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A Brief History of the Club - DOC


									***A Brief History of the Club***
Whangarei Dog Training Association - Welcome to our 25th Jubilee

A long, long Time ago in a galaxy Far, far away… Or was it 25 years ago in a Paddock not so far away?
The Whangarei Dog Obedience Association had its inaugural meeting on 28 February 1980 in the Morningside Scout Den in Jellicoe Street. This Meeting effectively formed a training club which was a break-away from the Northland Canine Association which still operates as an all breeds club. The first President was Dale Hannam and Vice President was Don Ross. The Chief Instructor was Mack McDougall, and other founding members of the committee of note were Nadine Walker, Margaret Gardner & Barbara Massey. The first Obedience Championship Show was held in November 1980 at Kensington Park in conjunction with the Northland Canine Association Show. Indeed, the NCA helped to run the first show. Judges at the first show were Margaret Murray (Steward Jane Black) and Miss Sue Elton (now Sue Howe), and obedience entries in that year were raised to $4.00 Meanwhile in that paddock nearby…Pam Tong, Heather Routley and Sue Hersey started agility training in the ’80s. That famous empty paddock on Western Hills drive is now the Jennian Show Homes site. Later the training moved to Heather’s neighbours paddock in Tikipunga before moving to Otaika. Rod Pearce who is Judging Agility this weekend was a past member of the club in the late 1980’s. He was often Show Manager for us, and did a smashing job. Heather Routley:..She recalls WDOA doing a display (obedience and agility) at the Whangarei A. & P. Show in 1987. The people she can remember are Colin Mackey (compere - he was then President & Chief Instructor), Peter Norgate, the Slaters, Sue Hersey, Pam Tong, Gillian Bicknell, Peter Hesen (who still lives in Takahe St), Liz Wright who used to be Club Secretary (or Treasurer) - she is now Liz Shi, I think Sybal Graham, someone else with a border collie and another person with a spaniel (can't recall who they were), plus yours truly. Also that same year I had written to the Police Dog Training School in Trentham for some advice on Agility Training, to which they replied and sent some info . So that was certainly early days for Agility as info wasn't readily available. I still think it was Pam Tong who set the ball rolling Wayne her husband made most of the wooden equipment and Pam and I painted most of it (brown!!) - David made the seesaw and I have an idea it may still be the same one they use now. I can recall Pam purchasing for the club the tunnels - after we had started out with big cardboard boxes from washing machines and other appliances, and an old cable reel for a table. We used to train in a paddock behind our house in Takahe Street and in the paddock behind the Bradley’s house in Western Hills Drive - real rough stuff!! Adrian Fooy was another person involved at the time of Western Hills but probably not much before then.

The first club member to become Obedience Champion was Barbara Massey with her German Shepherd Dog Bonny. The only other club member to achieve Obedience Champion status as a member of the club was Anthony Scott and his Golden Retriever Beau. Many of the founding members have made up OB CH since leaving the club, among them Gail Langdon. We have yet to achieve any Agility Champions in the club but Anne Cozins and Suzie were the first to make it to Senior Class. In the last two years Suzie has been joined by three other members who’ve made it to senior. The club became Whangarei Dog Training Association in 1996 to reflect the addition of the sport of Agility to its training regime. Crys and Nigel Mewitt have been a strong force on the agility side. The first Agility Championship Show was held in November 1999 at Otaika Sports Park. Whilst in recent years, as with many clubs, in the shadow of the exhilarating and exciting sport of Agility, it has been difficult to attract new competitors to the sport of Obedience, the club is in the happy position of once again having a number of keen members bringing their dogs up through the classes, or bringing new dogs in at a Novice level. We are pleased to have Don Ross back with the club after many years absence, and he does a splendid job instructing the top obedience class. Also the club had a win when Ros Dick moved into the North and her and Don run our Sunday competitive training. Don Ross:..Foundation Member Started training my Irish Setter in 1979 with Whangarei Dog Obedience Club under Charlie McDougall Prince CDX went on to win all tests up to & Including C – Irish Setter Obedience dog of the year 3 years Then Trained German Shepherd, Bearded Collies & English Setters all to CDX, B & C ‘Smith’ Bearded Collie CDX & to UDX standard. ‘ Ch Glengordon Golden King CDX English Setter - Champion Dog of the year – Obedience dog of the year ‘Dyna Bearded Collie’ featured in the musical Annie in 1986 Past President, Vice President etc WDOA- Past President etc Northland Canine Ass Breeder of English Setters and Bearded Collies past 23 years with 19 breed champions Left the Obedience world in 1986 for breed showing and motor racing Rejoined WDTA in 2004 Now Advanced Obedience Instructor and Obedience steward for Auckland and Whangarei clubs. Shirley Ross:... 1981 Ch Arabella of Glenshaw CDX -Irish Setter – S/B,Nov & A Special Beginners Zone 1 Team Dog NDOA 1982 Ch Velenetter Heaven Sent CDX -English Setter Nov & A Elaine Taylor:..I started with the club in 1986 with my first dog a Schipperke called Pip CDX, then in 1988 another Schipperke Jet CDX. Next in 1982 there was a Sheltie called Hi Dee CDX ADX. At the present I have two Shelties Becky CDX & Troy. I was Show Secretary for 10-12years beginning in the late 1980’s and awarded a Life Membership in 1996. I retired from the club 5 or 6 years ago, but back now helping out as Show Secretary again. Crys and Nigel Mewett:…Crys’s German Shepherd, Alert Brenda, was the first GSD to reach the title of Champion on 29/11/65, & Obedience Champion on 26/6/69. Following on, Alert Astrid was awarded CDX on 24/9/94, & ADX on 12/1/2000,

Sharivar Shady Lady, achieved her ADX on 13/6/2004- she was also a German Shepherd & related to the other two!! Now we are hoping our Border Collie "Tip" will steady down for the Agility, & our Beagle-cross, Dutch, who loves the contact-gear & jumps "Maxi" will also go well!!

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