Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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					Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from Antenna Group at Chalmers\elmagn\antenna Dear Friends and Colleagues, When you receive this, Christmas has already passed (at least for most of you). Previous years you have been one of the lucky receivers of our professionally looking special Christmas cards that we have received a lot of positive feed back on. This year, unfortunately, the person, who has helped us, got a serious water leakage in his house before Christmas and had to take a week off. Unfortunately for us, and you, if you enjoyed our cards. Therefore, we had to improvise, and the result was not so good that we would like to blow it up in full scale (see above). But we are all there, and we would like as before to send you this greeting. One more thing: Are we really so many that we seem to be from the Christmas cards? Yes and no. We are a small research group in terms of employed persons and funding, but we have several adjunct researchers spending some of their time here, and we have several Master students who actively participate in our research projects. We are able to produce many and advanced results; both practical and theoretical. Thanks to ideas, enthusiasm, hard work, and strong partners all over the world. And we have fun together. The group is dynamically changing depending on external interests, funding, availability of students, and ideas, like many strong research groups. The year 2001 has in many ways been consolidating for us: 1. We have educated three PhDs (including Björn in October 2000). 2. We have shown that reverberation chambers can be used for measuring radiation efficiency, radiation impedance and effective diversity gain. 3. The start-up company Bluetest ( has now two employees and is exporting its first reverberation chambers these days. 4. The spin-off company COMHAT ( has got several of their antennas certified for low sidelobes. 5. The G1DMULT algorithm has found more use and has been developed to a software package for conformal antennas 6. A new G2DMULT approach for analysis of cylindrical structures has been developed. 7. The concept of soft and hard surfaces has found new applications and has received attention also outside the antenna world. 8. We have arranged two Terminal Antenna Measurement Days with 40-50 participants

from several Swedish companies, institutes and universities. 9. We have arranged an international meeting in COST 260, with a nice banquet supported by Intenna, COMHAT and Bluetest. I am sure those who were there still remember the “Viking” who entertained. 10. My textbook “Foundations of Antennas” got a very good international review. 11. We have got a new anechoic chamber and a new outdoor antenna range in connection with the renovation of the ED building. What about the future? 1. We got increased funding of our research project on characterization of small antennas this year (the board changed their mind about the our project. Fantastic!).

2. We are starting three combined projects about hard surfaces for different applications. 3. The development of software for base station antennas and conformal antennas continues (G1DMULT/G2DMULT). 4. Recruiting: 3-4 new PhD students are on the way in. Next year we promise to send you one of our traditional Christmas cards again. Best wishes for the new year to all of you. Hope we all soon come over the scare for flying. Travelling is so important in research. Best regards Per-Simon Kildal (

The persons in the antenna group this year were: (all are in the Christmas picture) Professor Per-Simon Kildal Secretary IngBritt Hedlund Adjunct researchers (part time at Chalmers): Dr Jan Carlsson, SP in Borås Dr Zvonimir Sipus, Zagreb University of Technology Prof Sergej Skobelev, Moscow Prof Juraj Bartolic, Zagreb University of Technology PhD students: Dr Jian Yang, PhD in October, employed as Research Engineer at Chalmers Dr Silvia Raffaelli, PhD in June, will from 2002-01-01 be at Ericsson (EMW). Tekn Lic Kent Rosengren, industrial PhD from Intenna Technology AB in Kalmar Malcolm Ng, new PhD student Master students working in antenna group during 2001: Raquel Serrano, student at University of Zaragoza (now at EMW) Andreas Wolfgang, student at Karlsruhe University Nikolay Serafimov, Chalmers, for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB Therese Ottosson, Chalmers, for Intenna Technology AB Ulf Carlsberg, Chalmers, now at Tokyo Institute of Technology for 6 months Daniel Rico, Chalmers Omid Sotoudeh, Luleå University, project employed at Chalmers Others: Charlie Carlsson, from start-up company Bluetest AB, responsible for our reverberation chambers.