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GREEN LANTERN I T-SHIRTGREEN LANTERN I WOMEN'S TOPGREEN LANTERN I SYMBOL T-SHIRTGREEN LANTERN I SYMBOL LONG-SLEEVE SHIRTGREEN LANTERN II SYMBOL T-SHIRTGREEN LANTERN II SYMBOL LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT Green Lantern takes center-stage this month with the new Green Lantern I T-shirt and the Green Lantern Symbol Women's Top. Green Lantern I features a full-color screenprint on a heavyweight 100% cotton black T-shirt. The Green Lantern Women's Top features the classic symbol screenprinted on a black 100% top. Also still available are both the Hal Jordan and the Kyle Rayner GL Symbol shirts in short and long-sleeves. We've got all the bases covered this month. Choose the GL attire of your dreams!! S-XL $17.95 (short-sleeve) XXL $20.95 L-XL $23.95 (long-sleeve) XXL $26.95 S-L $17.95 (women's top) SUPERMAN 2002 T-SHIRT SUPERMAN HERO POWER T-SHIRT We've got the Man of Steel coming and going this month with the new Superman 2002 and Superman Hero Power T-shirts. Both shirts feature designs screenprinted in full color on black 100% cotton shirts. Whether new or something in the classic vein, Superman is here to take care of you!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 BATMAN GOTHIC KNIGHT SYMBOL T-SHIRT BATMAN GOTHIC KNIGHT I T-SHIRT The Dark Knight assumes a new focus of both the Batman Gothic Knight Symbol and the Batman Gothic Knight I T-shirts. The symbol design gives us a unique spin on a classic symbol and is printed in white on a black 100% cotton shirt. Gothic Knight I fall in the illustrative vein and features a full color screenprint on a black 100% cotton shirt. The Dark Knight has gone Goth? S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 DK2 COMING LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT DK2 COMING T-SHIRT The hot new series has gotten even warmer with the introduction of the DK2 Coming Long Sleeve shirt. Features the art of Frank Miller screenprinted in white and orange on a black 100% cotton long sleeve shirt. Available in short sleeve also. The Dark Knight has arrived!! L-XL $23.95 (long-sleeve) XXL $26.95 S-XL $17.95 (short-sleeve) XXL $20.95 CAPTAIN AMERICA VII T-SHIRT The feet are flying on the new Captain America VII T-shirt. Features a full color screenprint on a navy blue 100% cotton shirt. Even without his feet on the ground, Cap fights the good fight!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN IV T-SHIRT

Spidey shows off his clinging skills on the new Ultimate Spider-Man IV T-shirt. Features a full color screenprint on a dark grey 100% cotton shirt. He's ready to spring into action!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 WOLVERINE MID-ATTACK T-SHIRT He's coming at you with claws a'flailing on the new Wolverine Mid-Attack T-shirt. Features a full color screenprint on a black 100% cotton shirt. Get the bandaids ready, Wolverine is in town!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 SILVER SURFER V T-SHIRT With feet firmly planted, he returns on the new Silver Surfer IV T-shirt. Features a full color special screenprint on a black 100% cotton shirt. Surf's up!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 GHOST RIDER T-SHIRT The coolest cyclist in comics returns on the new Ghost Rider T-shirt. Features a full color screenprint on a black 100% cotton shirt. You just can't keep a good flaming skull down!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 THING T-SHIRT Ben Grimm shows us his moves with the new Thing T-shirt. Features a full color screenprint on a black 100% cotton shirt. It's Clobberin' Time once again!! S-XL $17.95 XXL $20.95 UNIVERSE X: CAP LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT UNIVERSE X: CAP T-SHIRT CAPTAIN AMERICA IV T-SHIRT CAPTAIN AMERICA STARS & STRIPES T-SHIRT Keep warm all year round with the new Universe X: Cap Long Sleeve shirt. Features the art of Alex Ross screenprinted in red and white on the front of a black 100% cotton shirt. The back is imprinted with just the word "Cap". Also available in short sleeve!! Captain America IV features the art of Travis Charest screenprinted in full color on a natural 100% cotton shirt. And last but not least, we give you the opportunity to pick up one of the new Captain America Stars & Stripes T-shirt before it's too late. To be faithful as possible to Cap's costume, we have manufacturing this shirt from scratch to our specifications. Features the white star imprinted on both front and back with the red and white vertical stripes going around the entire midsection of the shirt. Rally around Captain America, he's the greatest American hero for all ages. S-XL $25.95 ("Stars & Stripes" and long-sleeve) XXL $28.95 S-XL $20.95 ("Universe X" short-sleeve) XXL $22.95 S-XL $17.95 (Cap. IV) XXL $20.95

GATEKEEPERS PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRTS A Previews Exclusive! These 100% cotton T-shirts show various cast members from Gatekeeper! The black Bubble T-shirt features Ruriko, Reiko, and Bancho in dramatic poses, while the white Girl T-shirt shows a smiling Ruriko, with bow and arrows in hand, about to cast a spell.

BUBBLE (2673)-L-XL $16.95 GIRL (2672)- L-XL $16.95 SOULTAKER: RED LINES PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT A Previews Exclusive! A black 100% cotton T-Shirt shows a fast-moving brooding character from one of the darkest anime on the market! L-XXL $16.95

CHASTITY: SHATTERED #1 T-SHIRT The sexy vampire assassin from Chaos! Comics kneels down in a dramatic pose on this 100% cotton black T-shirt!! L-XL $17.99

THE CROW PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT A Previews Exclusive! Here are three different looks for the gothic spirit of vengeance, the anti-hero known as The Crow, on these 100% cotton black T-shirts! Three Previews Exclusive styles to choose from: Eyes & Logo, Montage, and Next! EYES & LOGO-L-XL $17.95 MONTAGE-L-XL $17.95 NEXT-L-XL $17.95

GREEN LANTERN EMBROIDERED PATCH Show you're a member of the Green Lantern Corps by sewing this white patch on your favorite jacket or backpack! Patch $3.25 GREEN LANTERN LOGO GLOW-IN-THE-DARK T-SHIRT The symbol of the Green Lantern shines even in darkness on this 100% cotton, hunter green, glow-in-the-dark T-shirt! L-XL $16.95 SUPERGIRL FLOCK LOGO SCRIPT JUNIOR T-SHIRT Sporting the Super-symbol and the name of the super heroine written out on this stylish 100% cotton navy blue T-shirt! Large $17.95 SUPERMAN BEATER SHIRT Show off your muscles -Superman-style - with this navy blue 100% cotton muscle T-shirt! L-XL $14.95 WONDER WOMAN STAR BAND LOGO JUNIOR T-SHIRT The symbol and name of the Amazon Princess adorns this bright scarlet 100% cotton junior T-shirt! Large $16.95


The Saiyan Prince powers up on the back of this navy blue T-shirt, while the DBZ logo is printed on the front! This shirt features reflective ink and is made of 100% cotton. L-XL $16.95 DRAGONBALL Z: WELD T-SHIRT You don't want to mess with these four Super Saiyans! Goku, Gohan, Trunks, and Vegeta are all ready for action on the front of this white 100% cotton T-shirt that features a high frequency weld and standard ink process. L-XL $16.95

CELTIC VISIONS: OUTLANDER BATTLE AXE PENDANT How deadly are you? This Battle Axe pewter pendant will help you show off your ferocity and preserve the warrior within you! Pendant $14.95 SACRED TALISMANS: BLADE OF THE UNDEAD PENDANT If you need to control zombies and skeletons or send them back to the realm of the dead, then this pewter pendant brandishing the sword of the undead is just what you need! Pendant $14.95 SACRED TALISMANS: RENAISSANCE CRUCIFIX PENDANT Get that old school look with this crucifix pewter pendant made in Renaissance style! Pendant $13.95 SACRED TALISMANS: SERPENT'S LUST PENDANT The two serpentine lovers intertwine in this romantically gothic pewter pendant! Pendant $12.95

CAPTAIN AMERICA LOGO BEATER SHIRT A 100% cotton navy blue muscle shirt featuring Cap's trademark shield logo in all-American red, white, and blue! L-XL $14.95 CAPTAIN AMERICA: PURE AMERICAN T-SHIRT Show your patriotism with this black 100% cotton T-Shirt featuring Captain America standing in front of an image of the American flag! L-XL $16.95 MARVEL GROUP: FLYING FLAG T-SHIRT This oxford gray 100% cotton T-Shirt portrays the Marvel all-stars in action poses with the American flag in the background! L-XL $16.95 SPIDER-MAN: CRAWLING BEATER SHIRT A red 100% cotton muscle shirt which shows your friendly neighborhood web-slinger crawling up the front with his symbol in the background! L-XL $14.95 SPIDER-MAN MOVIE FACE CAP Get ready for the Spider-Man movie with this washed black twill cap with Spidey's face on the front and his logo on the back!



GI JOE: COBRA EMBROIDRED PATCH GI Joe is back, and that means Cobra is too. Show you're a fan with this patch of the Cobra symbol. Patch $3.25 GI JOE: COBRA HI-DENSITY LOGO T-SHIRT A black 100% cotton T-Shirt featuring the symbol of the organization that is the bane of GI Joe's existence! L-XL $16.95 MONTY PYTHON: BEAUTIFUL PLUMAGE T-SHIRT This 100% cotton olive green T-Shirt immortalizes the classic "Dead Parrot" sketch by Monty Python. L-XL $18.95 MONTY PYTHON: THAT RABBIT'S DYNAMITE T-SHIRT Look at the bones!!! The deadly rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is shown on this black 100% cotton T-Shirt. L-XL $18.95 XXL $19.95 MONTY PYTHON: KILLER RABBIT CAP The killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with his big, sharp, pointy teeth, is depicted on this stylish gray cap. Cap $20.95 ROLLERBALL T-SHIRTS Get ready for the remake of the hit movie Rollerball with these black 100% cotton T-Shirts. HORSEMEN -L-XL $16.95 MOVIE LOGO -L-XL $16.95 THUNDERCATS: LION-O SWORD TEMPLE T-SHIRT This 100% cotton black T-Shirt depicts Lion-O, the leader of the Thundercats, raising the Sword of Omens high, with the Thundercats temple shown in the background. L-XL $14.95 THUNDERCATS LOGO BEATER SHIRT "Thundercats hooooooooo!" This red 100% cotton muscle shirt has the symbol of the mighty Thundercats in red and black on the front. L-XL $14.95 THUNDERCATS: THUNDERTANK T-SHIRT Thundercats are on the move on this navy blue 100% cotton T-Shirt. L-XL $16.95 XXL $17.95

SITH PARK T-SHIRT "Oh my God! They killed Qui-Gon!" From the fevered mind of John Kovalic, this classic gray 100% cotton T-Shirt is back, just in time for the Star Wars: Episode II frenzy! L-XL $19.95

OPTIMUS PRIME: GUN IN AIR T-SHIRT "Autobots! Transform and roll out!" The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, raises his arm in victory on this bright yellow 100% cotton T-Shirt. L-XL $16.95 DECEPTICON LOGO BEATER SHIRT Stand in defiance with Megatron, Starscream, and the rest of the Decepticons on this blue 100% cotton muscle shirt featuring a black Decepticon logo on the chest. L-XL $14.95

TIMEX QUARTZ ANALOG FAST-WRAP WATCHES These slick-looking water-resistant watches feature a fast-wrap strap, so you can put it on and take it off with no discomfort! The Indiglo night-light shines through the cut-out pattern dials and markers. Available in black and blue. BLACK (T71291)-Watch $34.00 BLUE (T70061)-Watch $34.00 TIMEX MYSTERY ANSWER FAST-WRAP WATCHES These water-resistant watches are the magic 8-balls of wrist-wear! With an abundance of cool features, like "mystery answer" function, "screen saver" function, an Indiglo night-light, all-day Indiglo display, night-mode feature, and chrono/alarm/timer plus date functions, this fast-strap watch has it all! Available in blue green and black flames styles. BLUE GREEN (T22142)-Watch $32.00 FLAMES (T71311)-Watch $32.00 TIMEX MYSTERY ANSWER SILVER GRIP-CLIP WATCH A water-resistant watch that's shock resistant! Features a "mystery answer: function, as well as a "screen saver" function, an Indiglo night-light, all-day Indiglo display, and chrono/alarm/timer plus date function. Watch $28.00 TIMEX POWER FIGHTER BLACK STRAP WATCH Water-resistant digital watches with daily alarm and real time action fighting! There are 1 or 2 player game options to challenge your skills and strategy. Choose from 10 different fighters with special powers. Contains a "Hall of Fame" for the top 3 players. Watch $28.00

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