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Band Parent Survival Guide 2008-2009

Being the parent of a band member can be extremely challenging at times. The confusing schedules, fund raising, and time commitment can often overwhelm a parent. This guide is designed to help parents gain a better understanding of the obligations that a band member and family are asked to meet. Included are dates of concerts and public performances that are scheduled as of April 1st. Also included are descriptions of policies and procedures for the daily operation of the band program. We hope that this guide will answer most all of your questions. Should additional information or clarification be needed, you may contact any of the band directors for help.

Troy Bunkley-Director of Varsity Band/Wind Ensemble/Jazz Band/Pep Bands School Phone 636-231-2200 Home Phone 636-390-4837 E-mail Mark Blackmore-Director of Freshmen Band/Middle School Jazz Band/Assist. Var. Band School Phone 636-231-2200 Home Phone 636-745-8231 E-mail Tricia Sullentrup-Director of Middle School Bands/Assistant to all High School Bands School Phone 636-231-2300(Middle School) Cell Phone 417-894-5756 E-mail

Julie Bunkley-Colorguard Coordinator/Winterguard Director School Phone 636-231-2700(South Point Elementary) Home Phone 636-390-4837 E-mail Sara Barnett-Assistant Colorguard Coordinator/Dance Instructor/Assistant Winterguard School Phone 636-231-2700(South Point Elementary) Home Phone 636-433-5313 E-mail

Additional Staff
Randy Eichholz-Road Manager/Equipment Truck Driver

At the beginning of every month a 2-month calendar is published and placed in the front of the band room for the students to pickup and is also available on our website. This calendar has all rehearsals and performances listed known at the time of publication. Changes to the calendar do sometimes occur and those changes are given to the students as soon as possible. If you need additional information or have questions about a date beyond the 2-month calendar, you may contact Mr. Bunkley for help. Below is a listing of home football game performances, parades, and concerts that are scheduled as of April 1st. August 15, 2008 August 29, 2008 September 12, 2008 September 26, 2008 September 27, 2008 October 4, 2008 October 11, 2008 October 18, 2008 October 19, 2008 October 25, 2008 October 31, 2008 November 4, 2008 November 8, 2008 November 28, 2008 December 6, 2008 January 25, 2009 March 27-28, 2009 April 26, 2009 April 29, 2009 May 21, 2009 June 9-15, 2009 Band Booster Picnic-5 pm -6:30 pm Home Football Game-Varsity & Freshmen perform Home Football Game-Varsity & Freshmen perform Home Football Game-Varsity & Freshmen perform Sullivan Marching Band Festival-Varsity only performs Washington Marching Band Festival-Varsity & Freshmen perform/work Homecoming-Varsity & Freshmen Perform-parade & game Park Hills Rebel Invitational-Varsity only performs Marthasville Heritage Days Parade-Varsity & Freshmen perform Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival-Varsity only performs Home Football Game-Varsity & Freshmen perform All-District Band Auditions-Festus HS All-District Band Performance-Sullivan HS Downtown Washington Christmas Parade-Varsity & Freshmen perform All-State Band Auditions Winter Band Concert-Varsity & Freshmen perform District Music Festival Spring Band Concert-Varsity & Freshmen perform Jazz Band Concert Graduation-Varsity Band performs Hawaii Trip

Pep Bands In addition to the above events, all band members will be assigned to a Pep Band that will perform at home basketball games. There are 2 pep bands and each one performs at 1/2 of the home games. These performances are required and part of their performance grade for the 2nd and 3rd quarter. If a band member cannot attend the performance, they need to get a substitute to play their part in the band. If they do get the sub, they will receive 1/2 credit for that performance. If they attend a performance they are not required to attend or substitute for another player, they will receive 1/2 credit for that performance. There are normally 7-8 performances for each Pep Band during the entire basketball season from November thru February. Check the calendar for specific performance dates.

Marching Band
Marching Band is the most visible performing group in the band program. This group performs at home football games, regional marching competitions, local parades, and also hosts one of the finest marching competitions in the state. All members of the band program are required to participate in the marching band curriculum. Freshmen Marching Band This group’s focus is to develop basic marching and playing skills in preparation for the more demanding Varsity Marching Band curriculum. Freshmen Marching Band members are required to attend all home football games, away football games designated by the directors, and local parade performances. Students are expected to stay for the entire football game unless dismissed early by the staff or a scheduling conflict has arisen. Please notify Mr. Blackmore in advance of these conflicts. The performances are used to determine the performance portion of their grade for the 1st quarter. There are no rehearsals scheduled for this group before or after school. Any outside class rehearsal would be called by Mr. Blackmore on a per section or individual need. Costs associated with Marching Band include a $50 uniform cleaning and t-shirt fee. All band members are required to purchase the Marching Band T-shirt to wear under their uniform and to wear on home game days and local events determined by the staff. Band members are also required to purchase specific shoes for the uniform. The cost of the shoes is $30. Varsity Marching Band This group prepares and performs a more advanced designed drill to music suited to the grade 10 thru 12 participants. In addition to the playing members of the band, colorguard performers are added to create a more visual effect for the performance. Varsity Marching Band members are required to attend a 10-day preseason camp for development of their show. Once school has started, band members will have evening rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday as well as sectional rehearsals at least once per week. Attendance to these rehearsals is required and part of their daily attendance portion of their 1st quarter grade. Colorguard and percussion have a more extensive rehearsal schedule in addition to the one previously mentioned. All marching band rehearsals end following the last marching competition. Costs associated with Marching Band include a $50 uniform cleaning and t-shirt fee. All band members are required to purchase the Marching Band T-shirt to wear under their uniform and to wear on home game days and local events determined by the staff. Band members are also required to purchase specific shoes for the uniform. The cost of the shoes is $30. This group competes in regional marching band competitions on Saturdays from the last part of September until the end of October. The times for these performances is usually not known until about one week prior to the competition. An itinerary is usually distributed to the students on Tuesday evening the week of the competition. As soon as performance times are known by the staff, the students are relayed this information.

Marching Blue Jays Colorguard This is a group of band members who are selected through audition in the Spring. This group holds rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the summer beginning the last week of June and continuing until the start of classes. In addition to these summer rehearsals, guard members are required to attend a 5-day camp that routines will be taught by designers hired by the Band Boosters. Once school has started, in addition to the normal Marching Band rehearsals, guard members hold a sectional rehearsal after school on Monday thru Thursday from 3:30 until 5pm. These rehearsals also end following the last marching competition. Marching Blue Jays Percussion (Varsity only) These performers hold rehearsals during the summer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting the last week of June and continuing until the start of classes in August. In addition, they are required to attend a 3-day camp where show music and competition routines will be taught. Sectionals are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in addition to the normal marching band rehearsal schedule. These rehearsals end following the last marching competition. Marching Blue Jays Drum Majors These individuals are chosen through an audition in the spring. The summer rehearsal schedule is determined by the staff and the Senior Drum Major. Usually a schedule of every Tuesday and Thursday morning starting the first week of June is followed. Once school begins, this group typically holds sectionals once or twice a week. They follow the same Varsity Marching Blue Jays schedule as the wind players.

Concert Band
Freshmen Concert Band After an audition for chair placement, freshmen band members will prepare selected program material for the Winter and Spring Band concerts. This audition will consist of scales, etudes, tone rating, and sight-reading. Scores from the audition will determine a large portion of the student’s 2nd quarter grade. Material chosen for rehearsals and concerts will focus on continuing development of technique, tone, and reading ability. Varsity Band After an audition for chair placement in November, Varsity band members will be assigned to either Wind Ensemble or Concert Band. Wind Ensemble will offer the most challenging literature as well as the challenge of only 1 or 2 persons per part. Only the most developed players will be selected to this group. Group assignments are done through audition performance and staff recommendation to establish balance of instrumentation in both the Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band. If instrumentation or numbers do not support the splitting of the group, only the one concert band group will be established. Concert Band literature will focus on grade 3.5 to 4.5 level and offer varied style characteristics. These two groups will perform on the Winter Concert. The Spring Concert will typically feature the Varsity Band performing as one concert band.

Pep Band Both the Freshman and Varsity Band members are required to participate in the Pep Band activities as designated by the staff. This group performs at all pep assemblies and home basketball games. To lessen the burden on the band members we have 2 pep bands. Each of these groups is responsible for performing at only 1/2 of the home boys and girls Varsity basketball games. This averages out to only 2 or 3 games per month from the end of November until the end of February. Pep Band assignments are given out following the first chair audition in October.

Extra-Curricular Band Activities (open to all classes)
Winter Guard This group is selected through an audition process in November. They dance and perform on colorguard equipment to taped music on a basketball court. The season begins with the audition in November and continues with camps and competitions that end in April. The majority of the costs associated with this group is provided by the participants through fundraising or out of pocket funds. Participants are required to attend all rehearsals, camps and competitions. Jazz Band This group is open to any band member interested. A Freshman and a Varsity Jazz Band will rehearse during class time on a weekly basis starting after district music contest. A concert and performance at the WINGS Picnic in May conclude the Jazz Band season. Solo/Ensembles Students are encouraged to participate in solos or ensembles for the District Music Festival held at East Central College in March. Soloists and ensembles must select their material before Christmas break and show significant development and commitment to be entered in the festival by the February deadline. If a solo or ensemble should decide to drop after enrollment forms have been mailed, all accompaniment and entry fees will be charged to the student. If a solo or ensemble should receive a 1 rating at the District Festival, they will automatically be entered in the State Music Festival at the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in late April. All-District Band Band members are encouraged to audition for the East Central All-District Band in November. Students must prepare scales and etudes for the audition held at Festus High School the first Tuesday in November. If selected, the band rehearses and performs a concert at an area high school on the following Saturday. Once selected to the All-District Band, members are eligible to audition for the All-State Band in Columbia the first Saturday in December. If selected to the AllState Band, members will travel to the Missouri Music Educators Conference at Tan-Tar-A Resort for rehearsals and a concert in late January.

Attendance Policy
We are aware that every student will not be able to make every rehearsal and performance. We hope that by providing you with dates and times in advance, every effort will be made to get your child to the event. In the rare occasion that a conflict or illness does arise, we ask that you notify a staff member as soon as possible. Most absences will be excused with full or partial credit issued to the student for the rehearsal or performance as long as prior notification is provided. If prior notification is not given, then a note or conversation with a parent will be required for partial credit to be given. If notification is never given to the staff, no credit will be given to the student regardless of the reason for the absence. No credit will be given to the student for the following reasons for absence: -work -skipping -forgetting obligation(“ I forgot we had rehearsal.”, “I over-slept”, etc.) Partial credit may be given to the student for the following reasons for absence: -family travel or obligation -unavoidable scheduling conflicts(Dr. appointments/outside group participation) -illness Full credit will be given to the student for the following reason for absence: -participation in a school sponsored activity(athletic event, drama event, etc.) Every effort will be made to contact you when your child does not show for a performance or rehearsal. This is not always possible though and you may want to email or call a staff member to find out if your child was in attendance if you have concerns.

Evaluation of your child’s performance in Band is usually broken down into 2 parts: -performance attendance -skill evaluation Performance attendance This is the largest percentage of the grade for most quarters. Attendance to all public performances is a high priority to insure proper balance and quality of performance for the group. Missing these performances will weigh heavily on a grade. Skill evaluation/Smart Music This is done though auditions, playing tests, and memorization tests given throughout the year. Prior notification is always given to the student and in the case of playing and memorization tests, students are given multiple attempts to pass. Smart Music software will be used to assist in skill evaluation and aid in practice for the students. More details will be made available regarding this once staff training is complete and computer hardware and software is in place.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. To completely fund the band program, fundraising is required. The school does pay the salaries of the three band directors and also provides about $20,000 a year for equipment, supplies, textbooks, and repairs. The largest portion of school funding is for repairs and that is about $6,000 of the before mentioned amount. Our current Booster budget calls for approximately $40,000 in expenses for normal operating expenses. These monies must all be raised through the fundraising efforts of the Band Boosters and students. Participation in all fundraising is voluntary. We hope that everyone will make an effort to help somehow with every project. The strength of all our fundraising efforts comes in the numbers we have participating. The more people who participate in our fundraising efforts, the greater the profits will be. This year we have a special obligation with the new uniform that have been ordered and paid by the district. The cost or the uniforms was $85,000. We will need to repay $45,000 of that cost over the next 2 years. An aggressive uniform fundraising campaign will need to be held this year. By request of several band parents, we are allowing families to make donations to the Band Boosters in lieu of participating in the brochure sales (Cheese/Sausage, Fruit sale, and Pizza Sale). This donation will help support the band program but alleviate the stress associated with these sales. We will still need your help with the labor-intensive projects such as the Band Festival, Fair Pizza Stand, and Pancake Breakfast. 100% of the donation will go to the band and no profit sharing will be given to the student. $200/family is the average amount of profit associated with these three fundraisers combined. If this “buy-out” option is something you are interested in, please make checks payable to the WHS Band Boosters. Currently scheduled/planned fundraising: Fair Pizza Stand-Washington Town & Country Fair-August Cheese/Sausage Sale-Aug. 25 thru Sept. 15th (profit sharing) Band Festival-Oct. 4th Fruit Sale-Nov. 18 thru Dec. 1th (profit sharing) Frozen Pizza Sale-Mar. 30st thru Apr. 14th (profit sharing) Pancake Breakfast-May 2nd Trivia Night-date to be determined

Hawaii Trip-June 2009
We have scheduled a band trip to Hawaii in June of 2009. This trip is open to all interested band members and their families in the classes of 2009 thru 2012. This trip package will be similar to the package of the 2005 Hawaii trip. We will perform in the King Kamehameha Festival parade in Honolulu, HI. The price for this trip will be $2,300 per person based on quad occupancy. This price includes airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and all meals while on the trip. We know that this is a large expense and undertaking for any family. Many fundraising opportunities will be made available throughout the year including during the summer. Signup for this trip will occur in September of 2008.

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