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									Islam after Muhammad’s Death 1) Muhammad died in June of 632 CE
What happened after his death?

Directions: Follow the chart - use pages 99-101 to fill in each box

2) Abu Bakr is elected as Muhammad’s successor or caliph
What does he do? 1)

1) the Muslim community panicked and did not know what to do
2) Muhammad’s father-in-law and friend, Abu Bakr, tried to reassure the MuslimsHe said “If there are any among you who worshipped Muhammad, he is dead. But if it is God you worship, he lives forever.”




Why did people convert to Islam? 1)

3) Three Caliphs take power after Abu Bakr
What actions did these “rightly guided” caliphs take while in power? 1)




5) People in Muslim Ruled Territories
Convert to Islam

4) Muslim Empire is very successful
What are some reasons for the success of the Muslim Empire? 1) 3)



A Split in Islam
Directions: read below and pages 102-103 and answer the questions that follow.
In 656 CE, a group of rebels opposed the leadership of Uthman (one of the elected caliphs after Muhammad’s death). They murdered him and the murder caused a civil war. Different groups struggled and fought for power. Many Muslims thought Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, Ali, was a logical choice for the next caliph. But he was also assassinated in 661 CE. A family known as the Umayyads took power of the Muslim Empire.

1) The Umayyads set up a hereditary dynasty. What is a hereditary dynasty?

2) What other changes did the Umayyads make after taking power?  

3) Why did a small group of people resist the Umayyads rule?

4) Fill in the chart below showing the basic differences between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims:

Basic Differences Between Muslims
Sunni Beliefs Early caliphs Shi’a Beliefs

Muslim ruler

Sources of Islam

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