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									Michael J. Carella
OBJECTIVE EDUCATION To obtain a position as a secondary mathematics instructor Buffalo State College, State University of New York Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Education 7-12, May 2004 Niagara County Community College, State University of New York Associates of Science, Mathematics and Science, with Distinction 2002 RELATED EXPERIENCE Probationary Teacher, Starpoint High School Lockport, NY September 2005-June 2006  Developed a complete Math B curriculum including assessments in commensuration with the New York State Mathematics Core Curriculum  Attended the mentor training program which included various seminars from experts in the field of education such as: o Eric Jenson’s Brain-Based Learning o Rich Allen’s Impact Learning o Rick Wormeli’s Summarization Techniques for Any Subject o Harry K. Wong’s How to be an Effective Teacher o Sue Tomaszewski’s Frameworks Training and WIN-WIN Motivation and Discipline Strategies  Prepared students for Math B exam including after school review classes  Participated in many extracurricular activities, including the PTA spaghetti dinner and the faculty verses faculty charity basketball game  Trained in TechPaths Curriculum Mapping software, which allows for alignment with the new Math Core Curriculum (revised March 2005)  Prepared students for the Math B exam and achieved an 82% passing rate with 17% achieving mastery Permanent Substitute, Starpoint High School Lockport, NY November 2004- June 2005  Instructed Mathematics A, B and Applied B  Gained experience in all aspects of a high school classroom including discipline, classroom management, and differentiated instruction.  Incorporated different technological devices including computer software, such as school island, as well as graphical and scientific calculators to assist in increasing students’ mathematical knowledge.  Prepared students for Math A exam and had a 100% passing rate  Attended training for School Island  Participated in many extracurricular activities including the PTA spaghetti dinner, and the Starpoint hockey team fundraiser.  Created many different types of student assessments while integrating questions from past regents exams into the assessments. Student Teacher, Starpoint High School Lockport, NY March 2004 – May 2004  Instructed and developed inquiry-based lesson individually and as a team in commensuration with the New York State Mathematics Core Curriculum.  Developed unit and lesson plans for various high school math curriculums such as Math A, Math B, and Applied 3 (B).  Used supporting teaching staff to increase my efficiency as a teacher including classroom management tips and optimal procedures as well as working with staff to assist at risk students.  Participated in training for Geometer’s Sketch Pad.

Student Teacher, Edward Town Middle School Niagara Wheatfield School District, NY, January 2004 – March 2004  Coordinated all aspects of a 7th grade classroom including, discipline, classroom management, development of assessment, cooperative lessons, short and long term planning.  Worked cooperatively with a team of teachers to effectively plan interdisciplinary lessons and share knowledge and materials to improve previously discussed lessons.  Engaged students in architectural and engineering experience in which they applied the concepts and procedures outlined by the New York State Intermediated Mathematics 7-8 Core Curriculum.  Observed teenage student interaction as well as teacher classroom management and instructional pedagogy 100 hours of classroom Observations/Involvement, Hoover Middle, Lafayette High School, Starpoint Middle, Campus West and Native American School #19 September 2003 – December 2003  Gained experience with many different middle and high school classrooms from rural to intercity, with many different cultural backgrounds.  Assisted students’ progress through discussions in a small group setting.  Worked with remedial students focusing on the Math A exam. Mathematics Lab Student Instructor, Niagara County Community College Sanborn, NY, November 2000- May 2002  Guided students experiencing difficulties in all math courses. Assistant Hockey Coach, Grand Niagara Hockey League Niagara Falls, NY - 2001  Created defensive drills and demonstrations on defensive positioning.  Coached the defense during game situations.  Worked with young children with the goals of creating a team atmosphere and working cooperatively towards a team-centered goal. COMPUTER SKILLS    Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Smartdraw. Experience with Graphing Calculators, specifically Texas Instruments TI89, 86, 83, and 84 plus. Excel in mathematical computer software such as Mathmatica, Geoexplorer, Geometer’s sketch pad, geometric construction tools, Math Type, and School Island.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Member, Fall 2002- Present


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