We-are very pleased to let you know that you have been selected as by csgirla


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									We are very pleased to let you know that .NET BHIPS is available and ready for you to log on!
Key Points for all Providers:  We ask that your agency’s security administrator take the lead on assisting your users in accessing .NET BHIPS. Become familiar with the new password criteria and watch the .NET Training (see below).  All users should review the .NET Training prior to their first log on.  We also ask that you use .NET exclusively. If you experience any problems in .NET, please contact us BEFORE using ASP by calling the BHIPS Toll-free pagers at 1-866-373-1253 or 1-866-214-0547. It is critical that everyone use .NET BHIPS so they will become familiar with the application and prepare for the termination of the ASP Version of BHIPS. An announcement will be posted on the BHIPS log in page when the date of ASP termination is determined. The tentative date for closing ASP Version of BHIPS is 8/17/2006. If you are not the security administrator for your organization, please forward this to the appropriate person or contact us by calling the BHIPS pager for information on your security administrator.

So here's what you do....
.NET BHIPS Log on Instructions: The log on is different in the new .NET version of BHIPS from the ASP version. - Go to .NET BHIPS URL: https://bhips.dshs.state.tx.us/bhipsnet/Start.aspx - Your user id has not changed. The user id your security administrator assigned is the same for ASP and .NET. (Special Conditions if the user id contained capital letters, please read the security administrator instructions below) - The default password is "D$h$..123" and password requirements are: Passwords must range from 9 to 15 characters. Other requirements: They must include mixed case, numbers, special characters (e.g. #, @, %, etc.). They cannot include user name or logon name. They cannot include words found in the English dictionary. The new Password may not be the same as the last 10 Passwords.

- Your temporary password is "D$h$..123". This is the example given in the on-line training. Notice there is a capital "D", Dollar signs and periods for special characters, and numbers. - After you enter your user id and the temporary password, you will be prompted to change the temporary password to your permanent password. This password must meet the password criteria listed above.

.NET Training Security Administrators, BEFORE YOU GO TO THE WEBSITE, it is extremely important that you DO NOT distribute this to everyone in your organization. We are asking that you take the lead in providing this training to your staff by downloading it to your computer and then distribute it internally by using your network or burning a cd. It may be helpful to bring your staff together, project and view it together. Regardless of the way that will work best for your organization, make sure your staff understands not to access the training links at one time. Our server will not be able to handle the potential traffic that would come from all the staff, at all the locations, trying to access this training at one time. If this is unclear, please contact the toll-free BHIPS pagers at 1-866-373-1253 or 1-866214-0547. On the Substance Page of the DSHS website http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/sa/default.shtm , you will see the following: BHIPS multimedia training presentations available - when you click on this link it will take you to a page that shows these trainings listed: Introduction to .NET BHIPS (low bandwidth -40MB WMV) **Right click the link and choose the "Save link as..." option. This will save file to your desktop. Introduction to .NET BHIPS (high bandwidth - 70MB WMV) **Right click the link and choose the "Save link as..." option. This will save file to your desktop. Streamlined Residential Approval Process .NET (low bandwidth - 23MB WMV) **Right click the link and choose the "Save link as..." option. This will save file to your desktop. Streamlined Residential Approval Process .NET (high bandwidth - 62MB WMV) **Right click the link and choose the "Save link as..." option. This will save file to your desktop. The first two are the .NET overview which will describe the difference between the ASP version of BHIPS and the .NET version of BHIPS. The "low bandwidth" version is a smaller file, will take less time to transfer but the resolution is not as clear and the "high bandwidth". We recommend using the higher setting if you are going to burn it to a cd.

The second two trainings are specific to the .NET version of the "Streamlined Residential Approval Process" you only need to review this training if you are an OSAR or serve residential clients. We hope the training and these instructions help you and your staff get started with .NET BHIPS. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! BHIPS Support Team Glenn Richardson, BHIPS Coordinator Marlene Creel, BHIPS Specialist Brenda Briseno, BHIPS Specialist

For help, call the support pager 1.866.373.1253 or 1.866.214.0547

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