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									Band Directors: Mr. Matt Kozacek 480-224-2280 Mr. Brandon Kiesgen
Percussion Caption Head: Jimmy Madonia Battery Tech: John McClean Pit Tech: Dustin Roa Colorguard Caption Head: Pam Edgar Colorguard Tech: Albert Jiminez Visual Caption: Ryan Johnson Music Arranger: John Meehan Drill Designer: Ryan Johnson
2009 Basha Marching Band Show: “Not Yet Titled” We’re still working on the official title and throwing around some themes, but have selected music of Shostakovich to perform on the field next year. The music and show design will explore the classical realm of music and be adapted to a lively field show by John Meehan, the writer and arranger for the Concord Blue Devils. We’re very excited to bring back a somewhat traditional sound to the marching field for the 2009 season. Marching Band Parent BBQ & Meeting Saturday, July 25th at noon Basha High School Cafeteria The Bear Regiment will be performing clips of what they learned while away at camp during the meeting. Come support your student and learn about the band program at the same time!

Welcome to the Basha Bear Regiment!
Greetings and welcome to the Basha High School Band Program 2009 Marching Season. Last year, the marching band did amazing, winning the 4A Utah State Championship, competing strongly in the Las Vegas BOA show and finishing with a strong performance at the state festival. We have definitely continued in “building a legacy” here at Basha. With the departure of a giant senior class, the band will attempt to rebuild a strong foundation for the future of the program. We are confident that our feeder system will once again be strong and support a great band. One way you can help is to be involved in the boosters, so please make note of the meeting listed above. The Band Boosters have grown and done an amazing job helping with fundraising and providing the students with the financial possibilities. Please be involved! There are so many things that you can do to help. The purpose of this letter is to give you a basic understanding of the Marching Program for the 2009 season including expectations, requirements and schedules. It is our goal to have fun, to continue raising the levels of dedication and commitment, musical knowledge and experience, and to work together towards a high level of achievement. All of which make for a great marching band. In the weeks leading up to the start of school there is a lot to be done for us to be ready. The leadership has been selected and has also been meeting and preparing for their important role in next year’s marching band. The Basha Band Program will consist of the following classes this year: Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Big Band I, Jazz Big Band II, Percussion, AP Music Theory, Marching Band (1st sem), Colorguard, Beginning Guitar and Intermediate Guitar. All classes are full year courses, unless otherwise noted. In addition, there is a Competitive Winter Drumline and Winter Colorguard. All of these classes and activities are crucial to the success and growth of our program. It is our hope that all of you have an interest in seeing the program grow as well as setting the standard high. Details of course descriptions and expectations will be published in the course syllabi, which will be distributed on the first day of school. When is Marching Band? This year, Marching Band will again be split into three different classes during the school day. All winds (not just woodwinds…all wind instruments) will be rehearsing during zero hour. This class starts at 6:30am and goes to 7:20am. This means that students are required to be in the band room early so they are ready to start rehearsal at 6:30am. We recommend showing up at 6:15-6:20am. We will be spending time working on marching technique so that our night rehearsals are more productive. We will also be spending time working on show and stand music. Drumline will be meeting during the percussion class. If you are in drumline, you must be in this class. Colorguard will also be separate in colorguard class. The period numbers for both Percussion and Colorguard have not yet been set, but will likely remain 4th hour for guard and 6th hour percussion. Because we are not having any full ensemble drill rehearsal in the morning and all three sections are rehearsing separately during the day, the Marching Band has a required full wind section, percussion, and colorguard rehearsal on Monday night from 6:00pm-9:00pm and Thursday afternoon or evening, either from 2:30pm-5:00pm or 6:00pm-9:00pm. Please

check the online calendar for this information. This schedule should help encourage more students to be prompt to “0” hour so that we can utilize our rehearsal time wisely. Football Games will take place on Friday nights and the Bear Regiment will participate in marching festivals starting in late September and ending in mid November with the State Marching Band Festival and Competition. Do not schedule vacation without checking our calendar online!! In addition marching band members are required to attend the two band camps scheduled and detailed below. It is typical for many of you to have concerns with early wake up, early transportation, and the like. Rest assured that we will help everyone find resolution to these details. Our schedule is posted on the internet at under the Calendar section. Summer Rehearsals Percussion, Colorguard and this year, the winds as well, will be having summer rehearsal. These practices will help you make the transition into the marching season. Anyone who cannot make these practices should inform a director, as well as either Jimmy Madonia or Pam Edgar, as soon as possible. We understand that summer travel may have already been planned, and that is ok. However, if you are in town, you are expected to be at the rehearsals. The date and time of these chop shops are as follows: Battery Every Thursday June 11th through July 9th 6:00pm-8:30pm At Basha HS Front Ensemble Every Monday June 8th through July 6th 6:00pm-8:30pm At Basha HS Guard Every Monday and Tuesday June 15th through July 14th Monday – 4:00-7:00pm; at Gilbert HS Tuesday – 5:30-8:30pm; at Gilbert HS Woodwind/Brass Every Monday June 22nd through July 13th 6:00pm-8:00pm At Basha HS

July Band Camp The July Band Camp will be held the week of July 20th-25th. Band camp will be held at Basha HS this year and requires your marching band deposit. This is the traditional rehearsal that takes place before school starts for the marching band members to begin learning marching technique, music and begin working on the show (musically and visually). The band camp is required! If you are not at band camp, you are not guaranteed a spot in the show. Please call with any conflicts so that it may be resolved! The Marching Band includes all Wind Instrument players, Percussionists, and Colorguard.

Rookie Camp All wind instruments who are new to the marching program are required to attend “rookie camp”. This camp will cover the marching basics for wind instruments. If you are in colorguard or a percussionist, you are not required to attend the rookie camp. The dates and times are as follows: July 16th-17th – 8:00am to noon Fall Intersession Band Camp Like all other schools in our district the Marching Band will have a Fall Intersession Band Camp is on October 12th-16th, from 7:00am – noon. This fall camp is also mandatory attendance. We will be learning the final portions of our show during the camp, and missing could jeopardize your spot in our show. Football Games The Marching Band will participate at all of the Varsity Football Games this fall. The dates and arrival times for these games are published on the online calendar. Marching Festivals The Marching Band will also participate in various Marching Festivals. Below is a list of possible and most likely festivals dates. September 26th – PAS Drumline Competition (drumline only) October 3rd – Prescott HS Marching Band Festival October 17th – Basha Marching Invitational October 24th – ASU Band Day November 7th – State Marching Band Festival November 14th – State Marching Competition (NEW THIS YEAR) Other Marching Band Activities Pep Band for Basketball Games School Assemblies Various and Spontaneous Public Service Performances Marching Band Leadership In Marching Band, there are several leadership opportunities. These positions include Drum Majors, Captains, and Section Leaders. In addition to these leadership roles the Band Council will play a crucial role in organizing and assisting in the events and coordination of all Band activities including Marching Band. This does not mean that you are required to be in Marching Band in order to be on Band Council. Marching Band Uniforms Each student will be issued a uniform for the Marching Band season. You are responsible for following the rules of being in uniform which will be discussed when uniform assignments take place in August. Again this year, students will not be responsible for cleaning their uniform as it has been budgeted into the funds. The

uniform cleaning will be handled by the Band Boosters. One of the major details associated with the Band Uniforms is that “WE NEED PARENTS TO HELP WITH UNIFORM CHECK OUT, HEMMING, and UNIFORM CHECK IN.” Please let us know when you can help us with this important aspect. Marching Band T-Shirts The Bear Regiment T-Shirt is a required part of the attire to be worn underneath your marching uniform. It has also been budgeted into the band account. We also wear this T-shirt with jeans to various performances in and around school. In addition, the section leaders with their sections will design T-shirts to show their “Section Pride”. Purchase of the “Section T-Shirts” is strongly encouraged. Marching Band Music The marching show music should be arriving soon and will be distributed at summer rehearsals. It is on a full page, and you won’t need to reduce it to fit into a flip folder because it will be memorized anyway. You will need to purchase a black binder and clear page protectors before band camp. Put your music in page protectors and leave some empty for music you will receive throughout camp and the season. Students must practice and prepare this music before they come to band camp. If the music you receive is not for your instrument please contact Mr. Kozacek at 480-224-2280, as soon as possible, so that the drill can be changed before it is done. Make sure you have a lyre specific to your instrument and a flip folder to hold your stands music. These can be ordered through the band, or at your local music store. Other things that you will need: Woodwinds – REEDS, REEDS, REEDS (you will need at least 2 packs of reeds for the season. You need to purchase and have 2 packs of either Mitchell Lurie or Van Doren reeds prior to band camp. Brass – Trumpet players will need to have a Bach 3C mouthpiece. Since horns, baritones and tubas will be renting instruments, we will provide the proper mouthpiece. All brass members will need a bottle of valve oil, slide grease, cleaning cloth and polishing cloth. Percussion – You will need to provide your own sticks. Mallets for the front ensemble will be purchased and provided, but anything you break or wear out will need to be replaced. Jimmy Madonia will give you this information. Colorguard – Please see Pam Edgar to order all equipment that you will need.

Marching Band Rules and Expectations  All rehearsals performances, and scheduled football games are absolutely required. This includes Band Camps, Evening Rehearsals, and Colorguard or Percussion rehearsals. Failure to attend rehearsal could result in removal from the show for the following week.  Respect yourself, others, and the learning environment.  Be on time to class, rehearsals, performances, events, and all other band activities.  Be prepared for class, rehearsal, performances, and all other band activities. Be prepared to be a contributing member of the organization, ready to work hard, with a contagious positive attitude, and ready to achieve great things.  Follow all Basha High School Rules, Policies, and Procedures.  Absolutely NO food, candy, gum, or beverages (except water in a sealed container) are allowed in the band room.  All students are expected to have a pencil available during every rehearsal. Put one in your binder.  There will be no extraneous public display of affection (PDA). This applies to all functions sponsored by Basha High School.  The marching band field is an extension of the classroom. All policies of the classroom still apply. During rehearsal we will be moving a lot. Students are expected to actively participate in the fast paced rehearsal. Your Financial Commitment As you know, the Bear Regiment is an expensive group to operate. The Band Boosters help students to offset some of these costs thru fundraising. How much you offset thru fundraising is up to your efforts. The rest is left up to you to bring in using Tax Credit or personal check. We have implemented a budget so that families can see exactly what the marching band expenses are for the year. This way, families can plan for the amounts needed, instead of having to write a check at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget, Tax Credit is not limited to just immediate family. Neighbors, Extended Family, Friends can contribute their tax credit to your activities as well. I also recommend donating the maximum amount of tax credit since it is all refundable at the end of the tax year. All expenses can be met through tax credit and fund raising. Below is a fund raising schedule that will ensure that each student contributes equally to the costs of the marching band program. Marching Band expenses can be paid for by: Arizona Tax Credit, up to $400 (joint filing) or $200 (individual filing). Immediate family members, grandparents, friends, etc. may provide Tax credit donations as well. Monthly fund raising activities (car washes, product sales, etc.) Personal payment schedule

The estimate cost breakdown per member: Marching Band Show Costs $50 Instructor Fees $100 Snacks/BBQ/Meals $50 Uniform Cleaning/Alteration $10 Band T-Shirt $10 Festival Fees $30 Band Camp $100 Equipment Costs $100 TOTAL $450.00 Additional payment will be required for purchase of shoes, gloves and other individual necessities. All payments (whether tax credit, fund raising or personal donation) must be received by these deadlines: st June 1 $150 (registration night) July 25th $300 A limited number of scholarship amounts may be available for students with specific financial needs who meet participation criteria being established by the Band Directors. Parents/Guardians should address financial concerns directly with the band directors by July 20th. If for some reason you are unable to make an installment on time please contact Mr. Kozacek for alternate arrangements. We have begun a new policy of “No Pay, No Travel”. Any students who have not paid, nor had their parents make contact with a director regarding an alternate payment plan, will not be allowed to travel with the band and their spot will be filled by an alternate.

To the Band Parents
The Basha Band Boosters are an organization formed by Band Parents to serve the needs of the Basha High School Band Program. If you are a Band Parent you are a member. The Boosters have an Executive Board to serve as the leadership for this well managed organization. We are in need of people who have a desire and willingness to serve for the benefit of their students. The Basha Band Boosters assist in the organization of band uniforms for both Concert Band and Marching Band. They help raise funds to assist in the financial requirements of a building and up and coming band program. They assist in any band event possible from rehearsals to concerts, festivals, and travel. We need active members to assist in all of the activities that the Basha Band participates in. In the short time the Basha Band Boosters have been in existence they have already raise several thousand dollars for the benefit of the Basha Band Program as well as supported us for every convert, band festival, and event. With your help in the Basha Band Boosters your student’s band program can grow to be one of great recognition and pride. Help your Basha Band “Build A Legacy”.

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