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					TOSS UPS History Questions 1. This famous Celtic Chiefton was made King of the Avani tribe in 52 B.C. He then led several tribes to revolt against the Romans. He was defeated at the battle of Alasia by Julius Caesar and was brought to Rome where he was killed in 46 B.C. Name this leader that is today considered to be a folk hero to the French. a. Vercingetorix 2. This Chinese Dynasty was considered to be the first. It lasted from 2205 BC to 1756 BC It is also called the Hsia Dynasty. Name this dynasty that exist mostly through legend and preceded the Shang Dynasty. a. Xia Dynasty 3. This prominent member of the British nobility was born in Blenheim Palace in 1849. He was the second son of the Duke of Malbourough. He married a rich American heiress, Jeannie Jerome. He was elected to Parliament in 1874. . His first born son was born the same year. Name this former head of the House of Commons and the father of a British Prime Minister. Ans. Lord Randolph Churchill 4. This Japanese vessel was at the time of its christening, the largest vessel in the world. It served in the Japanese Navy until it was sunk by the Americans off the coast of Okinawa during Summer of 1945. Name this giant battleship that was named after the clan name of the Emperor. Ans. Yamato Religion 5. Rising some 1300 feet above the Judean desert, this plateau was seized by zealots during the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 72 A.D. according to the Jewish historian Jocephus. FTP, name this site where 960 men, women and children committed suicide rather than being captured by the Romans. A. Masada 6. She was born on Mt. Cygnus on the island of Delos. FTP, name this daugter of the nymph Leto and Zeus, the Greek goddess of the hunt and sister of Apollo. A. Artemis

7. Two years before his death, Francis of Assissi is said to have manifested this. In the movie "Agnes of God", sister Agnes believed it was a form of heavenly punishment. FTP, name this religious manifestation, the spontaneous appearance of Christ's wounds on a person's body. A. stigmata

Social Sciences 8. In the U.S. legal system, proof of criminal intent is necessary for conviction on most crimes. FTP, what is the 2-word phrase for criminal intent, from the Latin for "guilty mind" A. mens rea 9. This psychological disorder, also known as the Devil's Waltz, is hypochondria taken to the extreme. In order to gain attention, patients who suffer from this disorder make themselves physically ill through the use of drugs or poisons. FTP, identify this disorder named after a notorious 18th century liar. A. Munchausen syndrome Current Events 10. It began on August 4, 1997, and as early as August 6, 1997, President Bill Clinton announced that he would not utilize federal authority to end it, possibly fearing a further loss of support from the labor movement. It was largely based on the desire of the company to create several thousand part time jobs in order to avoid paying pensions, and it crippled industries requiring shipping service. FTP, name this strike, which ended on August 19, when the company bowed to union demands and created 10,000 new full time jobs. 0 The United Parcel Service strike or UPS strike

11. One of the President‟s initial briefs requested a postponement based on the Soldiers and Sailors Act, an arcane bill that prevented foreclosures against soldiers overseas during World War II. The brief claimed that an active duty military man, such as the Commander-in Chief, could not possibly be expected to answer, in court, every inflammatory accusation, but the Supreme Court, on May 27, 91997, allowed the law suit of a former Arkansas state employee go forward. FTP, name this woman, who claimed President Clinton propositioned her in an Arkansas hotel room. A. Paula Jones Science Questions

12. This particles spin largely accounts for the observation that the total energy, momentum, and spin involved in beta-decay are apparently not conserved. FTP, name this elusive, fundamental nuclear particle which has no charge and negligible mass Answer: _Neutrino_ 13. This large group of organic chemical compounds include virtually all flavorings, perfumes, and organic dyes. This group also includes some substances of military importance such as TNT and tear gas. FTP, name these compounds which were originally restricted to benzene and its derivatives but now includes about half of all organic compounds. Answer: _Aromatic_ _Compounds_ 14. This chronic disorder can occur after sever infection, such as tuberculosis, after massive bleeding of the adrenals, or after surgery affecting the adrenals. FTP, name this once inevitably fatal disorder of the adrenal glands now treated effectively with daily doses of cortisone or hydrocortisone. Answer: _Addison‟s_ _Disease_ 15. This American biologist was at first critical of Mendelian Theory which had not been physically demonstrated. But after his experiments he confirmed Mendel‟s Laws and discovered how genes are transmitted through the action of chromosomes. FTP, name this man most famous for his experiments with Drosophila Melanogaster. Answer: Thomas Hunt _Morgan_

Literature/Philosophy 16. His grandfather considered a glutton, his mother, a nymphomaniac, this poet was born to a London stable-worker in the late 18th century. Although his father died from falling off his horse while intoxicated the poet was still able to enroll in the Clarke school. He became a surgeon‟s apprentice until he decided to become a poet; often remarking that he would kill himself if he did not become one of the great poets, he produced such works as “How Many Bards,” “La Belle Dame Sans Merci,” and “Ode to a Grecian Urn.” Answer: John Keats

17. This novel is composed of 54 long chapters and traces the life of a prince and his young son. Most importantly this work offers a detailed portrait of Heian court life. FTP, name this work by Murasaki Shikibu which is considered the first important novel in World Literature. Answer: The Tale of Genji

18. This French playwright‟s works are largely pessimistic in tone, with suicide being a dominant theme. Among his plays are L‟invitation au Chateau (1947) and Ring „Round the Moon; The Waltz of the Torrendors. FTP, name this playwright who is most famous for his work Antigone (1942) written during the German occupation of France in WWII. Answer: Jean _Anouilh_ 19. This “Laughing Philosopher” proposed that happiness was the highest good. Though he wrote extensively, only fragments of his work remain. FTP, name this Greek philosopher most famous for his theory that all things are composed of minute, indivisible particles of pure matter. Answer: _Democritus_ Geography 20. The British purchased this island in 1819. It is a major port city for the world and lies on the South China Sea at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. FTP, name this island country? A: Singapore 21. With Europe‟s highest per capita income, this landlocked nation makes up part of the Plateau of the Ardennes. It is the headquarters of key European Union institutions and shares borders with industrial regions of Germany, Belgium, and France. FTP, name this country? A: Luxembourg Popular Culture 22. This singer/songwriter began his recording career in 1976 with the album, My Aim is True. Since then, his songs have been performed by the likes of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, and he has collaborated with artists ranging from Paul McCartney to the Brodsky Quartet. FTP, name this singer, born Declan McManus, who fronted the band, The Attractions. Elvis Costello 23. As evidenced by the name of his production company, this Baltimore, MD native holds his hometown very close to his heart. He works as a producer and director in the television and film industries. FTP, name this person, the co-producer of Homicide: Life on the Streets and the director of such films as Avalon, Sleepers, Rain Man, and Wag the Dog. Barry Levinson 24. This actor, whose parents founded a theater workshop in Illinois, has appeared in numerous films, including PCU and Grosse Pointe Blank. He is most famous, however, for his role as Spence Kovak on the ABC sitcom, Ellen. Jeremy Piven

Fine Art 25. Born in 1900, this composer's works ranged from ballet and orchestral music to choral music and movie scores. He scored the 1938 film, Of Mice and Men, and the 1948 film, The Heiress. He is most famous, however, for his musical portrayals of Americana. FTP, name the composer of such works as Rodeo, Billy the Kid, Appalachian Spring, and Fanfare for the Common Man. Aaron Copland 26. This one-named painter, whose name in Italian is Tiziano Vecellio, is considered to be the greatest 16th-century Venetian painter. FTP, name this artist who painted Venus of Urbino and Rape of Europa, and whose nude paintings caused him to be the subject of a famous Saturday Night Live sketch. Titian 27. Although he was both a graphic artist and a mathematician, this Dutch artist's current popularity indicates that he is more famous for his artwork than his mathematics. FTP, name this artist/designer, whose is most famous for spatial illusions, impossible buildings, and tessellations. M.C. Escher 28. Born in 1813, this composer, who was married to Franz Liszt's daughter, created an opera house in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth that was devoted exclusively to the performance of his works. FTP, name this man, the so-called master of German opera, and the composer of such works as The Flying Dutchman, Lohengrin, Tristan and Isolde, and The Ring of the Nibelungs. Richard Wagner Misc. 29. This group of philosophers contended that civilization was an artificial and unnatural condition that should be held in contempt. FTP, name this group founded by a man nicknamed Kyon, better known as Diogenes. Answer: The _Cynics_

30. On Dec. 20 the Detroit Lions defeated the N.Y. Jets to qualify for a wild card spot in the playoffs. However, on one play a Lions‟ linebacker was hit and had to be removed from the field. Initially thought to be paraylzed, he made a dramatic recovery and on Jan. 7th walked to a podium and held a press conference. FTP name this linebacker.

a. Reggie “Fried Okra” Brown ------------------------------------------------------------

BONUS History 1. Since I‟ve just finished a paper on the British Dominions, so here is a Dominion bonus. Give the Dominion , within five years, give the year it achieved Dominion status A.Canada ans. 1867 (1862-1872) B.Australia ans. 1901 (1896-1906) C. South Africa ans. 1910 (1905-1915) 2.Within 25 years give the date in which the following countries changed over from the Julian Calender to the Gregorian Calender a. The Vatican= 1582 (1557-1607) b. Great Britian = 1752 (1727-1777) c. Ukraine= 1918 (1893-1943) 3. For ten points apiece answer the following question about the American Revolution A. This Colonial city was not only the second largest city in the British Empire, but a favorite of Ben Franklin ans. Philadelpha B. This famed signer of the Decleration of Independence really wanted to be the commander of the American Army. He was also known for his big handwriting. ans. John Hancock C. This battle in North Carolina, was the last major battle before Yorktown and is credited with forcing Cornwallis to Yorktown to recieve reinforcements. ans. Guilford County Courthouse 4. Given the North Name, give the southern name for these Civil War battles. A.Bull Run ans. Manassas B. Antietam ans. Sharpsburg C. Stone‟s River ans. Pea Ridge Religion

5. 30 - 20 - 10. Identify the religious figure. 30- He eradicated lawbreaking while serving as Minister of Crime in his home province before his death in 476 B.C. 20- He authored books entitled History, Poetry, Music, Autumn Annals, Changes and Rites, and the posthumous Analects. 10- Known properly as Kung fu-Tzu or "The Master Kung", he is more familiar to us through his Latinized name A. Confuscious 6. Identify the following about the leader of the Norse gods, Odin FTP each. - Odin's mount, an eight-legged horse. A. Sleipnir - The final battle in which the the forces of evil led by Loki destroy Asgard and kill Odin A. Ragnorak - What Odin traded to gain insight and knowledge of the future. A. his eye 7. Name the 7 sacraments of the Catholic Church. You'll receive 10 points for the first 4, 10 more points for the next 2, and a total of 30 points if you get all 7. 1) "Baptism" 2) "Confirmation" 3) "Marriage" 4) "Communion" or "Eucharest" 5) "Holy Orders" or "Ordination" 6) "Confession" or "Penance" 7) "Extreme Unction" or "Anointing of the Sick" or "Last Rites"

Social Sciences 8. In 1993, the U.S. Congress granted voting rights in the House of Representatives to five jurisdictions which previously had no vote. For five points each and a five-point bonus for them all, name them. A. American Samoa, Guam, DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands 9. For 5 points each and a bonus five for all correct, place these pieces of US Antitrust legislation in order from earliest to latest year enacted: Celler-Kefauver Antimerger Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, Robinson-Patman Act, and Sherman Antitrust Act. A: Sherman (1890), Clayton (1914), FTC (1914), Robinson-Patman (1936), Celler-Kefauver (1950). (Clayton and FTC may be swapped, they passed the same year).

Current Events 10. Given clues, name the famous person who died in 1997: a. This actor, who died in September, is possibly best known as the Penguin in the Batman TV series of the 1960‟s, but is also remembered for his roles in Rocky, as a crusty old trainer, or in Grumpy Old Men, as Jack Lemon‟s father. A. Burgess Meredith b. This golfer, who died on July 25, won 9 major championships between 1946 and 1953, but may be best remembered for his miraculous comeback from a near fatal automobile accident and the movie it inspired. This Texan was also known as one of the most creative shot makers in the history of the game. A. Ben Hogan c. And, on September 7, this man, dictator of Zaire from 1965 until he was ousted by rebels in May of 1997, died in exile in Morocco. A. Sese Seko Mobutu

10. Given a committee in the United States Congress, name its Chairman: a. House Ways and Means Committee A. Bill Archer b. Senate Foreign Relations A. Jesse Helms c. Senate Armed Services A. Strom Thurmond Science 12. Given the organic formula name the compound. 10 points each. 1)CH3CH2CH3 2)CH4 3)CH2=CHCH2CH3 Answer: Propane Answer: Methane Answer: 1-butene

13. Given the definition of a term in genetics give the term. 10 points each. 1) Condition where a gene is present in a single dose. Usually applied to genes on the X chromosome in heterogametic males. Answer: _hemizygous_

2) An individual with different alleles at one or more loci. Answer: _heterozygote_ 3) Nonreciprocal interaction between genes such that one gene interferes with or prevents the expression of another gene. Answer: _epistasis_ 14. Given the name of an elementary particle give the group of which it belongs out of the following: Bosons, Leptons, Baryons. 10 points each. 1) photon 2) proton 3) electron Answer: Boson Answer: Baryon Answer: Lepton

15. Given the name of an animal, name the order in which that animal belongs. 10 points each. 1) Elephant 3) Snakes 5) Humans Answer: Proboscidea Answer: Squamata Answer: Primate Literature/Philosopy 16. Given the works of a philosopher, name the philosopher. 30-20-10. 30-Charmides and Lysis 20-Gorgias and Apology 10-The Republic Answer: Plato 17. Given a school of philosophy, name its founder. 10 points each. 1)Stoicism 2)The Ionian School 3)Eleatic School Answer: _Zeno_ of Citium Answer: _Thales_ of Miletus Answer: _Parmenides_

18. Identify these three poets FTP each based on their works. 1. “Dover Beach” A: Matthew Arnold 2. “Kaddish and Other Poems” and “TV Baby Poems”

A: Allen Ginsberg 3. “Science”, “The Bloody Sire,” and “Shine, Perishing Republic” A: Robinson Jeffers

19. Name the American-immigrant authors of the following. 1. He penned The Painted Bird and Being There A: Jerzy Kosinski 2. He moved to the US from Poland in 1935 and sold his first book the same year but didn‟t set a novel here until 1972‟s Enemies: A Love Story. A: Issaac Bashevis Singer 3. A Graduate of The Univ. of St. Petersburg she wrote Atlas Shrugged. A: Ayn Rand

Popular Culture 20. Name the group/musician given the following songs FTP each: 1. Santeria, What I Got A: Sublime 2. Master Blaster, Superstition, Ebony and Ivory (with Paul McCartney) A: Stevie Wonder (or Steve Morris) 3. Down to the Waterline, Romeo and Juliet, and Tunnel of Love A: Dire Straits 21. Name the cartoon in which you might here the following: 1. “By the Power of Grayskull!” A: He Man and the Masters of the Universe 2. “More than meets the eye!” A: Transformers 3. “She‟s truly outrageous” A: Jem and the Holograms 22. Name the following Simpsons‟ character from their not-so-famous quotes FTP each: 1. “It‟s like a mule with a spinning wheel”

A: Lyle Lannley 2. “I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaaaaaming!” A: Homer Simpsons 3. “I said Boo-urns” A: Hans Moleman

Geography 23. The United States oversees many outlying areas known as External Territories. The population of these territories is quite significant in some cases. For 10 points each, name the three most populous territories. A: Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands 24. Although China is officially atheist, the more than one billion people in the country do practice different forms of religion. For 10 points each, name the three primary religions of China? A: Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam or Christianity Misc. 25. Think you know a lot about the stars? Give each constellation‟s alpha (brightest) star FTP each. 1. Orion a. Betelgeuse 2. Leo a. Regulus 3.Virgo a. Spica 26. Let‟s answer some questions about Microsoft‟s Windows 95 operating system. 1. After your computer crashes and windows 95 is not shut down properly, what application can you expect to see the next time you turn on your computer? a. Scandisk for MS-DOS 1. If you want your computer to start your favorite game automatically at the same time everyday what Windows application will you use? a. System Agent

1. Name four of the five pre-installed games that come with Windows 95 operating system. a. Minesweeper, Solitaire, FreeCell, Space Cadet Table, Hearts. Fine Arts 27. For 10 points each, identify these abstract expressionist artists. (1) This Dutch-born painted huge canvases full of color. He is most known for the 1950s series, "Women." Answer: William de Kooning (2) "No. 10" is a prime example of this artist's work. A Russian immigrant, his paintings often consist entirely of two or three rectangles of different colors. Answer: Mark Rothko (3) A teacher and theoretician of the movement, he also painted canvases featuring amorphous shapes in strong colors, such as the series "Elegy for the Spanish Republic." Answer: Robert Motherwell

28. 30, 20, 10 identify this famous composer by his works. 30: The ballet Daphnis et Chloe 20: Rapsodie espagnole 10: Bolero A: Maurice Ravel 29. Five points each, and a five point bonus for all correct: Name the architects of the follow structures: The Royal Pavilion, Brighton Houses of Parliament, London Welby Northmore John Nash

Sir Charles Barry and Augustus

Pugin Dome of Florence Cathedral The Parthenon, Athens

Filippo Brunelleschi

Ictinos and Calllicrates

30. (30-20-10 points) Name the artist from his works. 30: Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer, Presentation in the Temple 20: Descent from the Cross, Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph, Conspiracy of Julius Civilis 10: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, The Night Watch Answer: REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn

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