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Using Kazoos For Childrens Entertainment Web Version by fionan


									Using Kazoos For Children’s Entertainment 1-800-326-0358
12 John Galt Road Beaufort, SC 29906

“We Keep The World Humming.”

How To Play The Kazoo

1. Hold the kazoo by the small end keeping fingers clear of the round “resonator” opening on top. 2. Place the large end of the kazoo in mouth. The kazoo may be held between the lips in front of the teeth, or may be held between the teeth. It is safe to bite down on the kazoo. 3. HUM into the kazoo. Don’t blow into the kazoo. Encourage young kazoo players to make familiar sounds such as “who” or “two” into the kazoo.


Kazoo Sounds You Can Make
Animal Sounds Bee (louder buzz) Mosquito (softer buzz) Hummingbird Eagle Dinosaurs Machine Sounds Driving A Fast Sports Car (Hands on wheel, change gears) Fast Sports Car Passing By (look one way, quickly turn head and look the other way while making sports car sound) Fire Truck Siren Police Car Siren (similar to Fire Truck) Motorcycle (Hands on handlebars) Car Horn / Backup Beeper Fast Food Drive-Thru Speaker (“May I take your order please” spoken through kazoo) Musical Instrument Sounds Electric Rock Guitar Saxophone Synthesizer Trumpet Trombone Tuba 3

Using Kazoos In Your Show
Birthday Parties Kazoo “Happy Birthday” Do some funny warm-up sounds to get ready. Give kazoos to every kid to kazoo along. Magic Shows Produce the kazoo as part of an illusion. Play the kazoo as the “music” for a bit. Use the kazoo to make a “sound effect” for a bit. Bring a kid on stage and have him/her use the kazoo to make the sound effect or music. Clowns Make the kazoo your “signature” instrument. Make up a “theme song” and play it on kazoo constantly. Use the kazoo for “sound effects” in comedy bits. Give away kazoos and form kazoo parades. Musicians Play solos on the kazoo. Give kazoos to kids and let them join the band.


Fun Kazoo Band Ideas
Put On A Kazoo Concert For The Parents Go Kazoo Caroling Add Kazoo Music To A Play, Skit, or Story Decorate Your Kazoos With Sharpie Pens, Stickers, Or Ribbons Add Accessories To Your Kazoo To Make “New” Instruments (Plastic Funnels, Paper Horns, Plastic Hose, Inflatable Saxophone, Air Guitar, etc.) Have A Marching Kazoo Band On A Patriotic Holiday Have A Kazoo “Battle-Of-The-Bands” Kazoo Old Favorites For Senior Citizens Have A Kazoo-A-Thon For Charity Add A Rhythm Instrument Section To Your Kazoo Band (Pots, Pans, Tambourines, Drums, Spoons, Washboards, etc.) 5

Marketing With Kazoos
Kazoobie Kazoos Custom-Imprinted Kazoos Promotions Have your name, phone, web site imprinted on kazoos. Choose a color combination that matches your other promotional pieces or use a mixture of colors. Give away kazoos at your shows. You’ll get calls. Use kazoos as “business cards” when you promote to potential clients.

Profit Opportunities Offer your kazoos as a give-away at birthday parties and shows. Make it an upcharge add on. Offer to provide custom-imprinted kazoos to your clients at events or even upscale birthday parties. You can profit from an upcharge. Re-sell kazoos to day cares, schools, etc. in your area. 6

Kazoobie Kazoos 12 John Galt Road Beaufort, SC 29906 1-800-326-0358

Kazoos For Entertainers
Kazoobie Kazoos Facts
100% Made in The USA Unbreakable Polypropylene 14 Bright Colors To Mix and Match Finest Quality Available Safety Tested for Age 3 and Up Buy Direct From The Manufacturer The KING of KAZOO

Fun Imprinted Kazoos
“” Kazoo
Bag of 25 Kazoos............$14.00
Rick Hubbard is America’s only fulltime professional kazoo player. He’s created kazoo bands from Seattle International Children’s Festival to The Kennedy Center. He led a 30,000 person kazoo band at Cincinnati’s OktoberFest. In 2001, Rick purchased the assets of the kazoo manufacturer and now owns America’s only Kazoo Factory.

Match Your Colors Choose colors for the body, cap, and imprint.


Bag of 25 Kazoos.............$18.99

Congratulations, You Made It!
Bag of 25 Kazoos................$18.99

Custom-Imprinted Kazoo Prices
125 Kazoos = $172.50 250 Kazoos = $225.00 500 Kazoos = $330.00 1000 Kazoos = $540.00
Includes Set-Up Charge Allow Six Weeks Lead Time
Don’t Need An Imprint? Choose The Colors You Want

Hum-m-m A Happy Tune
Bag of 25 Kazoos................$18.99

Many More Choices Online

Kazoos Add Noise, Fun and Music To Your Show Can Be Given Away As A Promotional Item OR Sold For Extra Income

Kazoo Accessories
Kazoo On A Lanyard
.99 per lanyard Add a lanyard to specially drilled kazoos.

Trumpet Ends
.38 each
Add a cool trumpet end to any kazoo. It doesn’t affect the sound, but it looks cool.

Custom-Colored Kazoo Prices
100 Kazoos = $80.00

All Prices Subject To Change

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