Agenda for the GSCA Board of Governors Meeting by fionan


									Agenda for the GSCA Board of Governor’s Meeting June 13, 2006 Richfield,OH Call to Order by President Bill Stauder at 5:30 P.M. Roll Call - Certificate of a Quorum Present: Bill Stauder, (MN), Amy Johnson-Edwards, (IN), Barbara Burns, (IL), Tom Drum, (TX & NY), Ed Geb, (WI), Anne Pickrell, (NJ) Carmen Paludi, (NH), Marianne Goodwin, (PA), Bob Schwiegerath, (NM), and Nance Skoglund, (MN). Absent: Alison Rosskamp, (PA), Mary Ann Leonard, (MI), Jim Tiano, (OR). Approval of Minutes for April 22, and 23, 2006 Motion 06-68 made by Tom Drum and seconded by Marianne Goodwin to approve the April minutes. Motion passed unanimously. OFFICER’S REPORTS Report of the President: Bill Stauder- No report Report of the Vice President: Amy Johnson-Edwards – No report Report of the Recording Secretary: Barbara Burns - No Report Motion 06-63 - Motion made by Tom Drum and seconded by Bob Schwiegerath to approve the expenditure of $200.00 from the National Field Trial Account for 2way radios for the National Field Trial events. All members voted in favor. Motion passed. Report of the Corresponding Secretary: Mary Ann Leonard – No Report Report of the Treasurer: Jim Tiano – Tom Drum presented the latest information on the financials to the Board in Jim’s absence. Motion 06-69 to approve Treasurer’s Report was made by Nance Skoglund and seconded by Amy Johnson-Edwards. Motion passed unanimously. AKC Delegate’s Report: No report – Nance Skoglund’s Letter of Intent was submitted to AKC last month. Her name must be published in the AKC Gazette for two months and then voted on by the AKC Board of Directors before she can become an official delegate for the GSCA. The expected date is September of this year. REPORT OF COMMITTEES/SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: AKC Eukanuba Classic - 2005 - Patty Maddox – No report AKC Gazette Column - Laura Burns – No report AKC Gun Dog Championship - Carolyn Gold – No report AKC PEC - Pat Engler – No report Agility Advisor - Carole Shlaes – No report Archives - Nance Skoglund - Nance will be doing a fundraiser at the Archives booth. A Gordon caricature will be a prize and Nance will decide how to solicit the tickets.


Awards - Cliff Schnepf - A letter from Dianne Avery and Cliff Schnepf regarding the Annual Awards was presented. Motion 06-70 to have the Junior Awards to be an award that is applied for as opposed to automatically awarded and to have four placements for this award was made by Amy Johnson-Edwards and seconded by Nance Skoglund. Motion passed unanimously. The P&P’s will reflect this change. Clarification of P & P’s on Bench Gordon Setter of the Year and Best of Breed Gordon Setter of the Year. In the case of Best of Breed Gordon Setter of the Year, the award goes to (and did) the Gordon Setter with the most GORDON SETTERS (ONLY) defeated through Best of Breed wins at all AllBreed and Specialty Shows. Bench Gordon of the Year award goes to the dog which defeated the most dogs in Groups and Best in Shows for the year in Allbreed shows only. (Must earn Group Placement or Best in Show to earn points.) Specialty wins and Breed wins at All Breed shows (that do not lead to a group placement) do not count towards this award. These awards will be clarified in the P&P. Tom Drum suggested adding an award named the Show Dog of the Year which should be the total number of dogs defeated (breed and all breed). Motion 06-71 made by Amy Johnson-Edwards and seconded by Tom Drum to add an award for the Show Dog of the Year which should be the total number of dogs defeated (breed and all breed. Motion passed unanimously. Breeder’s Education - Barbara Burns – No Report Breeder Referral - Patty Maddox – Patty submitted a request to the Board to have the Breeder’s Referral service as a free service to the membership. The Board denied the request. CERF Liaison - Vickee Jones The first quarter listings for 2006 have been sent to the GSCA News editor. The second quarter will be ready in early July and will be forwarded to Susan Drum for printing in the newsletter. Combined Setter Specialty – Terry Pierce/Colleen O’Brien The payout and financial report has finally been received from Rau Dog Shows. Treasurer, Alison Rosskamp has filed an amended financial statement to GSCA Treasurer Jim Tiano. This report shows a loss of approximately $100 for the 2006 show. The GSA has not had a follow-up meeting since the specialties and they do not know if there will be any additional payout from them. The committee is currently in the process of hiring judges for the 2007 show. Initial paperwork has been filed with the AKC. Terry has offered to chair the event again for 2007 and, of course, the members of Brandywine will continue to work on the show committee. Colleen has spoken with Combined Setter Club President Judy Graef and she will be working on a letter to mail to the 3 setter clubs to formally dissolve the 2

club. The Eastern Irish Setter Club has already sent a letter stating that they have removed themselves from the CSC, so it seems a moot point to keep the funds in the club treasury in limbo. According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the club, any monies in the treasury are to be divided amongst the 3 setter clubs and checks are to be drawn to the charity of their choice. The Brandywine club will have to decide where the funds will go. Colleen would like to recommend the funds go to the Gordon Setter Advised Fund of the Canine Health Foundation or even directly to the CCA study if that is possible. The Brandywine club is finding it very frustrating that the efforts they put into this show do not seem to matter to exhibitors as they continually hear complaints and the declining entries seem to reflect that this specialty does not hold the prestige it once did. Condolences - Denise Paquette-No report Cover Dogs - NS- Jodie Hurd-Cavanagh Jodie has notified the winner of the cover dog for this year's National Specialty, and they are forwarding the photo and essay of their dog for the catalog. Jodie has ads planned throughout the fall and winter for 2007. Cover Dogs - NCH - Dianne Avery No new cover dogs have been nominated since last report. Second solicitation article published in June NEWS and final one (before 2006 Championships) will appear in July issue. Deadline for consideration for 2006 cover is August 15, 2006. The tally stands at 27 nominated dogs, 9 chosen for past covers, 18 in the pool for future covers. Financial Planning - Tom Drum A letter from a member regarding insurance coverage was presented. Jim Tiano is asking our insurance carrier for clarification and confirmation as to what activities would be covered and what is not. Tom Drum suggested that we buy banners and send them to the Area Committees and they will be required to be displayed at any activity they sponsor. Rescue is one issue that will be questioned to the carrier as to coverage. The Board will be getting this information in writing. Tom would like to work with the author of the letter and Jim Tiano to resolve the questions on coverage and report to the Board. Tom talked to Ronet Murray, who is a CPA, regarding her recommendation as to how to streamline the books. She feels we have too many checking and other accounts and she thinks it can be done better. She will be providing more definitive recommendations in the near future. GSCA Review - Dianne Avery – See Publication Report GSCA Standing National Specialty Committee - Alison Rosskamp – No Report


Health and Genetics - Carmen Paludi DNA testing will be done the week of the National. Any testing kits left will be taken to the National Field Trials in Solon Springs, WI in October. The Board discussed the dollars going to the Advisor Donor Fund and other donations to Health and Genetic funds. Carmen will look into a foundation to help support the Health & Genetics programs. The Board discussed how other clubs deal with their CCA problems. Some clubs are ready to publish their CCA pedigrees. Carmen is having trouble getting information from Canine Health Foundation on this issue. Judges Education - Colleen O’Brien Since her last report, Colleen was notified by Karen Becker that she was no longer on the committee. Colleen will be looking to add another member to this committee and would like it posted on the GSCA website and in the newsletter. Colleen noticed that our National was not listed on the AKC’s upcoming seminars’ page and the Corresponding Secretary wasn’t able to update that either. Mary Ann has attempted three times to inform AKC that Colleen has taken over as JEC Chair. To date is has not been done. She will try again upon her return home from the National. Beth Beatty is sending Colleen the specs for the equipment needed for the committee’s audio/visual needs. Once received, the committee can work towards purchasing the equipment. Legislative Liaison - Denise Paquette – No report Membership Report - Sharon Hulquist – No report Newsletter - Sue Drum Kristi Boehm and Jani Wolstenholme presented a study on the feasibility of putting the Newsletter on line. Kristi and Jani did their research independently and not on behalf of the Board. They concentrated on sporting – non-sporting – working and herding. They looked at clubs with memberships of 1000 – 1500 members. They contacted all recording secretaries and newsletter editors for their input. Kristi showed the Board the different styles and sizes of the newsletter samples they had collected for the Board to review. It was the consensus of the Board to establish a committee of GSCA members who will get together to discuss options, review the survey results and to make recommendations on the future direction of the newsletter that will incorporate the preferences of the membership with cost considerations. The chair of this committee will be Sue Drum. Sue will pick members who have technical expertise. Sue will let the Board know who the members of that Committee will be. This Committee will be known as the Newsletter Analysis Group and will be a subcommittee of the Publications Committee.


Increase in Dues: There was a discussion on when to approach the members about an increase in dues. Tom Drum suggested changing the By Laws from voting on dues to giving the Board some latitude to increase the dues by a certain amount or percentage and anything beyond that would have to go to the members. The current structure is cumbersome and is too time consuming to implement. The last increase was in 1997 and the dues were increased by $5.00 per person. That was done at the time when the mailing of the Newsletter went from third class to first class. Tom suggested that because the current process of increasing dues is so cumbersome, it forced previous Boards to ignore it. Meeting recessed at 7:45 pm and was scheduled to re-convene on Thursday afternoon. Meeting reconvened at 2:15 p.m. with the following members present: Bill Stauder, Amy Johnson-Edwards, Bob Schwiegerath, Nance Skoglund, Barbara Burns, Marianne Goodwin, Tom Drum, Anne Pickrell, Mary Ann Leonard, Ed Geb, and Carmen Paludi. Absent were Jim Tiano and Alison Rosskamp. National Field Trial - Pat Sanborn – No Report Obedience Advisory - Lois Ornat – No Report OFA Liaison - Brenda Hayward – No Report Pointing Breed Advisory - Susan DeSilver – No Report Policies and Procedures - Beni Levi As already discussed with several GSCA officers, due to the large number of policy and procedural changes that have arisen since April 2006, publication of the new manual, originally scheduled for July 2006, will be delayed until the end of summer to allow all changes to be solidified and incorporated. Before the draft is prepared, Beni will have a number of questions to make sure he is clear on all recent policies changes so these can be correct in the P&P’s. A question on the awards section was discussed. Cliff and Dianne will review the draft and were asked to send their suggested version to Tom Drum for review before publication. A Record Retention Policy was discussed upon the request of Dianne Avery. Dianne has talked with Jim Tiano about this. At this time, the Club has no record retention policy. This is very important, particularly for financial records but also for documents such as the Club’s minutes and “high profile” correspondence. Disciplinary actions should also be retained for a significant time. The Board will ask the working group to suggest ideas on what needs to be stored, how long it needs to be stored and how it’s going to be stored. A request for volunteers will be placed in the newsletter .


Promotional Materials - Linda Stebbins The GSCA Promotional account has $2,619.30 as of 4-30-06 Publications Except Newsletter - Dianne Avery This report focused on financial considerations. The Board had asked Publications Committee to come up with cost-saving/revenue production ideas. The Committee asked for time to come up with a solid plan for publications and indicated that these were preliminary ideas. The Committee will have a formal recommendation for the next Board meeting. The Committee asked that the membership be given time to respond to Sue Drum’s survey that is published in June NEWS. The beginning assumption is that most Club publications will never “break even,” let alone see a net gain (The exception is with the Gordon Setter Review). The Committee will put everything “on the table” in considering cost savings but not all ideas are equally useful. The Committee’s initial formal recommendation is that the Club should raise dues for membership year 2007-8 and thereafter to help cover increased publication costs. Members’ Handbook, 2005-6. The Handbook was mailed to members in the US on May 19, 2006 by pre-sorted standard mail. Cost of this mailing was about 50 cents/piece. The savings were about $1/ book or about $900 over the pre-sorted first class option. Cost of the 2005-6 book was less than the 2004-5 book because it was smaller. Some items were inadvertently left out of the Pictorial that had to be picked up in the 2004-5 book. Are there income-producing ideas for Members’ Handbook? Probably not. Only one Area Committee took an ad this year. Commercial advertising is not currently under consideration because the audience is too small to attract commercial advertisers. If there is significant response to commercial advertising solicitation in the NEWS, (see below), the Committee will tap into this market for the Handbook as well. Expense reduction ideas. Mailing: currently the items are mailed the cheapest way possible. Electronic version: no more work to produce an electronic version to post to the website but the booklet would have to be password encrypted. The Committee does not recommend this option as many members (Chair included) don’t want home address and phone number posted to the website, even with good encryption. Printer: 3 bids solicited each year. It is suggested to use the low bidder unless there is minimal difference in cost and the value of working with a “known entity” is factored in. Approval for going with a slightly higher bid is granted by club treasurer. Eliminate the Handbook and print the material in the NEWS: The approach would actually increase cost of sending information. This is not a viable cost-saving option. Reduce Content: This could eliminate all but the straight “membership material.” Club policy requires that members receive a membership list once each year (P&P, April 2004, p. 64). There is nothing in the constitution, bylaws or P&P that require publication of the “extra stuff” (annual award winners, specialty winners, titleholders, etc.). If eliminated, the additional material (except Standard and Code of Ethics) would reduce the page count and


printing price. If the Board wants to go this route, Dianne will obtain estimate from printer on savings information The Board asked Dianne to investigate this. Newsletter. Sue Drum and Dianne Avery worked together on this section of this report. Susan was at the Board meeting and did inform the Board of the details of the various cost-savings options which were considered by the Publications Committee: A) First Class mailing options. This was not discussed at the meeting because the current system of pre-sorted first class to all US members, airmail to all non-US members is in place. The Board is aware of the cost and the benefits (quick/reliable delivery) of this option. B) Change to presorted standard mailing for US mailing only (non-US mail cannot be sent by other than first class airmail). Advantage: Significant cost savings. (Per the figures printer supplied to Sue - approx. 900 domestic x additional savings of .364 per issue = .327 per month - (a total savings of almost $4,000 annually could be realized based on continued monthly frequency of publication. Disadvantages. (1): delivery time increased by approximately 5 days. (2): un-deliverables are not returned to sender in this postal category. Impact of this choice: A dues increase is still recommended but would eliminate the need for any surcharge for US members. Since foreign members will continue to receive first class mailing, a significant surcharge is probably still needed to cover those costs. C) Offer a “choice” of mailing types to US members, with surcharge for those who want first class mailing. Disadvantages: (1) any group of pre-sorted addresses must be at least 500 in number or we lose the pre-sort price discount given by the U.S. Postal service; (2) the printer would charge us $125 per month for the extra handling that would be required at his end. D) Offer an electronic option to those members who are able/willing to receive newsletter that way. Information is being gathered on this option. Kristi Boehm and Jani Wolstenholme made a presentation at the Board meeting and Sue has recommended a “subcommittee” to study this option. Considerations must include technical requirements, costs (if any) for additional space on website, website archiving issues, additional work for editor, additional work for webmaster, web access to the NEWS – i.e. would be limited to members (password protection), actual cost savings (since printing/mailing costs are dependent in part on volume). E) Content options. The Committee asked that they be notified if the Board wants the Committee to explore changes in newsletter content. F) Frequency options. Sue’s survey offers the membership several choices regarding publication frequency, (monthly, 10 issues a year, bi-monthly, etc). Reducing frequency will save some money on printing and postage; however, the issues would probably increase in size if published less frequently, which would add to the printing and postage costs. It is suggested that the Board wait until results of the newsletter surveys are received. G) Advertising options. Very low response to the advertising survey (only 4% of the membership responded and most did not indicate that they would increase advertising) indicates that we are not likely to see significant increase in advertising from members to generate sufficient revenue to pay for the NEWS. Even clubs with lots of advertising are seeing big losses on their club newsletters. The Board is exploring the expansion of commercial advertising but


likely targeted audiences are too small to attract regular and consistent commercial advertising. Recommendation for immediate action item: Based on the figures the printer supplied, we are losing significant money on every ad we run at this time. Advertising prices must be immediately increased to at least cover our costs. They’ve been at the same rate for over 10 years. The Committee notes there is no incentive for members to advertise when we publish six photos from every specialty for free. The specialty picture issue has been presented to the membership in the survey. H). Printer options. Sue and Dianne are soliciting bids from other printers. Expectation is that the current printer is price competitive, but it is only fiscally responsible to check. I) Fund-raisers Specifically Devoted to Newsletter: Sue has some interesting and fun ideas. The Committee is also getting some ideas from other members. The trick is not to spend so much on creating the fund-raisers that we don’t net anything significant. The Committee will continue to explore these and the ideas will be presented at a later time. Pictorial. Since the Board determined at the April 2006 meeting not to do a Pictorial for next year, no need to discuss at this time. Motion 06-72 made by Tom Drum and seconded by Amy JohnsonEdwards to post minutes on the WEBSITE and not in the newsletter effective immediately, which will result in an annual publication savings of about $1800. Motion passed unanimously. Motion 06-73 made by Nance Skoglund that effective immediately, the following increases in advertising rates will be implemented: Full page from $70 to $90. ½ page will increase from $40 tp $55; ¼ page will increase from $25 to $40, and all ads less then ¼ page from $15 to $25. Seconded by Amy JohnsonEdwards. Voting in favor of the motion were Nance Skoglund, Amy JohnsonEdwards, Tom Drum, Carmen Paludi, Bob Schwiegerath, Mary Ann Leonard, Marianne Goodwin and Ed Geb. Those opposed were Anne Pickrell and Barbara Burns. Motion passed Tom Drum asked who was going to notify the members that did not pay their surcharge. Jim Tiano will notify those that did not pay the surcharge and if it is not paid they will not get the newsletter. Rescue - Wendy Abelman – No report Rescue Fund-Raising - Tom DePottey – No Report Website - Karen Becker – No Report The constitution and by laws, policy & procedures will be posted on the website.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: 2006 National Specialty - Gordon Chambers Financial Report – Beni Levi – See Report National Specialty Account – Ben Levi
Supplemental Information

Please see the Quicken P&L report for current status of this account. As of 6/1/06, balance in account is $17,092.63. Un-deposited income, received 6/1/06, total approximately $1000. All bills submitted through 6/2/06 have been paid. Significant outstanding expenses (not yet submitted for payment) include  balance on trophy bill (over $1000)  balance on Agility building rental  hotel hospitality bill (estimated at $8000)  judges fees & expenses  Show secretary’s fees and expenses  Photographer & videographer expenses  Also some minor incidental expenses, e.g., flowers At this point Beni cannot accurately project the bottom line on these expenses. Using 2005 as a comparison, some expenses have been higher, others lower. Income has generally been down across the board (entries, advertising, trophy donations). There are two “at the show” fund-raisers that may bring in significant income; a raffle and the silent auction. Gordon Chambers informed the Board that Miami Valley is planning a fund-raiser in August. Proceeds are to benefit Miami Valley events but, should “bottom line” on this specialty be poor, Gordon intends to share some of the proceeds from the August 2006 Miami Valley fund-raiser with the GSCA General Fund. 2006 National Field Trial - Dan Voss – No Report . North Country will attempt to hold a two-day independent Field Trial on the Solon Springs grounds the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding the National Field Trial. Grounds availability is pending, but it looks promising for the event. 2007 National Specialty - Ed Geb All is going well and the Gordon Highlanders are selling shirts like crazy. Scheduling – Badgerland is going to do the National Hunt test the weekend after the 2007 National. The Badgerland Area Committee is requesting permission from the Board to open a bank account separate from the Gordon Highlanders. Motion 06-74 made by Amy Johnson-Edwards and seconded by Nance Skoglund to grant the Badgerland Area Committee permission to open a separate bank account from the Gordon Highlanders for the 2007 National Hunt Test. Motion passed unanimously. Health and Genetics will do the DNA swabs and have a speaker at the national event – probably on the subject of cancer.


By Laws - Dianne Avery Since the Board approved Committee’s recommendations regarding accepting AKC changes to proposed revisions and manner of mailing ballot on revisions, no other action needed until end of summer when ballot will be prepared and forwarded to the Recording Secretary for inclusion with election ballot. Barbara Burns will let Dianne Avery know the due date for the ballot to be sent to her. A short article was sent for publication in the June NEWS informing membership of timetable. NEW BUSINESS: New Mexico Gordonites - Bylaws – Bob Schwiegerath – Bob reported that the Area Committee is not abiding by the GSCA Bylaws or their own Bylaws. The Board will be asking all area committees to submit a copy of their Bylaws to be put in an electronic format for retention. The Bylaws of the New Mexico Gordonites are inconsistent and in conflict with the GSCA Bylaws. An application for a Sanctioned B Match was submitted to Mary Ann from the New Mexico Gordontes. The Corresponding Secretary does not approve Matches. Tom Drum will look at the Bylaws for the New Mexico Gordonites and submit his recommendations as to changes and corrections and discuss them with the Board. Hall of Fame for people and dogs – Amy Johnson-Edwards will discuss at next meeting. The Board meeting adjourned at 4:20 P.M. E.S.T. Respectfully Submitted: Barbara Burns – Recording Secretary


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