Program Admission Requirements Band/Orchestra Music Program’s Responsibility to the Student Band/Orchestra Member’s Responsibility to the Band/Orchestra Attendance

II. Curriculum
Music TEKS Performance Requirements Why Learn Music? Leadership Structure

III. Support and Communications
Public Relations and Communications Parent Volunteers

IV. Band/Orchestra Program Items
Equipment Required Accessories Uniforms Facilities UIL & TMEA Activities Eligibility Private Lessons Chair Placement and Challenges

V. District & School Policies
Trips Grading Policy Fundraising

VI. Rewards & Motivation
Merit System Penalties Banquets & Parties Awards Master Musician Award Letter Jackets Attitude Summation


I. Philosophy and Concepts
Mission Statement
Through Excellence and Innovation, the Kerr High School Instrumental Music Program is designed to provide a highly challenging, enlightening and worthwhile musical experience for all Band/Orchestra students and others involved with the program. These three statements sum up how this High School Instrumental Music Program will be operated, and what will be expected from every student, parent, staff member, administrator, and everyone else involved: Do what’s right. Do your best. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Success will depend on the students’ musical growth...both as an individual and as a team member. The two primary elements that students and staff bring to the Kerr HS Tiger Band/Orchestra Program are:

Character & Talent
One without the other is void of potential. (Notice that CHARACTER is written before TALENT.) Both will be developed in order to enhance the quality of the student’s musical experience, while also developing the entire instrumental music program. We will strive to become OUR BEST, and our main focus will be on music, while making this program the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. Kerr HS Band/Orchestra Creed P be Prepared R show Responsibility I Improvement comes before perfection D Do your best E show Enthusiasm, it's contagious! The Kerr HS Tiger Band/Orchestra is only as Good as you make it! All aspects of the program will be based upon these premises. All students, staff, and others involved will be held accountable to these expectations of excellence.

Program Description
Band/Orchestra is first and foremost an academic subject fulfilling the state requirement for Fine Arts in the school curriculum. Many colleges and universities are requiring Fine Arts as a high school graduation requirement for college entry. Band/Orchestra meets and fulfills these requirements. Although the Band/Orchestra is involved in many (extra-curricular) activities through the course of a year, these are merely extensions of the TEKS being taught in the classroom. House Concurrent Resolution No. 105 states: “Whereas, while education and technology may be the building materials of a prosperous society, the arts and humanities are the building materials of civilization, and their importance in the lives of every individual can not be overestimated.” Membership in the Kerr Band/Orchestra should be considered a privilege and not a “right.” It is an honor for a student to be a member of this Band/Orchestra program, and each Band/Orchestra 3

member is expected to uphold the honor of the Kerr Band/Orchestra through his/her conduct, loyalty, and dedication. In addition to being an educational organization, the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra functions as a representative of the school district in school, community, region, state, and national activities and functions.

Program Admission
Admission to the Kerr Band/Orchestra Program consists of an audition that will determine which group the student will perform with. The Director will determine which organization each student will perform with.

-On-time, focused attendance and full preparation for all rehearsals and performances, while also maintaining the highest standards of self-discipline towards the pursuit of musical excellence. It is the Directors’ sincere hope that students find long-lasting friendships, learn to respect those around them, and feel a tremendous sense of pride in a job well done through membership in the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra Program. We do not expect every person to become a virtuoso musician or performer even though many of our Band/Orchestra members fall in that category. We do expect mature, responsible attitudes and actions, and lots of hard work from EVERYONE. By accepting membership in the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra Program, you agree to perform to the best of your abilities and work together with the Band/Orchestra Staff in making this year’s Band/Orchestra the finest musical organization that our combined efforts can produce. Every year is a new challenge. Let’s make it one to remember!

Band/Orchestra Music Program’s Responsibility to the Student
¥ Provide the Band/Orchestra members with the proper kind of rehearsal room, ventilation, lighting, seating, music stands, instrument storage space and such other equipment as is necessary to aid in developing the student’s musical ability and to help him form good, lasting citizenship habits. ¥ Plan each day’s activities and encourage daily progress of the entire Band/Orchestra. ¥ Provide the Band/Orchestra with a full musical education through rehearsal, performance, teaching, testing and listening. ¥ Supervise the students in class or on school sponsored Band/Orchestra trips. Each student will receive information about the plans for the trip, the type dress and the complete schedule of activities.

Band/Orchestra Member’s Responsibility to the Band/Orchestra
¥ Be regular in attendance and to account for all absences. ¥ Make a real effort to learn and improve daily. ¥ Become responsible for and expect to assume the consequences of his/her actions. ¥ Be personally clean, neat and to dress appropriately. ¥ Have the proper respect for those in authority. ¥ Follow all classroom rules, school regulations and all travel instructions given for trips. ¥ Be honest and fair with others concerning equipment, music and school life in general. ¥ Cooperate with fellow Band/Orchestra members and to share with them the responsibilities and privileges that are a part of the Band/Orchestra program. ¥ Contribute positively to his/her music education and that of others by the best use of his/her talents. ¥ Read and play music with insight and expression.


All members are expected to attend ALL rehearsals with the necessary equipment. Rehearsal schedules are announced well in advance, so that all members are expected to make any needed arrangements to be on time for rehearsals. In case of illness or a family emergency contact the Director prior to the scheduled event. When a Band/Orchestra member is absent the entire Band/Orchestra suffers. The only absences that will be counted as excused are: A. AISD Board Policy defines acceptable reasons for excused absences. Included are: aa. temporary personal illness bb. sickness/death in family cc. quarantine dd. weather or road conditions that make travel dangerous ee. holy days, or travel to and from the holy day observance ff. natural disaster, storm, fire and other calamity gg. any other unusual cause acceptable by the principal H. Absences will not be excused for the following: aa. work or job related activities bb. non-school related activities cc. truancy Absences from rehearsals must be approved by your Director and a written note signed by your parent must justify the absence. When a conflict arises consult the Director and see what can be worked out. With an organization of our size, the director must be informed about rehearsal conflicts well in advance. Otherwise, there is no excuse and everyone suffers. All non-excused absences will be made up at the discretion of the Director. ¥ To be early is to be on time... To be on time is to be late... To be late is to be in the doghouse.

II. Curriculum Music TEKS
As stated earlier, Band/Orchestra is an academic subject fulfilling the state requirements for Fine Arts. Band/Orchestra Grades will be based on a student’s ability to demonstrate mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills required for Band/Orchestra. Mastery will be demonstrated in the following ways, but not limited to: ¥ Tests over music being taught and rehearsed during Band/Orchestra. ¥ Tests over required scales and technical exercises and sight-reading skills. ¥ Written tests over rhythmic counting, note reading, key signatures, fingerings, etc. ¥ Participation in extra rehearsals and public performances


Performance Requirements
1. The student will be able to perform all concert Band/Orchestra music, warm-ups, scales, etc. 2. The student will be able to perform technical exercises as required. 3. The student will be able to perform all solo and ensemble and all-region Band/Orchestra music as required. 4. The student will attend all extra rehearsals including sectionals, clinics, and performances required by the director. 5. Other assignments/responsibilities as indicated by the Director.

Why Learn Music?
Music is a Science It is exact, and it demands exact acoustics. A conductor’s full score is a chart, a graph that indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, and harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time. Music is Mathematical It is rhythmically based in the subdivision of time into fractions, which must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper. Music is a Foreign Language Most of the musical terms are written in Italian, German, or French, and the notation is certainly not English...but a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas. The semantics of music is the most complete and universal language. Music is History Music reflects the environment and times of its creation, often even the country and/or racial feeling. Music is Physical Education It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lips, cheeks, and facial muscles, in addition to extraordinary control of the diaphragmatic, back, stomach, and chest muscles, which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets. Music is all these things, but most of all, Music is Art
It allows human beings to take all these dry, technically monotonous (but important) techniques and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science cannot duplicate: feeling and emotion. That is why we teach music! Not because we expect you to major in music... Not so you can relax... Not so you can just have fun... BUT...so you will be human so you will recognize beauty and be sensitive so you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world so you will have something to cling to more good...in short, more life Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live? That is why we all learn music!


Leadership Structure
Librarians and Aids ¥ In charge of filing, passing out and categorizing music and maintains the music library ELECTED President ¥ Must be a senior ¥ Student Representative of the Band/Orchestra ¥ Coordinates all student officer duties and Band/Orchestra banquet and plans social activities (with Director approval) ¥ Hosts and greets visiting Band/Orchestras and Clinicians Vice-President ¥ Assumes all duties of the President when necessary and assists the President whenever possible Secretary ¥ Takes minutes and notes at council meetings. ¥ Assists with student correspondence ¥ Records keeper and communicator for Council ¥ Composes the monthly newsletter ¥ Assist is taking attendance at all functions including the regular class day ¥ Assist the director in marking daily grades Class Representatives ¥ One student is chosen to represent each class (9, 10, 11, 12) and 1 from each ensemble (Jazz Band, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Full Orchestra, Concert Orchestra) ¥ Assist Band/Orchestra Council in all aspects Historian ¥ Records video, still pictures, media articles ¥ Media liaison ¥ Compiles a scrapbook for the end of the year banquet ¥ Keeps a notebook of all information passed out to students, and a copy of each newsletter. All students in a leadership position are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards for the Kerr High School Band/Orchestra.

III. Support and Communications
Public Relations and Communications
Efforts will be driven to promote a positive, uplifting program, which is an outgrowth of the school district. Consistent reports on student progress and performance will be submitted to radio, television, print, internet, and other means of information distribution.

Parent Volunteers
Volunteers are needed throughout the year to assist with trips, chaperoned activities, filing and numerous other activities. If you would like to volunteer please contact Mr. Sutherland or Mrs. Koran.


IV. Band/Orchestra Program Items
Students using school owned instruments are personally responsible for their care and must purchase the District sponsored insurance program. Students that own their own instrument are also eligible for the insurance policy. Any repair or replacement of an instrument over $50 will be covered by this insurance policy after a $50 deductible is paid. The policy cost to you is $25.00 per year and is due by September 10, 2003. Please make checks payable to AISD. As a member of the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra you have a responsibility to have all equipment (instrument, music, necessary equipment) in working condition at all rehearsals. If you instrument needs to be repaired or is not in working order please inform the Director immediately. We will help arrange for it to be fixed. If you have insurance and the cost of repair is less than $50, the parent and/or student are responsible for the entire repair fee. Anything over $50 would then be covered by the insurance. However, if you do not carry the insurance on your personal instrument, you will be responsible for all costs. If your horn is in the repair shop and the director did not make arrangements for it, you must bring a copy of the repair receipt to the director. This will ensure proper grading for days that the horn was not in class. .

Required Accessories
Foundations for Superior Performance Book (Band Members Only) $6.44 for winds and $10.66 for Percussion Uniform cleaning $5 Band/Orchestra t-shirt $10-15 Blue Jeans ??? (For informal occasions) Black concert shoes $?? (Purchase on your own, but they MUST be dress shoes) Ladies must purchase a matching black top for the uniform. The style will be decided on at a later date and will not have a cost of more than $30 Violin and Viola ¥ resin, shoulder rest, soft cloth, extra set of strings, pencil, metronome and optional small tuner Cello and Bass ¥ resin, soft cloth, extra set of strings, rock stop, pencil, metronome and optional small tuner Flute/Piccolo ¥ polishing cloth, tuning rod, pencil Clarinet ¥ cork grease, swab, minimum of three playable reeds at all times, reed guard, mouthpiece cap, pencil Bass Clarinet ¥ cork grease, swab, minimum of three playable reeds at all times, neck strap, pencil Oboe ¥ swab, water cup, reed case, minimum of three playable reeds at all times, cork grease, pencil Bassoon ¥ swab, water cup, seat or neck strap, reed case, cork grease, minimum of three playable reeds at all times, pencil Saxophone ¥ swab, polishing cloth, cork grease, minimum of three playable reeds at all times, neck strap, reed

guard, mouthpiece cap, pencil
Trumpet 8

¥ valve oil, polishing cloth, slide oil, slide grease, metal straight mute (Stoneline brand), pencil (Harmon and Cup mutes necessary for Jazz Band/Orchestra) French Horn ¥ valve oil, polishing cloth, slide grease, pencil Trombone ¥ slide cream, valve oil, tuning slide grease, spray water bottle, polishing cloth, rag for wiping slide, pencil Baritone/Tuba ¥ valve oil, polishing cloth, slide grease, pencil Percussion ¥ SD1 concert snare sticks, Vic Firth General Timpani Mallets, Set of yarn mallets ¥ Optional items to buy: picture composites, tapes of performances, metronome, chromatic tuner

The school furnishes Band/Orchestra uniforms. Students using uniforms are responsible for their care during use. This includes dry cleaning at needed intervals. ¥ Fridays will be “Spirit Day”. We will wear our Band/Orchestra t-shirts on these days. ¥ The uniforms will be worn and stored with the utmost care and pride. Students will not be allowed to perform without proper attire. ¥ Repairs due to normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the school. Repairs or replacements due to neglect or misuse will be the responsibility of the student. ¥ Uniforms requiring alteration may be altered if no material is cut. ¥ Students will pay for any and all lost uniform parts at the current single-item replacement price. ¥ Failure to be in the correct complete uniform will result in the student not being allowed to perform for that particular event.

Facilities will be maintained at the highest level of cleanliness and organization as possible. Proper steps will be taken to ensure the district’s role in facility upkeep, but especially the student and staff’s role in facility upkeep.

Band/Orchestra Hall Golden Rules:


Basically, all of our rules and procedures can be summarized into the following four RIGHTS: 1. BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE. 2. AT THE RIGHT TIME 3. WITH THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT. 4. AND THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. BAND HALL: Band/Orchestra members are to keep the Band/Orchestra Hall clean and neat. Keep the chairs and music stands in place and use the wastebaskets for items to be thrown away. INSTRUMENT CUBBIES: To be used for instrument storage only. All instruments will be tagged with the student’s name. All other items are to be kept in the student’s school locker. Keep the cubbies clean and neat. Instruments are to be put in their cases and the cases closed while in the cubbies. No instruments are to be left in cubbies over weekends. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE AND MUSIC LIBRARY: The Director’s office is private. It is used for private lessons and conferences. The Library is also private and to be used only by the Band/Orchestra librarians. Any item leaving the Director’s office or library is to be checked out with the Band/Orchestra Director’s permission. Please feel free to see a Director if you need something.

UIL & TMEA Activities
UIL and TMEA activities will actively be sought out for student advancement and achievement, both for the individuals as well as the group. All laws and regulations will be strictly followed.

The activities of the Kerr High School Band/Orchestra are governed by the Alief I. S. D. Board of Trustees, Texas education Agency (TEA), University Interscholastic league (UIL), Texas Music Educator’s Association (TMEA), and Kerr High School. Students are also responsible for maintaining a passing grade in all subjects. Grades will be checked after the first 6 weeks of class. Any student that has a failing grade at that time will become ineligible until the end of the 9 week period. If the student is passing all classes at the 9 week report card they will be eligible for the next 9 week period. However, if a student is failing at the end of any 9 week (or the first 6 week grade check of each school year) period they will become ineligible for the next 3 weeks. Grades will be checked after each 3 week period. If an ineligible student is passing all classes at that time, they will become eligible. If they still have a failing grade they will continue to be ineligible until such time that they are passing a 3, 6 or 9 week period. Students that have consistent grade problems will be moved to a non-performing group. Movement is at the Directors discretion. The simple way to deal with No Pass, No Play is to always take care of your business in each class. The ensemble you perform in needs you and can only take advantage of your skills if you are eligible.

Kerr High School Band/Orchestra events fall into four categories: 1) Curricular- all activities taking place as part of the regular Band/Orchestra class period 2) Co-Curricular- Activities outside of class time which extend the class curriculum 3) Extra-Curricular- Activities outside of the class period, which bear certain restrictions 4) Social events- Parties, banquets, picnics


Academic Eligibility: The TEA No pass, no play rule is in effect for all EXTRA CURRICULAR activities. An event will be considered extra-curricular if one of the more following criteria applies: 1) Competitive events (UIL auditions, music contests or festivals) 2) Public performances where admission is charged 3) Other events deemed extra-curricular by the Band/Orchestra Staff and/or Administration ¥ A student must maintain an average of 70 in ALL classes in order to be academically eligible. (Students in exceptional and/or AP classes may receive a waiver from the principal as per TEA and A. I. S. D. policies) ¥ In the event a student has an incorrect grade on his or her report card, he or she will be considered eligible when the director receives a photocopy of the teacher’s OFFICIAL grade-change request, signed by the teacher. ¥ A student receiving a failing grade on his or her report card will become ineligible exactly 7 days after the end of the grading period and will remain ineligible for a minimum of three weeks. ¥ An ineligible student will have his or her eligibility reinstated at the end of the three weeks penalty period following the suspension provided the Director receives written notification that the student is passing ALL classes. Students who are not eligible on a consistent basis can be moved to a noncontest group. (I.e.. Symphonic Band/Orchestra student moves down to concert Band/Orchestra)

Private Lessons
Tuition Tuition fees are $15.00 per half-hour lesson with a degreed instructor. Lessons are $12.00 for a non-degreed instructor. Parents are encouraged to establish a payment schedule. Checks should be made payable to the instructor. The student’s name and school should be noted on the check. Lesson Location & Scheduling Lessons are taught, as much as possible, in the secondary school attended by the student. When this is impossible, applications are referred to the private lesson instructor with available scheduling time, who is teaching in the most convenient location. The lesson location and schedule will be on file in each building and in the Coordinator’s office. During lessons, a member of the campus staff will be on duty. Materials Students may be asked to furnish certain materials for their lesson. This will be determined by each individual private lesson teacher. Lessons are designed to primarily utilize the characteristic literature of the instrument, rather than to rehearse the music a student is performing in his school organization. Lesson Cancellation If a lesson is to be missed by a student for ANY reason (illness, band rehearsal, testing, field trip, etc.), the student must notify the private lesson instructor at least 24 hours in advance. If for some reason you cannot reach the private lesson teacher, notify your child’s campus director. If your child is absent from school the day of his/her lesson, please be sure to contact the private lesson instructor. Do not assume that the school’s director will notify the instructor.


Student Holidays No lesson will be taken on any student holiday. The music department spends a great deal of time and effort in the administration of this program. It is intended to serve as an instructional function, which would be impossible to adequately fulfill in any other manner. If you have any problems or questions concerning the program, please feel free to consult your child’s school director or call the Coordinator’s office (281-498-8110 ext.3070). Student’s Responsibility to Private Instructor 1. Be warmed up and ready to begin your lesson on time with music, reeds, oil, etc. 2. If it is absolutely necessary for you to miss a lesson, call your private instructor at least 24 (or more) hours ahead of time or call the school music office. Please be considerate. 3. Be responsible in payment of your lesson fees. It is recommended you pay each month in advance. 4. Feel free to ask you private instructor for specific help in a specific are: solo, try-out music, band parts, etc. 5. Your private instructor may suggest that you purchase some special materials or books. Most private lesson instructors have specific books they favor. 6. A private lesson program has a considerable effect on a band in providing leadership in each section. Even those who do take private lessons benefit from those who do study, by hearing and imitating proper articulations, tone quality, phasing and other desirable attributes.

Chair Placement and Challenges
The director to determine chair position within a section may call tryouts at any time. Challenges may be set at anytime prior to two weeks before a major performance. Each person involved will select one etude or selection for the challenge procedure with at least one week’s notice. Failure to accept a challenge will result in automatic forfeiture of the chair position. Full Orchestra positions will consist of the top players from the Symphonic Band and will be assigned by Mrs. Koran. Players will be used as the music requires.

V. District & School Policies
All district and Band/Orchestra policies will be strictly enforced wherever the students go as representatives of the school district. Trips will be thoroughly organized by directors, parent volunteers and other professionals involved. Out-of-state trips will primarily serve to enhance the students’ education, and will only secondarily serve as any competitive experience. The Kerr HS Band/Orchestra may have opportunities to take a trip in the spring, or other times of the year, to participate in festivals, or other public performances. Each student will be responsible for earning his/her own way. Students will have the opportunity to earn money for the trip through various fundraising activities. Band/Orchestra members should not think of participation in the Band/Orchestra trip as optional. When we accept an invitation to perform, we owe it to our school, our community and ourselves to present the best possible performance! When we perform without some members, we are not properly representing the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra. This is not only a disservice to ourselves, but also to those who have worked and sacrificed to make the trip possible. Therefore, all Band/Orchestra members are expected to make every possible effort to participate in the Band/Orchestra trip.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements to attend IN State/Out of State Trips Students must be passing all classes at the end of the 9 weeks prior to the trip. No unexcused absences from rehearsals or performances. Student must participate in Region Band/Orchestra or UIL Solo and Ensemble. Students must keep a grade of 90 or above in their instrumental music class. No behavior problems reported throughout the year.

Since the Band/Orchestra is a part of the entire school system, we will operate within the policies set forth by the Alief I. S. D. with a few additions of our own. All students will travel to and from any activity with the band. Any exception must be approved in advance and in writing through the building principal. An Early Release Form may be signed by your parent or guardian only and students will be released to that parent or guardian only. Students will not be released to any one else!! (i.e. Boy/Girl friends, brother/sisters, relatives, or close friends). Students may not travel to and from activities in their personal vehicles when ALIEF ISD provides transportation. Prior to the trip, students will be given information that will tell them exactly where to be, at what time, with what equipment, in what uniform or dress and for what purpose. Students are expected to follow these instructions to the letter. Students exhibiting improper conduct while on a school trip will be sent back to Kerr at his/her or parents’ expense and treated as though the offense had occurred on campus. ¥ Students are personally responsible for seeing that their equipment and accessories arrive at the destination. If equipment is turned over to the loading crew for transportation, it is still the individual’s responsibility to see that it is placed in the designated area by the designated time, properly packed for travel. ¥ All students will wear proper attire when traveling. Shirts and shoes will be worn at all times (including the loading crew) ¥ All transport vehicles will be left cleaner than they were at the beginning of the trip.

Grading Policy
The grading policy will follow AISD and KERR guidelines. averaged similar to this model: Weekly Rehearsal grades Tests and Performance Grades 50% 50% Categories will be broken down and

Weekly Rehearsal grades Students can earn a maximum of 20 points per class. Students will be graded on preparedness for class to include being on time, with correct equipment and music. Test and Performance Grades Playing tests are the Directors’ primary method of examination. They will provide the students with definite practice assignments that come from performance music and scales. Tests may be considered a chair tryout, as well as a graded test. Written tests will cover specific unit material, handbook procedures, music theory and history. Performances will count as major test grades and will drastically affect a student’s grade in both a positive or negative manner. 13

Director Led Sectional Attendance Students are required to attend a one hour sectional after school every other week. Sectionals will start promptly at 2:30 and will end at 3:30. Attendance is mandatory. The only acceptable excuse for missing a sectional is a private lesson. Work conflicts are not acceptable. You know the sectional schedule and are expected to inform your work. Work places are required by law to work around your school schedule. They can not punish your for attending a required school related function. If you are having problems with you employer, please let a director know ASAP.

Student and parent fundraising will be kept to a minimum. The primary objective for the fundraising will be to tangibly and directly assist the students’ musical and educational needs. All money raised will be allocated in the general Band/Orchestra Activity Account and will be used at the director’s discretion (generally for trips)

VI. Rewards & Motivation
Merit System
A merit system will be utilized whereby students will earn merits for excellence above and beyond the normal call, and can earn strikes for infraction of Band/Orchestra policies. Merits can result in recognition, awards, and leadership positions. These will all be carefully recorded in the student database. The Kerr High School Band/Orchestra is an organization committed to excellence and integrity. Certain standards must be maintained by the members if this is to be continued. Each and every member of the Band/Orchestra stands as a representative of the organization at all times and is expected to display the high standards of behavior expected. Band/Orchestra students are considered leaders within the school. The merit system is established as a means of establishing the standard of excellence and integrity mentioned above. It is meant to redirect inappropriate behavior and reward exemplary standing. Students will begin the school year with 0 “Pride Points.” They may be earned in a variety of ways, including extra work, exemplary effort, high achievement, outstanding service, etc. “

Pride Points may be earned by: extraordinary effort in rehearsal helping another student evidence of outstanding preparation displaying exemplary spirit and/or Pride helping a director or staff member performing an act of goodwill 1 pride point for each hour of home and/or extra Band/Orchestra Hall practice turned in on Mondays various other positive actions Master Musician Points (see attached Master Musician Worksheet): Band/Orchestra Member of the Week selection to all-region Band/Orchestra/Orchestra Ist Division UIL solo 14

Ist Division UIL ensemble perfect attendance per semester many other musical accomplishments

Rewards for positive number of merits: Possible leadership positions Recognition and self-satisfaction Knowing you are contributing to the excellence of the Kerr HS Band/Orchestra Points toward the Master Musician Award Pride Points if given in paper form must be turned in for proper credit. You will receive paper Pride Points after you have completed something deserving credit. If you do not receive a paper form of Pride Points it is your responsibility to make sure the director makes a note of how many points you will be awarded.

District policy will be followed on any infraction of District and School rules. See your District Student Code of Conduct for an in-depth list of infractions and punishment options.

Banquets & Parties
An end-of-the-year Banquet will be held to showcase the year’s accomplishments, and will be organized by the student officers and Directors. A few parties will also be held to strengthen student morale and to provide an outlet from the standard hard work that will be expected from the daily routine.

Numerous awards will be given to students based upon Band/Orchestra members’ achievements, advancements, and other considerations. ¥ Loyalty, dependability, spirit, and outstanding contributions to the Kerr Band/Orchestra Program ¥ Outstanding service as a member of the Band/Orchestra staff ¥ Active participation in solo and ensemble competition ¥ Active participation in all-region, area, or all-state Band/Orchestras or orchestras ¥ Positive leadership in section rehearsals, Band/Orchestra activities and all areas of the program ¥ Consistent and thorough preparation of concert music ¥ Faithful attendance at all rehearsals National School Orchestra Award ¥ chosen by Directors ¥ outstanding musical accomplishments Band/Orchestra Member/Section of the Week The Director to reward outstanding hard work and dedication to the program will choose 1 Person or section. Will this be you? John Phillip Sousa Award ¥ chosen by Directors ¥ must be a senior 15

Who’s Who in Band/Orchestra ¥ chosen by Directors ¥ must be a senior who has shown exemplary Bandmanship Louis Armstrong Jazz Award ¥ chosen by Directors and must be an active member of the Jazz Band/Orchestra Director’s Awards ¥ chosen by Directors & awarded to outstanding members of each Band/Orchestra section. ¥ Announced at Band/Orchestra Banquet ¥ Awarded to outstanding individual in each section of each Band/Orchestra ¥ Categories include, but are not limited to the following: most improved brass, woodwind, and percussion, violin 1,2, viola, cello, bass, harp/piano outstanding brass, outstanding woodwind, outstanding percussion, violin 1,2, viola, cello, bass, harp/piano

Master Musician Award
Band/Orchestra members will score points based upon an array of varying musical opportunities. After accumulating a certain number of points, the student will be awarded as a Master Musician. Opportunities for points will come from UIL events, technical studies passed, scholastic achievements, and service records. This is to provide extra motivation to participate in ALL the aspects that make one a great musician.

¥ Points will be tallied at the end of the school year. ¥ All events, in which points are awarded, must be attempted each following year or at the scheduled time, or the points will be taken away from the previous year’s corresponding event (except events that occur every other year). ¥ Once a student has been awarded a total of 1000 points, they will earn the award of Master Musician. Student will receive a plaque and his/her name will be engraved on a permanent plaque that will be displayed in the Band/Orchestra hall. ¥ Students who move into the program will receive points based upon previous experience in their former Band/Orchestra programs. ¥ Students at the end of each school year with a total of at least 250 points from that year will be recognized and awarded a Certificate of Musical Accomplishment at the year-end banquet.

Letter Jackets
UIL regulations limit the awards that may be given to students in competitive activities to ONE letter jacket during all four years of high school. Therefore, students who received a letter jacket in speech, etc. will be awarded a Band/Orchestra letter. Academic letter jackets are in addition to other UIL awards. 1. Students will be awarded a letter jacket based on the completion of the following 30-point system. 2. Transfer students must substantiate participation from their previous school. 3. Foreign exchange students will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the director. All additional awards will be given in accordance with the rules outlined by the UIL or at the discretion of the director. See the attached District Band Letter Jacket Policy for more information on earning a letter. 16

Band/Orchestras, and individual members of Band/Orchestras, classify themselves according to the attitude they take toward their organization. How much fun a student has in Band/Orchestra, and how much he/she learns depends almost completely on his/her own effort and attitude. Since first division ratings are won by students who display first division attitudes, this is the outlook we strive to create in all KERR Band/Orchestra members. Three attitudes are described below. You should strive to identify with the first division attitude and avoid the others. FIRST DIVISION ATTITUDE: First division Band/Orchestras are almost entirely self-disciplined. Members have enough pride, maturity and self-control to follow instructions and observe rules with little reminding. Consequently, Band/Orchestra members with first division attitudes receive more honors and privileges, and are happier with their Band/Orchestra, Director, and themselves. They also have the most fun! SECOND DIVISION ATTITUDE: Band/Orchestras with the second division attitude have less self-control and inner-motivation; they rely on others to do most of the work and volunteer to do little themselves. Second division Band/Orchestra members follow most of the rules, but complain and demoralize others when the going is tough. This type of Band/Orchestra member is happy only when things are going his/her way, and is quick to blame others for the faults in the Band/Orchestra. THIRD DIVISION ATTITUDE: The majority of Band/Orchestra members in a third division Band/Orchestra lack pride and selfdiscipline. Band/Orchestra members with this attitude cannot work well in a group. They abuse the privileges of Band/Orchestra membership and disturb class frequently, yet rely on others to do their share of the work, and at the same time continually find fault in others. Consequently, the third division attitude produces a group with poor organization, few extra privileges, and lazy and unhappy members. Students seldom last in the Band/Orchestra very long with this type of outlook.

The final decision is YOURS. If we are to achieve excellence, each person must be responsible for his or her share of the load.

The Kerr HS Tiger Band/Orchestra is only as... Good Fun Challenging Rewarding Exciting Positive Cool memorable... as YOU MAKE IT!

Parental/Band Student Agreement
I have read the responsibilities for Band members. I understand that the honor carries much responsibility and hard work, and that it is very time consuming. I am willing for my child to assume the responsibility and I will give my support to the activities and the sponsor by recognizing and meeting the responsibilities and schedules. I have also read the constitution, by which all band members must abide. We further agree that we release Alief ISD, the sponsor, and the bus driver from liability should an accident or illness occur to our child during practice, travel, and/or games. We understand that if our son/daughter does not pass ALL subjects each grading period, that according to state law, they will not perform, go to the game with the school, or be able to participate in ANY band function until they regain eligibility.

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