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					Everything You Need To Know About T Shirts
T shirts are now a common piece of clothing which are nice and comfortable but also can be used for advertising, expressing oneself and can even be designed by the future owner on the internet. Whilst being a mainstream item of clothing are also hip cool trendy. They enable self-expression advertising and can ooze fashion flair. Various styles, designs and even colours can result in the little old tee shirt being a major fashion statement. Just look in any celebrity magazine and you will see which slogans, which cartoon characters, or which styles are this weeks height of fashion. Styles of shirts range from the scoop neck, tank top, muscle shirt, and v necks. In the US hip hop fashion gave way for the Tall-T which is reaches the knees. Womens were recently fashioned in a cropped style revealing the lower back and tummy. Also in the nineties layered shirts were fashioned

which made the wearer look like he or she was wearing a short sleeved shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Still this is a popular item in colder climes. After the second world war several companies in Miami started to decorate t shirts with names of well-known holiday resorts, and a variety of characters. Tropix Togs in Miami held the license for Walt Disney characters including Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters are still regarded as a fashion statement in a retro aspect. A little later a stretchable washable ink was invented known as Plastisol. This further developed the market for t shirts as it gave way for much more variety. The Ringer T-shirt was invented in the 60s which became a must have for the youth of America and the rock and roll culture. The t shirt was one colour but the arm and neck ribbing another colour. The most popular colour colours were black and white. There were many more developments in the 1960s. Monster Company in California was set up and printed fine art designs onto t shirts. Tie Dyeing was almost iconic to the flower power era of the swinging in sixties and designs featuring marijuana emblems. In the 1970s and beyond further developments led to colour changing t shirts and an explosion of expressive slogan. One of the famous expressive slogans directly linked into the media society was Who shot JR as a reaction to the popular TV show - Dallas. Many Dallas related slogan t shirts were donned, for example I shot JR and more. In the 1980s there was another explosion in slogans with the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Typically white t shirts

with bold black slogans were hip. Higher end designers started to market their own t shirts. Gap made their own niche in the market and if course this was advertising in itself. It became typical for t shirt producers to include their own logos as part of their advertising campaigns. At the turn of the century it has become commonplace for celebritys to wear t shirts of self-expression. They use media attention to enable their opinion to be shared with the world through the simple t shirt. Shortly after Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt split, celebrities would show whose side they followed with t-shirt slogans. For example Team Anniston slogan became trendy overnight in the western world. T-Shirts have impacted on so many levels of culture and society. With the advent of the internet, t-shirts are advertising websites, chain stores, even nightclubs. Its debateable within some levels of society whether this type of t shirt is tasteful or distasteful. One thing is for sure. The humble t shirt never goes out of fashion. It has been inventing itself for the past sixty years, and continues to do so.

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