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					Free Printable Christening Invitations
In need of free, printable Christening invitations? We’ve got your solution and there only need you will have for printing them out is to put on in the baby book.

To say that the day of your child’s Christening is very special would be an understatement. It’s normally the first special occasion that honors your baby. Congratulations to you and your entire family on your new, sweet little addition.

Special occasions deserve special invitations. To fully ensure your invitations are special and personalized perfectly, you need to create them yourself. You can do this for free through Events Listed and the use of Web 2.0 technologies. Don’t worry. These technologies are so easy to use the baby may even be able to take part.

Free Printable Christening Invitations-Create Your Own

Through Events Listed and the use of over 60 multi media web tools, you can create your own personalized Christening invitations and yes, you can do it for free. No technical experience is required. These tools are completely simple to use and the variations of personalization are endless.

Easily personalize your Christening web page by including pictures of your baby or family, videos, and audio clips. Add some music and post blurbs about the baby’s cute cooing or snoring. Announce who the Godparents are and include the date, time, and location of the Christening. You can even include the name of the Father.

Christening Invitations that Communicate

You will bring your guests to your page electronically by sending emails with direct links to your page. They will click the link, come onto your Christening invitation page, and see the guest list that includes them and maybe even see pictures of themselves beside their names. When they see that they can communicate and interact with each other, they will. If you have any guests on your list that don’t know each other, this is a great way to introduce them before the Christening so everyone feels comfortable with each other.

They’ll also be able to respond to your invitation and see how others have responded. They’ll be able to see who has confirmed they’ll bet there, who won’t be making it, and who hasn’t responded yet.

Once you and they start networking, you will be able to get some ideas from them on Christening gifts, what to do after the Christening, and many other Christening related topics. Add in cross references to other Christening related online groups and you’ll really get some great suggestions then because you would have opened up to a larger audience. Network with as many groups as you’d like for as long as you’d like.

For those helping with the Christening, make use of the task manager and assign their responsibilities to them. Send out preset, automated email reminders about the tasks and for the Christening itself as the day of your little one’s ceremony gets closer.

If need be, you can even post the budget for the Christening online and manage it from there. That can be quite helpful. Why not use these Web 2.0 technologies to your advantage and have a great Christening web page, invitations, and communication portal? Events Listed has made it possible for you. Now kiss that baby for us and have a great time.

About the Author
Simon Ford is an Internet Entrepreneur who specializes in Event Launch marketing. If the content of this article interest you, visit the Events Listed website for the latest in web 2.0 social networking & content sharing platforms for events.