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									"Barnacle" Bill's Racing Leathers
1106 Logan Road Springfield, KY 40069
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Bill Burns (859) 336-7375
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Email: bbill@racingleather.com

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Use the drawings on pages 6, 7 and 8 to locate letters, numbers, designs and colors.
*All regular seams are shown for a 1pc. Suit. 2 pc. Suits have a break at the waist.

Circle drawing closest to riding position






You can have a color break on chest at NO EXTRA CHARGE


You can have a color break at any regular seam at NO EXTRA CHARGE


Drag   

Dirt Track


Kart   


(please circle one)

MEASUREMENT CHART - Read Everything Carefully!
Have someone else measure you. Do not add or subtract from actual measurements. Hold one finger under tape and pull snug. Put on a snug fitting pair of pants (jeans) and T-shirt, and boots when applicable. Do not wear shorts. For Street and Kart Jackets measure over what you will normally wear underneath. If you have any questions about measuring please call!

If your leathers don't fit because you measured incorrectly then we have to charge for alterations. If we make a mistake then we pay. (Please Check One) _____ I did not measure over a back protector, but please allow for one _____ I measured over a back protector _____ I do not wear a back protector

For JACKETS complete 1-6 & 21-28 For PANTS complete 5 & 7-20
1__________ Around neck For #2,3, & 4 Not-relative positions. #2 across front, #3 all the way round & #4 across back. Note - #2 & #4 cannot total as much #3 because of thickness of chest. 2__________ Across chest Note - arms in normal positions at sides. Measurement is across chest, sleeve seam to sleeve seam. Do not go under arms. 3__________ Around chest Measure just under arms with arms at sides & take a deep breath. 4__________ Across back Note position of arms in front with palms together. Measure sleeve seam to sleeve seam. Do not go under arms. Note: For 5-20 you must pull your pants up so they are snug in the crotch & do not let them move while measuring. For proper fit you must do this even if you don't normally wear them in this position. 5__________ Waist Measure just above pant waist band. (For Kart or Street jackets only, measure over waistband & belt.) 6__________ Throat to Waist From top of "U" (hollow) at throat to top of waist band. 7__________ Front Rise From 4 seams intersect at crotch to top of waist band in front. 7a __________ Crotch to Neck From 4 seams intersect at crotch to the base of the neck in front 8__________ Back Rise From 4 seams intersecting at crotch to top of waist band in back 8a__________ Crotch to collar From 4 seams intersecting at crotch to the top of the collar in the back 9__________ Waist to Center of Knee 10__________ Waist to largest part of calf 11__________ Waist to Ankle Bone (If you intend to wear your pants inside your boots) 12__________ Waist to top of Heel of Shoe or Boot (if you intend to wear your pants outside your boots) 12a__________ Waist to Collar Measure from top of T-shirt collar to waist in the back!

21. __________ Arm Length Measure from sleeve seam at shoulder ("X", see side drawing) outside elbow to wrist. Note - arm is bent almost 90%. 22. __________ Bicep (Flexed) 23. __________ Forearm (Flexed) 24. __________ Wrist

WOMEN ONLY 13. __________ Around Largest part of Hips 14. __________ Around Thigh Measure about 3 inches down from crotch. 15. __________ Around Knee 16. __________ Around Largest part of Calf 17. __________ Around Ankle Bone Measure if you intend to wear your pants inside your boots. 18. __________ Around boot at Ankle Measure if you intend to wear your pants over your boots. 19. __________ Inseam Crotch to ankle bone. If pants will be worn inside of boots. 20. __________ Inseam Crotch to top of boot heel. If pants will be worn over boots. 25_____________Measure across bust seam to seam in front only as shown.

26. __________ Top of Shoulder Measure from shoulder seam to top of shirt collar. 27. __________ Around Shoulder Measure around shoulder and under armpit. 28. __________ Side seam Measure from armpit to waist.
26 27


Tie a string around waist to measure to or from to prevent OVERLAP measurements!

50% Deposit required with Order All orders are processed 1st in 1st out

* Note Collar is an additional $35.00 charge.


Side design page

Indicate colors, designs, and lettering on this page and the next 2 pages.

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