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					For Immediate Release For more information contact: Dee Sharpe Keep Computers In Sync with FolderMatch
Palm Coast, FL (May, 2004) Salty Brine Software announces the release of FolderMatch 3.4.0, a powerful utility for the Windows platform that allows you to easily compare and synchronize the contents of two folders. Synchronize files and folders between a laptop and a desktop computer, on computers across a network, backup data to removable media, and more. This latest version also offers the ability to find, and remove, duplicate files as well as the ability to synchronize your system clock with an atomic time server. FolderMatch has been awarded at both the 2002 and 2003 Shareware Industry Awards. FolderMatch offers one-button folder synchronization for the casual user, and a full range of sophisticated tools for the power user. Folders can be synchronized using any one of nine different pre-defined methods. These methods include replacing older files with the newer files from the other folder, moving orphan files from folder to folder, making one folder a mirror image of the other, or performing a bidirectional replacement of files that are older or orphaned. FolderMatch also lets you compare files in eight distinctly different ways. The most basic is a comparison of file size and date/time, but FolderMatch can also do comparisons using the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) method. Advanced users can also create lists of specific files, file types, and folders to exclude, and include from all comparisons. FolderMatch uses side-by-side screens to show the file matches and mismatches during folder comparison. During comparison of individual files, line numbers and highlighting are shown to accent the differences between files. Files can also be opened in their associated program right from within FolderMatch. In addition, files can easily be edited, moved, copied, deleted, viewed, and recycled using the context menu. There is also support for drag and drop operations between the screens. System Requirements FolderMatch 3.4.0 will run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4, Windows 2000 and XP. It requires 3.5MB of disk space and 32 MB of RAM. Price and Availability FolderMatch 3.4.0 is available May 2004. The price is $35.00 USD and may be securely purchased from A fully functional, 30-day trial version may also be downloaded from this location. ### Evaluation Copy Available on Request Salty Brine Software has been developing and marketing productivity and entertainment programs for Windows since 1993. In addition to FolderMatch, Salty Brine Software also offers FolderClone for automated file mirroring/replication and HTML Match for web page comparison. They also produce FreeDiff, and HexDump32, with other products currently under development.

P.O. BOX 353326 • PALM COAST, FL • 32135 WEB SITE: WWW.SALTYB RINE.COM • FAX: 386-246-4340

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