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					Snowflake Holiday Cards - Let The Sprinkle of Snowflakes Delight All Your Loved Ones
Snowflakes come in an infinite variety and so do snowflake Christmas greeting cards. That means you can enjoy selecting from any of dozens. Choose a corporate or personal card. Co-design a photo card or use one with graphics only. Pick from a classic, or contemporary style. Infinite variety means infinite choices.

The Snowflakes Galore Corporate Holiday Card is ideal for those looking for a lovely design to send to employees or clients. The seasonally-colored snowflakes along the left provide an ideal highlight to your holiday message on the right. It's perfect for use as a company Christmas party invitation, too.

For that personal Christmas card to send to friends and family, you couldn't do better than the Special Snowflakes design. A coffee-colored background on the lower half provides a warm atmosphere, lightened by a half-dozen delightful and unique snowflakes. Choose a unique portrait of the kids to display in the upper half and rest assured you've just created an instant keepsake for your loved ones near and far.

Cat lovers will love the Hello Kitty: Snowflake Flutter design. A charming kitty graphic waves a cheerful holiday greeting to everyone as a little mouse peeks out from a stocking stuffed with gifts. You supply the text. Pick a line from your favorite cat-themed poem. Or, write a line or two about the zany things your special companion did when you were decorating the tree.

The Stylish Snowflakes Christmas Greeting Card is ideally named. The right half features a cheerful red background, the left a blue one. Both are splashed with snowflakes to turn an ordinary holiday design into something special. Sandwiched between them is the lovely and wonderful portrait you've picked out to share with friends and family this year.

For those who have trouble deciding which photo to use, there's the Enchanting Snowflakes Christmas Greeting Card, offering three image areas. Now you can use those individual portraits of the children. Or, pose the whole family in one, the family pet in another, and a wonderful shot of the home decorated for the holidays in the third. You'll have lots of fun trying to decide what to use where. Just don't forget to mail it before Christmas!

To expand the fun, consider the Snowflakes Spheres Holiday Card. With four image areas you'll really go wild trying to decide what to feature. Once you've finished you can be sure you've co-designed a lovely card. The superb snowflake graphics on black background on the right half of the card guarantee that.

The Snowflake Bursts four-image card provides a completely different look. Your four photos get the best possible treatment, thanks to a dazzling array of snowflakes on a warm red and coffee background. The result is a cheerful Christmas card that is sure to be an instant keepsake for friends and relatives.

There is an enormous array of snowflakes Christmas cards. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, all graphic or mostly photographic, you'll have no end of possible choices.

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