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Choices for Memorable Baptism and Christening Invitations About

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					Choices for Memorable Baptism and Christening Invitations
One could start to think outside the box by surprising everyone with an original and memorable baptism or christening invitation. Some of the ways in which one could do this is by taking toys or material objects that represent your baby or christenings, and create an invitation out of it.   Using Items to their Full Potential   Create a teddy bear invitation, with a mini-stuffed teddy bear. You could attach a ribbon or bow that is wrapped around its neck or stomach, and a rolled-up invitation attached. This is a simple yet excitingly different invitation for a most memorable occasion, and the bear itself can be kept for years to come as a useful bedtime friend.   Instead of using angel ornaments as decoration on your Christmas tree, you could modify them into a unique baptism or christening invitation. One could either make or buy angel ornaments and by using the same concept as the teddy bear invitation mentioned above, either attach the rolled up invite by a ribbon, or otherwise attach the angel onto it. However, a word of warning when creating these angels from scratch is that although it can be fun and interesting, you may be inviting 150 people to the event, and making 150 angels may turn from fun to fearsomely boring!   There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and tested and merely adapting the idea to suit your occasion better. For example, a cross as an object to accompany the invitation has been done before, often blue for the boys and pink for the girls. You can take this one step further, and have the main beam of the cross-engraved with the name or initials of the child to be baptized or christened. The similar concept of simplicity is found in the attaching of a pacifier to an invite, in the respective colors.   Clothes are not only for wearing   People have often used small doll-like clothing to accompany invitations in the same manner in which the above ornaments or bears have been used. However one is blessed with amazing technology everywhere, and today we are able to embroider the most incredible things onto small articles of clothing. So why not make the clothing itself the invite? Choose a dress for a little girl and shirt and pants (stitched together) for a little boy, for a sweet and small invitation. On these small items of clothing you can embroider all the relevant information that would commonly be found on the generic baptism or christening invite.   One of the more popular ideas is to choose a photo of your baby and print the invitation on the reverse side, or have the text of the invitation superimposed over the image. This concept could be easily modified or expanded on by creating a 'frame' around the baby's photo, this can be a store-bought frame, or even one made at home using items such as doctor’s tongue depressors painted silver, gold, or any color you prefer. For a special touch, an engraved or stamped frame is one, which can be kept forever by the recipients.   If you have a talent for poetry, or simply a favorite poem, adding this to your invitations is a lovely way of injecting a personal touch. Superimpose the text over a black-and-white toned baby photo for a classic look. Finish it off with a ribbon or a tiny baby toy, and you have a simple, elegant invitation that is not at all time-consuming to put together. This is definitely an advantage if you are hosting a large event.   The Real Unique Invites   Candles come in various shapes and sizes and these days you can even personalize candles. For example, you can have your invite molded inside a candle just below the surface. The great novelty about this is that you can personalize the invite first, with a picture or poem. The candle is then placed in the mold, and after it has been made, can be finished with a flower or ribbon.     And finally for the more extravagant, one could take the rattle concept a little further. It is customary in some cultures to give the child silver gifts, like a bracelet, cross and necklace or even a silver rattle. A mini silver finished rattle with the initials engraved would be a most striking and memorable invite for any baptism or christening.   These ideas could ensure you that your christening is going to be unique, creative and fun, thus making it memorable for not only you but also all who attend. There are many creative ways to create invitations for a Baptism or Christening but the most memorable are those that are hand crafted. These personalized invitations allow you have unique stationery that your guests may have not seen before.  

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Brian Jenkins is a freelance writer who writes about style and event planning, often discussing a specific aspect of event planning such as baptism and christening invitations and other kinds of stationery.  


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