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Escambia High School Band Boosters Escambia High School Band Boosters June 8 2009 Booster Meeting


									Escambia High School Band Boosters June 8, 2009 Booster Meeting Minutes Boosters Meeting called to order. All Board Members are present. Meeting called to order by Cindy Slaughter, President. Minutes from May 2009 meeting available. Minutes approved and seconded. Cindy Slaughter, President  Orange Booster Shirts must be worn at all band functions when representing the band: chaperones, concessions, can shakes, gift wrapping, etc. o New parents need solid orange shirt, t-shirt or with collar, band booster logo only o Suggested stores to buy orange shirts: WalMart, JCPenny, Lands End, Wings and Things, and the logo can be embroidered at Wings And Things  Blue Aprons with band logo will be purchased for students to wear while gift wrapping. Parents w/out orange shirts can wear them, too. Jill Rhodes, Treasurer  Student statements handed out. Everything up to date except for Pelican Games, but will be added soon and no graduating seniors had delinquent accounts  E-mail Jill through the band website to get statements, don’t have to wait for meetings  May e-mail all future statements because it costs $60 to mail statements each month  Communication only through band website and g-mail accounts allows for consistency and will improve communication with band parents Victoria Dennis, 2nd VP, Concessions  No sign up forms until closer to football/marching season  Clean-up Concession stands and storage shed Sat 8 August, time TBA o Need parent volunteers, student volunteers can earn service hours  Food at Showoff like last year: hot dogs, burgers and sodas from concession, price TBA Reina Crowe, 1st VP, Fundraising  Cookie Dough kickoff at Mon night rehearsal 2 weeks before Showoff o Will use a new company that sorts the orders for us  Pelicans Games: Craig Wood told Reina that it is going well and baseball filled spots not filled by band boosters Don Watts, Civic Center Chair  No new events until Sept or Oct, the Wharf gets summer events; Hockey return not definite Doug Holsworth, Band Director  Will be in Gainsville starting this weekend until July 24 for Masters degree program  Will turn over concession key. Need to talk to admin about opening room for July meeting  Annual summer floor clean up means lots of stuff will be stored in the band truck  Reminder of 4 day workweek for the district so EHS closed on Fridays thru 1st week of Aug  Football schedule is out and no word on bus budget yet  Panama City game, non-district game on a Thurs, probably won’t spend bus money to go  Composite picture is here and ready to be hung in the hallway  Asked if parents want band pictures in Fall or Spring. Fall seemed to be parent preference.  Show off is on Saturday August 15, band photo taken that day  Kick off game is Friday August 28 vs PHS. Band may not be ready to march, but will be there. May play a stand still on the field Additional Comments/Questions:  Sandy Wheeler wants help selling band banquet tickets next year, too much for 1 person  Bring more band parents to booster meetings with you  Audit committee meets in July, need 3 people, e-mail if you can be on it

Meeting adjourned. Moved and seconded

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