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					THE FOURTH SUNDAY after the EPIPHANY February 1, 2009
Year B & Daily Office Year One BCP Page 323 Page 163 Page 340 8 AM HOLY EUCHARIST RITE I Collect of the Day (insert) Eucharistic Prayer II



9:15 AM CHILDREN’S EUCHARIST, RITE VIII (see separate program) 11:15 AM HOLY EUCHARIST RITE II & HOLY BAPTISM PROCESSIONAL HYMN 371 “Thou, whose almighty word chaos and darkness heard” Page 299 Opening Acclamation Page 356 Gloria in excelsis (Hymnal S-280) Insert Collect (BCP p 215), DEUTERONOMY 18:15-20; GRADUAL HYMN 678 “Surely it is God who saves me” Insert The Gospel (MARK 1:21-28) GRADUAL HYMN 678 (repeat) The Sermon: The Rev. Scott Fisher Page 301 Presentation & Examination of Baptismal candidates LEXINE COLETTE ANN DEMIENTIEFF EDWARD WARNER SMAGGE III SOLOMON KENT YATLIN Page 304 The Baptismal Covenant Page 305 Prayers for the Candidates Page 307/8 The Baptism & Sealing Page 360 The Peace Page 830/431 Announcements, Introductions, Birthdays, Anniversaries OFFERTORY HYMN (Choir) “We’ll All Praise God Together” Page 361 The Great Thanksgiving (Eucharistic Prayer A) Page 362 Sanctus (Hymnal S-129) Page 364 The Lord's Prayer Page 364 Fraction (Hymnal S-155) COMMUNION HYMNS: SongBook 119, 115b, 97, 106, 41 Page 365/6 Post Communion Prayer & Blessing RECESSIONAL HYMN 135 “Songs of thankfulness and praise”
PSALM 111 (p. 754); 1 CORINTHIANS 8:1-13

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Fairbanks, Alaska

All persons baptized with water & the Spirit in the Name of the Trinity are invited to receive the Eucharist. Those who wish to only receive a blessing may cross their arms. It is perfectly acceptable to receive the Eucharist in only one kind (i.e. the Host), and then decline the chalice, crossing your arms.

OUR PRAYERS OF INTERCESSIONS Parish Intercessions Harry Fields Jack David John Hannah Bonnie Howard Audrey Linda Harold Dean Margaret Lonnie Elizabeth Chad Jonathan Fr. Steve Marge Dirkx Betty Grassman Teresa Richard Jeffrey Joan Phyllis Mary Faith Elaine Vince Dolly Norma Frank Horace Matthew Carl Pete Al Caroline Fee Caleb Kristen Elmerline Katherine James Kathy Gladys Byron Larry Caden Jane Beverly Maggie Doris Sara Marjorie Russell

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Fairbanks, Alaska February 1, 2009 OUR PRAYERS OF INTERCESSIONS
Diocese of Alaska & Diocese of Yukon Intercessions St. Matthew’s, Beaver; St. Andrew’s, Stevens Village; Rampart; St. Jude’s, North Pole; St. Mark’s Nenana; St. John’s-in-the-Wilderness, Allakaket; St. John’s, Eagle & Ketchikan / St. John the Baptist Anglican, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory The Anglican Communion & The Indian Ministries Cycle of Prayer

The Anglican Church of Mexico/the Native people in the Diocese of Alabama for Danielle Bethany (1980); whose baptismal anniversary at St. Matthew’s is February 1 st; for the baptisms of BRIAN RUDY GRASSMAN last Monday afternoon and MADDISON AMELIA MAE WRIGHT at last Wednesday evening’s service.
For the Departed Michael Kurtis Tanner of Tanana; Jack Gourley of California/Fairbanks (former Lathrop High School principal); Julie Marquiss of Fairbanks; Olivia Irvine Dodge of St. Paul, Minnesota (Elisabeth Fisher’s aunt); Ruby Mathews (95) of Anchorage/Fairbanks; Benny Albert (105) of Nenana/Minto; Jeffrey Adams of Stevens Village/Denali Center Thanksgivings

FLOWER and CANDLE OFFERING Those traveling; those in recovery; all those serving overseas & their families; our family in Denali Center; the Pioneer Home; the Correctional Centers; and other homes and programs; and all those grieving
(Please keep these people in your prayers, as we will be rotating names every three weeks to include those currently asking for prayer.)

The Altar flowers are given to the Glory of God, and in thanksgiving for The Ven. Norman H. V. Elliott’s 90th birthday on February 2nd. The sanctuary candle is given to the Glory of God, and in thanksgiving for all the members of the Society of St. Simeon & St. Anna.

The flowers on the Altar are prepared and provided at minimum cost by College Floral & Gift.


2009 Sunday, February 1st (The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany ) 8 am Holy Eucharist, Rite I (Nursery available for children three years & younger) 9:15 am Children’s Eucharist, Rite VIII 11:15 am Holy Baptism & Eucharist Rite II & honoring of our Diocesan Society of St. Simeon & St. Anna members 1 pm Daughters of the King Study Group (Parish Library) 2:30 pm Fairbanks Correctional Center Eucharist 12 am Compline Monday, February 2nd (Candlemas) (Ground Hog Day – Fr. Elliott’s birthday) Noon Homeless Ministry meeting (Parish Library) 4:45 VESTRY Meeting 12 am Compline Tuesday, February 3rd 12 am Compline Wednesday, February 4th 9:30 am Holy Eucharist 6 pm Choir rehearsal 6 pm Education for Ministry (EFM) class (Diocesan Office) 7 pm Holy Eucharist 12 am Compline Thursday, February 5th 7 pm Cabin Fever University showing “Spirit of the Wind” movie 12 am Complin Friday, February 6th 7 pm St. Matthew’s Youth Group Movie/Popcorn night (Parish Hall) 12 am Compline Saturday, February 7th 3 – 4 pm Duck Dance & Jig class for 8 years & older (Parish Hall) Sunday, February 8th 8 am Holy Eucharist, Rite I 9 am Sunday School (Upper Room) 9:15 & 11:15 am Holy Eucharist Rite II 1 pm Daughters of the King Prayer Meeting (library)

2009 Pledge cards ~ help our tree to turn green and to prosper ~ please fill out your card, if you have not already done so. Check on the card if you are interested in Offering envelopes. You may put them in the offering plate. Fairbanks Area American Cancer “Road to Recovery” program needs volunteers drivers! A brief informational & training session will be held at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Cancer Treatment Center Conference Room ~ Thursday, Feb. 5th ~ 1 PM for those interested. For more info, see flyer on bulletin board in parish hall.

The Diocesan Standing Committee has announced the members of the Bishop Discernment Committee. It is posted in the parish hall. The Committee includes Clarence Bolden & Linda Demientieff representing the Interior.
Coming: Beginning in Lent (Ash Wednesday is Feb. 25th ): Adult Discussion led by Deacon Montie Slusher; and Youth & Adult Confirmation. New photographs are posted on the St. Matthew’s website:

Weekly offering needed to meet 2009 budgeted ministry needs: $5,896.48 Last Sunday ‘s offering (operating fund): $9,600.16

9:15 a.m. 11:15 a.m. lst Lesson: Karen Parr Psalm: Linda Mullen Epistle: Pat Sackinger . Helen Howard Prayers: Lottie Beyer Julia Cockerille Acolyte/Crucifer: Chalice: Lottie Beyer Tom Marsh Julia Cockerille/Audrey Jones Ushers: Sue Englebrecht Gene Freeman Nursery: ----------Millie Ambrose --------------------------------------------Organist: Laura Vines Laura Vines Altar Guild: Pat Sackinger Ann Fleenor Mary Johnston/Linda Mullen Coffee Hour: Bessie Williams 8:00 a.m. Pat Sackinger

WELCOME to everyone visiting from throughout the Interior and beyond. You are invited to join us at our coffee hour in the parish hall after each service.

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