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									HILLYARD NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL MINUTES SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2005 CALLED TO ORDER: 6:32 P.M ATTENDANCE: Dave Griswold, Karen Tuininga, Vickie Peterson, Patty Howe, Lee Howe, Rosalie Fisher, John Hickman, Judy Williams, Zane Williams, Ashley Palmer, Kathy Hebert, Mike Brewer, Marj Brewer, Tom Heckler, Donna Fagan, Mike Fagan, Robert Lawrence, Lucille Williams, Darline Divine, Robert Platt, Luke Tolley, Paul Hamilton. COMMITTEE REPORTS: A) Steering Report: By Mike Fagan, An unbound copy of the Transportation Enhancement Grant was submitted to the SRTC (Spokane Regional Transportation Council). I would like to recognize Councilman Al French for his support in this endeavor. We will also mention this at the Council meeting at the Northeast Community Center Monday September 26th, 2005. ALSO: 2005 Economic Development Project proposal form which is submitted by Dr. Bob Swartz who is the business developer professor at EWU, who has been a very close partner with Hillyard, the application is for $350,000 grant to allow Dr. Swartz and others at EWU to continue with providing assistance to small businesses with seminars free of charge. B) Hillyard Festival Report: By Karen Tuininga, Last week the festival voted to donate $500.00 to the Hillyard Fire and Rail Museum to help they get back on track. ALSO: Boo Barn at MSM starts October 22nd, 2005, and runs until 10/31st, 2005 there will be live music and food. Admission will be $2.00. ALSO: Has Beens and Wanna Bees will have a 3 day carnival and bake sale October 21st,22nd and 23rd, 2005 in building 3 (with the vendors) C) COPS Northeast: N/A D) Historic Hillyard Partnership: by Patty Howe, Emergency meeting called so they could decide to support the Fire and Rail Museum, they put in $1300.00 for the support of the museum. ALSO: 4 Benches will be made out of railroad material by our Skill Center. 1 to go to Riverfront Park and the other 3 will be placed around Spokane with Ads from Hillyard businesses. E) Market Street Market: by Paul Hamilton, 2 weeks ago we had our first Roger High School dance, had 300 + students, the High School put out food and there was a cover charge of $3.00, they raised over $1800.00 for their school, so when they have their “Homecoming” Dance they can actually afford to utilize a district 81 building to hold it. ALSO: ROTC and Athletic Department from Rogers High School will be gearing down in a few months. MSM will help to pick up the slack. ALSO: Heating system being installed at MSM. ALSO: MSM has teamed up with Q6 and from October 15th, 2005 to Christmas (11 weeks program); you will be seeing a communication strategy during the A.M News, Evening News, and Late Night News. This is not for MSM but for all of Hillyard. MSM is investing $12,000, other sponsors are Ziegler $ 2500.00, Allstate Insurance $2250.00, there maybe more later. F) Hillyard Museum: by Mike and Marj Brewer, Business plan was put together and papers are on their way to get the official “Non0Profit” status. ALSO: People from WSU have put together 6-7 potential layouts for the back area, to show what it could look like when they move the boxcars over. This will be displayed for the public to see. ALSO: An agreement with the property owners to lease the property to the Museum on a long term lease if things come together. G) Hillyard Kiwanis: By Luke Tolley, It’s going real good, have over 30 members and 10-15 real active members. Current projects we are working on are; the soccer season has started at Andrew Rypien Field with a refurbished and stocked concession stand. Every Saturday from 9-3 there is a soccer game and the Kiwanis Club is there selling at the concession stand. ALSO: We are working on a “Paint your Helmet” Program, we’re thinking 160-180 kids will participate in this program where they will be fitted for a helmet and then they will paint their own helmet. ALSO: For fund raisers, we are having a Roast Beef Dinner October 16th, 2005 at the Moose Lodge $17.00. And we are selling candles for $ 8.00 and $ 16.00 each. H) Community Assembly: by Paul Hamilton, 27 neighborhoods in the city of Spokane, 1 representative from each neighborhood gets together once a month at City Hall where they discuss issues affecting all the citizens of

Spokane. Where they utilize the expertise of the Civic leadership and Political enforcement to come to solutions of how to make life better... There was a presentation to the City Planning Commission on Morgan Acres Neighborhood planning, and it was voted 3-0 to accept the neighborhoods plans over the City Planning Commissions. Morgan Acres to stay 1 acre lots and not the City Planning’s idea of 6 parcels to every acre. ALSO: by Al French, The Steering Committee has funded some of the improvements in Hillyard. I met with Planning Commission and gave them an ultimatum I’m going to submit a resolution to change the neighborhood Planning Guidelines that would eliminate the requirement thru the Planning Department or the Planning Commission to draw up your neighborhood plans to get them in the City Council language. ALSO: There’s an issue of boarded up buildings in Spokane, There is a fee that has to be paid to the City that is $600.00 a year if no substantial progress is being made and after 2 years if the house is still boarded up the city has the option of coming in and taking more aggressive action against the property owner to clean up our neighborhoods. I) Historic-Hillyard Website: By Dave Griswold, We would like the support of the business community, we are hitting the point of our 1st Anniversary. Going to be sending out statements asking “Would you like to support the Website”? ALSO: The next article is going to be the “Community Assembly”. Read how these grassroot organizations are making a difference in Spokane. J) Senior Center: The Senior Center came in 2nd and 3rd place for our participation in Crochet... ALSO: Had a parking lot sale and raised $800.00. ALSO: Last month we had a senior pledge to raise money for rent; our budget was cut $24,000.00 so we asked for a $20.00 donation from our members and raised $ 5200.00. K) River Church: By Pastor John, Setting up at Cooper Elem School. On Sundays they construct and teardown their area. The Church wants to be visible to the Community. Everyone is Welcomed. L) Bemiss: By Donna Fagan, Bemis neighborhood Council starting its nomination committee to find new leadership. We need a Secretary and voting members. ALSO: August 3rd, 2005 was our “Night Out” program we strolled Hayes Park, gave away popcorn (donated from Yokes) and Orange Juice (donated from McDonalds) ALSO: A father of softball player asked if he would get in trouble if he brought in some dirt for the field, He was told No, make any improvements you wish as long as they are within the parks guidelines. M) North East Youth Board: By Donna Fagan, NE Youth is working with the City and DSHS HOLIDAY EVENT: Has been on the website in the past it has been run by the COPS Northeast with NRO Bonnie Shearer. Bonnie is no longer at COPS Northeast. On September 26th they had a kick off meeting, the first of more to come. This year they want to pass some of the duties off because they have gotten a little more mature and asking for younger people, they have gifts from Santa, Gifts for Parents, food and entertainment. PRESENTATION: Grant Recap. By Donna Fagan, Grant is in!! It’s going up for selection this week. After that it goes up to SRTC (Spokane Regional Transportation Council). We want to bring the boxcars down to the front of the property. SRTC are the ones that are overseeing the grant process. We are asking for $335,000 to improve the poorest zip codes in the State. ALSO: we need 1 board member ALSO: we are offering a travel camp, Kinder Care pick up and delivery at a low cost to parents. OLD BUSINESS: Neighborhood Flyer: To be sent out to businesses and residents to promote Holiday Festival, Boo-Barn. Calendar of events, TA, Grant, Museum, Youth dances. Deadline is December 31st, 2005. NEW BUSINESS: Hillyard Neighborhood Council wants Jan 2006 to be the month for all Organizations to come together and plan for the year, meeting should last about 2 hours. Motion by Paul Hamilton to explore any military base cutbacks that might effect Hillyard and make it known that Hillyard is interested in any said property, 2nd by Karen Tuininga, motion passed. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hillyard Fire and Rail Museum is interested in any Military Facility on the Chopping block to set up for a multi Museum with Fire, Railroad, Police Medical and an informational Center for all of Hillyard. ALSO: SNEADA Received $300,000 to help fund small businesses to be spent as $150, 000 for businesses and $150, 000 for Technical support. ALSO: Mike Brewer was asked “How do we get a permanent radar Sign” Answer- Hillyard can purchase one and maintain it themselves as long as they don’t change the posted speed limit

MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:00 P.M SUBMITTED BY: Vickie Peterson/ secretary NEXT MEETING: October 19th, 2005 at 6:30 P.M

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