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									Contact: Cory Grier September 20, 2006 Phone: (919) 733-3824

State EOC Welcomes Much Needed Improvements!
The North Carolina Division of Emergency Management’s (NCEM) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has undergone some extensive renovations. These renovations include new carpet, new paint and more importantly, significant upgrades in technology and security.
Billy Ray Cameron Situation Room

To allow for better situational awareness, more than a dozen different data and video sources can now be displayed throughout the EOC area. This includes the Billy Ray Cameron Situation Room, the Command Room, all Operational Breakout Rooms, the Joint Information Center and the Governor’s Conference Room. An additional 250 sq ft. was added to the Situation Room by relocating the 24-hour Operations Center. The 24-hour Communications Center also gained much needed improvement. New consoles, security cameras/devices and LCD screens now allow for better awareness, increased monitoring security and detection of authorized access points to the 24-hour Communications Center.
24- Hour Communications Center

New projects continue. Over the next few months, testing will be conducted on webstreaming of video and audio. “The web-streaming will allow us the capabilities of broadcasting our situation room briefings, meetings, media events and other events over the internet, especially during State EOC activations,” said Pete Farmer, NCEM Information & Technology Manager. Additionally, NCEM is currently working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) to gain access to all DOT cameras across the State to include large metropolitan downtown areas. -more-

The 24/7 EOC has been operational since its conception in 1977 with the passing of the North Carolina Emergency Act of 1977 published under General Statue 166A. “The EOC has been through routine improvements before, such as software updates and replacement equipment as the years went by but nothing like the extensive renovations going on now,” said Cory Grier, NCEM Public Education & Emergency Alert System Coordinator. “The changes were needed, especially with all of the new and more efficient technology out there.” “Upgrades to the EOC have greatly enhanced the State’s ability to manage its emergency response,” said Michael Sprayberry, NCEM Deputy Director. “The upgrades provide state of the art technology that gives Staff and SERT Agencies the ability to receive the most current up to date information in order to manage the State’s response to emergencies and disasters.”



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