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Bulldog Theater Company Tech Crew Form – Fall 2009
(to be filled out by Student)
Student Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: __________________________________ Alternate Phone:________________________________ Parent email: __________________________________ Student email: __________________________________ Student Age: ______________ Grade: _______________ Please rank your preferences and list your special talents and/or previous experience. (If you don’t want to do a certain specialty, please do not check it or rank it!) Rank Tech Crew Specialty Assistant Director/Stage Manager Backstage Crew Lighting Sound Costumes
General Overview Attend rehearsals and assist Director by taking actor notes, including blocking and choreography; and notes on technical issues, including sets, props, costumes and effects; work with tech and stage crews at each performance to ensure a quality production. Work backstage moving set pieces and assisting actors with props at dress rehearsals and performances. Help design lighting plan; run lights at dress rehearsals and performances. Help design sound plan; set up sound equipment; run sound board; assist actors with microphones. Help create and organize costumes; assist cast during dress rehearsals and performances.

Special Talents that may prove valuable on Tech Crew: ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Previous Experience:_________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you hope to gain from this experience? ____________________________________________________ Other activities and commitments (including Cotillion – 7 graders) Sept. – Nov.____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ CONFLICTS: Please list any rehearsal conflicts, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays after school until 6:00 pm. Also list any performance conflicts, performance (Nov 10, Nov 12-14) conflicts.. Please note that conflicts may prevent you from participating. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Please staple a headshot or recent photo to the top left of this page. Keep other pages separate, and bring all completed forms to your audition.




Permission & Agreement Form – Fall 2009
(to be filled out by Parent)
Participating in a play is much fun AND much work. It requires the commitment of both the student and the parents. Students need to return this permission slip, signed by both student and parent, at the time of their audition or tech crew interview. Students will not be allowed to audition or interview without all forms completed!

Student Name: ________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Parent Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________________________ Parent Cell Phone: ________________________________ Alternate Phone: _____________________________ Student Cell Phone: ___________________________

Parent email for production info:____________________________________________________________________ Student email: __________________________________________________________________________________ Emergency contact and phone: ____________________________________________________________________ Does your child have any special needs that we should know about? (Feel free to contact the Producer directly to discuss confidentially.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ BEHAVIOR POLICY: Every rehearsal is extremely important. Students must come to rehearsal prepared, with complete focus, and ready to receive direction. Students are expected to keep a calm and quiet demeanor during rehearsal. Disruptive or disrespectful verbal or physical conduct will not be tolerated. If behavior is a problem, we will (1) warn the participant, (2) have the participant sit out for a portion of the rehearsal and notify his/her parent, (3) excuse the participant from the remainder of the rehearsal and call his/her parent for early pick-up, and (4) remove the child from the play. Refunds will not be given. AGREEMENT: The tech crew list will be posted online on Monday, Sept. 14th. Tech crew members have until Friday, Sept. 18th to accept their tech crew position by notifying the producer, Kathy Simon. Tech Crew members agree to attend all scheduled training days, tech and dress rehearsals, and performances. Parents will be assigned to one of our production committees and are asked to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours for cast parents and 5 hours for tech crew parents, per student enrolled. Parents may also be asked to provide basic costume pieces and specific footwear as needed. Parents agree to pick up their child promptly after rehearsals and to maintain a working email address, check it regularly, and reply as requested. Scholarships are available based on financial need. There are no participation fee refunds.

Agreed: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent signature Print name

Agreed: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Student signature

Contact Kathy Simon at ksimon@orinda.k12.ca.us




Parent Committees

Student Name: ___________________

Parents are an integral part of our production team and we could not offer this program without your help. Cast parents are asked to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, and tech crew parents 5 hours, per student enrolled. Please select your first three choices (rank them #1-3). We will assign you to a committee--our goal is to share the work as equitably as possible and maximize the benefits of our collective talents and experience. Please consider volunteering to be a Committee Chair or Co-Chair. Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs work closely with our Producer and Director providing creative input and leadership for our program.

Parent Volunteer(s): ____________________________ Parent Phone: ____________________
Chair *
_____ Backstage Manager _____ _____ Set Designer/Coordinator(s) _____ _____ _____ _____ Prop Designer/Coordinator(s) _____ Backstage Help


General Overview
Attend rehearsals as needed to oversee the master backstage plot. Direct backstage crew. Work backstage at tech/dress rehearsals and shows. Design sets and oversee the set construction committee. Build set pieces (carpentry and handyman skills required). Paint or decorate set pieces (artistic types appreciated). Deliver and set up sets and/or clear the stage and return items after the show. Determine prop requirements and oversee the prop committee. Procure or create all props; organize props and help backstage during dress rehearsals and shows. Define costume requirements and design costumes. Oversee costume committee. Borrow, purchase, rent/sew costumes; organize costumes and assist cast during rehearsals/shows. Define make-up and hair style requirements. Oversee make-up committee. Help procure, design and apply make-up for actors for performances. Help design hair styles and style hair for actors for performances. Design lighting plan, train student tech crew, oversee tech rehearsals and performances. Assist with lighting. Direct student light tech crew as needed. Design sound plan, train student tech crew, oversee tech rehearsals and performances. Assist with the sound equipment. Direct student sound tech crew as needed. Help setup the online ticket reservation system and manage the sales process. Handle accounting for box office ticket sales. Help process ticket orders and/or sell tickets during school and at performances. Manage the house during performances and associated events. Oversee committees below. Create a positive audience experience: seat assignment, crowd control, ushering, and more. Chaperone cast and crew during dress rehearsals and show days. Prepare cast & crew snacks. Organize and serve food for double shift cast & crew on show days. Help plan and run the Cast & Crew Party (food, music, activities). Purchase, organize and oversee concessions at performances. Shop or pick-up concessions items and deliver them to OIS. Solicit flower donations from merchants; pickup and prepare them for selling at shows. Help organize the sales force and/or sell concessions and flowers at shows. Create the publicity plan and coordinate subcommittees listed below. Ensure publicity throughout OIS and Lamorinda (newspapers, emails, banners, flyers). Take digital photos (rehearsals and shows) and upload for cast families. Work with vendors; coordinate tee-shirt, prepare and distribute to cast/crew. Work with vendors; coordinate DVD and souvenir orders, prepare and distribute to cast/crew. Create the printed program, logo and poster and coordinate subcommittee listed below. Compile and edit actor bios for the printed program.

Set Construction Set Painting & Decorating Load-in & Strike Set


_____ Costume Designer/Coordinator(s) _____ Costumes _____ Make -u- u--up Designer/Coordinator _____ _____ _____ Lighting Director _____ _____ Sound Director _____ _____ Ticket Manager _____ _____ _____ House Operations _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Concessions Manager _____ _____ _____ _____ Publicity Manager _____ _____ _____ _____ Publicity Photography T-shirts DVDs/Souvenirs Concession Purchasing Flower Purchasing Concession Sales House Manager Chaperones Caterer Cast & Crew Party Ticket Treasurer Ticket Sales Sound Lighting

Make-up Hair Stylist

_____ Graphics Designer/Publication Manager _____ Actor Bios

*Chairs and Co-chairs receive priority ticket processing and other special considerations. Please contact Producer for more information.

Please let us know when you are available to help: ______During the school day _____Evenings ______Weekends Do you prefer to work before the show opens or during the event? ____”Preproduction” Sept-Oct ____”Showtime” Early November Special Talents and Previous Experience: ____________________________________________________________________________




Written permission and a waiver of liability from the parent or guardian must be on file for each student attending the above activities.

I hereby give my permission for ___________________________________________________________ to participate in the Bulldog Theater Company. In the event of illness or injury, I do hereby authorize the activity supervisor to consent to whatever emergency medical, surgical or dental care is considered necessary in the best judgment of the attending physician, surgeon or dentist. I agree to pay for such medical care whether or not the costs are covered by my health insurance. I understand that an attempt will be made to contact me, by phone if possible, before such care is administered.

Phone number(s) where parent(s)/guardian(s) can be reached during the specified time of the activity: Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________ Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________ Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________ Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________ Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________

Emergency medical contact number(s): ____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

Please list any special needs or medical concerns: __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

I understand that participants in the Bulldog Theater Company are to abide by all rules and regulations governing conduct during the After School Program and that any violation of these rules and regulations can result in my child being sent home at his or her and/or my expense. Pursuant to the California Education Code section 35330, I hereby hold harmless and waive all claims and liability against the Orinda Union School District, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers for injury, accident, or death occurring during or by reason of this Program. I have read, understand, and agree to all the provisions stated above. I give my permission for my child to participate in Orinda Intermediate School’s Bulldog Theater Company (After School Drama Program).



Parent/Guardian Signature





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