Bodmin _ District Canine Society 200304

					Bodmin & District Canine Society 20/03/04
A most enjoyable and well-run show at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge. The Group judges had sent through some exceptional dogs; from these I selected for BIS the Japanese Chin, Clark’s Amronchi Bravo Oscar at Canequiss JW ShCM, just two years old and must surely have a bright future; gorgeous head with broad skull and typical expression, dark eyes and beautifully marked, elegant and fine boned but nothing remotely weedy about this one, a really active dog covering the ground with clean free strides, square outline with super front assembly, correct turn of stifle, profuse coat beautifully presented, everything fits together so well and the whole topped off with personality plus, a big dog in a small compact package, demanded the top spot and got it. RBIS, Carter & Marston-Pollock’s Falconcrag Baroukh, outstanding Sloughi male, so typical with beautiful head and dark pigment, good layback of shoulder and correct topline and body shape, powerful rear with good angulation, beautiful hard fit muscular condition with not an ounce of fat on him, moved with great freedom and athleticism. I understand he has achieved some breakthrough wins for the breed and I am not surprised. BPIS Baily’s Merrygarth Home Run at Highbend, enchanting Min Smooth Dachshund, lovely typical outline, correctly made all through, full of personality and a really free, active mover, covered the ground very well holding topline the whole time, her young owner really got the best out of her and she never stopped showing to the end of a long day. RBPIS the delightful yellow Labrador, Burrows’ Caranbe Enchantress, a real character; kind expression, free sound movement, excellent combination of substance and activity, lovely front and feet, powerful quarters giving plenty of drive, broad strong loin, most promising. AV Hound Puppy (7, 1 absent). Nice class. 1, M Home Run at H, PG1, BPIS. 2, Hudson’s Afghan, Tambang Daydreams Again at Shimkhani; 3, Clarke’s Whippet, Arjuna Jin Fizz. AV Hound NSC (8, 5) 1, F Baroukh, BNSC Hound, G1, RBIS; 2, Vickerstaff’s Greyhound, Baldrey Diamond Dazzler, BPNSC Hound, PG2; 3, Vosper’s Min Wire Dachshund, Taree Tallulah in Oggyland. Afghan Hounds G (3) 1, Hunn’s Bellapais Kimani Hrhashid, glamorous fellow in full coat, masculine head with keen expression, correct saddle, good angulation with sweeping rear and covered the ground with free springy strides, full of Afghan attitude, BOB, G4. 2, Chapman’s Saxonmill Skimbleshanks at Sadida JW. 3, T Daydreams Again at S BP. O (6,1) 1, Hunn’s Calmon Red October, tall elegant r/w with typical outline, movement sound, clean and athletic, in full coat with saddle, quality dog; 2, Jeffrey’s Stars and Stripes von Khrisjan; 3, Martin’s Sade Pulse. Ibizan Hounds (6, 2) Disappointing that a dog which really took my eye stacked fell to pieces on the move.1, Carter’s Akhanubis Innuendo ShCM, rough coated bitch with a lovely head and mobile ears, no exaggerations anywhere, enough angulation and depth for this breed, moderate turnout of forefeet, light free movement, no glamour puss but very typical, BOB. 2, Clark’s Nueve Osamenor; 3, Carter’s Anubis Look Who’s Talking at Afilador.

Std Wire Dachshunds (6,3) 1, Rollinson’s Nosinllor Grenadier, nice head with good furnishings, excellent front and rear angulation, strode out well on the move, harsh coat, fit condition where he scored here. Just 18 months and should mature in body a little more, BOB. 2, Probert’s Romanchi Unami; 3, Vosper’s Tregiskey Huckleberry Finn in Oggyland. Std Long Dachshunds (4, 3) 1, Bradley’s Pure Velvet at Lafrowda, typical head with dark eye and punishing jaw, good angulation, free active mover, in excellent coat, nice type, BOB Min Smooth Dachshunds (6, 2) 1, Lashbrook’s Milfer Little Miss Muffet, beautiful feminine head, good angles both ends with plenty of chest and powerful rear, low to ground but not sacrificing anything in activity or freedom of movement, looked as if she could easily do a day’s work, BOB, G3; 2, Vagges’ Welcumen Gigi Camette; 3, Baily’s Highbend Posh Spice. BP, Kelland’s Brockbourne Tommten. Std Smooth Dachshunds (2) 1, Jeffery’s Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax, masculine typical head, very good front, deep chest, long body, gleaming jacket, moved well, BOB. 2, Jeffery’s Roleta Choisya Sundance at Andax. Salukis (1) 1, Jeffery’s Bamjeoh Baleno von Khrisjan, 11 months, lovely expression, dark eye and pleasing earset, good front with ample fill for age, good return, correct body shape, clean strong rear, a real handful on the move, but did enough to show his soundness; very raw still, but this is a quality pup who should do well when he gets his act together, BOB, BP, PG4. Whippets J (6) Lovely class with some super puppies. 1, Hollingbery’s Dumbriton Soul Train, upstanding brindle/white with pleasing masculine outlook, clean front with good return and fill, stands over plenty of ground, ample loin, movement sound and clean in all directions, BP, PG3. 2, Tyler’s Tinstone Just Like Alice; 3, McManus & Pettitt’s Havane Reines des Violets at Dodgewells (imp). G ( 5) 1, Tope’s Tinstone Silver Furze at Dewerstone, masculine head, good front and depth, strong sweeping loin, well angulated rear. Free mover in profile, hind movement not his fortune; 2, Hollingbery’s Tinstone Armed Knight; 3, Shaw’s Jansams Buttons and Bows at Waterflow. O (6,1) 1, Clarke’s Arjuna Joie de Vivre, fawn bitch, full of quality, elegant and very typy, lots of scope with good length and breadth of loin, super front and feet, lovely feminine head, all gentle sweeping curves with nothing exaggerated, giving an impression of refined power with her free daisycutting strides, BOB, G2; 2, Tope’s Poachyn Red Sentry; 3, Tyler’s Tinstone Silver Slippers.

Hound Group G1, RBIS, Sloughi, F Baroukh. G2, Whippet, A Joie de Vivre. G3, Min Smooth Dachshund, M Little Miss Muffet. G4, Afghan, B Kimani Hrhashid. Strong puppy group. PG1, BPIS, Min Smooth Dachshund, M Home Run at H. PG2, Greyhound, B Diamond Dazzler, stunning outline, at just 7 months has lots of maturing to do, but already looking an absolute picture with her sweeping lines, standing over plenty of ground, good angulation, movement excellent for age, gleaming black jacket, most promising. PG3, Whippet, D Soul Train. PG4, Saluki, B Baleno von K. VD (16, 10) 1, Stars and Stripes von K, classy Afghan dog, still in his prime at 7 ½ years, well made all through, powered round the ring with long free strides, haughty arrogant attitude, in full coat, credit to his owner as were all the veterans here; 2, Hillard’s Shih Tzu, Otraharp Chere Magic JW; 3, Carrington’s Cairn Terrier, Regency Right Rumpus. VB (16, 11) 1, Randle’s CKCS, Alstaron Lucky Lucy of Bretam, 9 ½ years and in some kind of time warp; very typy with gorgeous head and melting expression, in excellent coat, full of merriment, has lost none of her enthusiasm for the ring, lovely free movement, tail wagging and keeping her topline, sound as a bell and still giving her handler a hard time. BVIS. 2, Roberts’ Irish Setter, Lynwood Castaspell over Polmennor; 3, Osborne’s Papillon, Simply Sophia at Serenglade. Members’ Open Stakes (88) 1, Pike & Eaves’ Terveuren, Talamo Notorious, top class dog, attractive balanced head, correct construction throughout, rich shaded coat, square outline, lovely active mover with typical brisk action, beautifully presented. 2, Baily’s Boxer, Highbend Gryfindor; 3, Young’s Great Dane, Tyak Lady Luck for St Piran. JHA class A 1, Ashlie Pike, Papillon, neat, unobtrusive, paid attention to instructions, got the best from her charge. 2, Tieryn Clark, Ibizan Hound. 3, Rachael Benney, Norfolk Terrier. JHA class B, 1, Sammi May, Pekinese, clear understanding of how to show this breed, moved at the correct pace, listened to my requests and made sure the dog was at the centre of attention. 2, Lara Johnson, Golden Retriever. Lisa Tyler (Judge)