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					Fresh Turkeys
Free Range Copas Bronze
The Ultimate Christmas Turkey especially for the connoisseur. Slow reared totally free range black feathered birds from Copas Traditional Turkeys in Berkshire. Matured and hand finished on the farm. Individually boxed with full instructions and pop up timer!

Other Poultry
Large Fresh Chickens
These Succulent large chickens, also known as capons, are reared for us at Middleton on the Wolds in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Available in three weight ranges, these chickens are sure to go down a treat!

Deluxe Christmas Hamper
In the festive season when time is of the essence, you can rest assured that at least your Christmas meat order is taken care of!
2lb Roasting Beef - 10lb+ Fresh Turkey Joint 3 to 4lb Danish Gammon Joint 2lb Middle Bacon - 1lb Pork Sausage 1lb Pork Sausage Meat - 1lb Chestnut Stuffing 2 X 1lb Pork Pies

Quality Meats
As usual we will be stocking a wide range of the finest meats available to us! These include, Extra Matured Beef Local Yorkshire Lamb & Free Range Pork
All the above will be available in the shop and there will be no need to order! We have plenty of stock and we would much rather prepare your meat on collection!

Unbelievable Flavour!
4.5kg - 10kg £11.99 per/kg
A £20 Deposit will be required on this product

Small 4 to 5lb Medium 5 to 6lb Large 7 to 8lb Ex. Large 9 to 10lb+

£1.50 per/lb £2.10 per/lb £2.78 per/lb £3.08 per/lb

All ready to pick up in a box! For Only,

Cooked Meat & Delicatessen
Michelle, will be only too pleased to prepare an order for you for collection at Christmas. We have a wide range of Home Cooked Meats, Cheeses and Pates to help make your Yuletide spread a winner. Please speak to the girls who will help you put together your order which can be collected at your convenience!

Copas Free Range Crowns
These are the fronts off the free range birds so you only get the breast with no dark meat! Please note the breasts are on the bone!

Fresh Gressingham Ducks
Yet again Sheila and Richard will be supplying us with these premium quality ducks, dry plucked for that extra crispy skin . Available in two sizes.

This Year we are also Offering 2 more Hampers

The Best of the Breasts!
2kg to 5kg+ £15.60 per/kg
A £20 Deposit will be required on this product

Medium 5lb Large 6lb+ Both sizes £2.98 per/lb

Large Turkey Deluxe Hampers £86
As above but with 15lb+ Turkey

Copas Connoisseur Hamper


Traditional Barn Reared Whites
These our most popular turkeys are Reared for us by David and Elaine at Flowery Fields Farm, Holmfirth. They never let us down, superb birds which are full of flavour!

Gressingham Duck Breast Fillets
These are the juicy breast fillets from the Gressinghan Ducks. Average size is 225g.

Copas Bronze Turkey, Double Rib of Beef, Deluxe Condiments and Stuffing plus all above.

Hampers can be ordered with a minimum deposit of £5.00, but must be paid for in full by 10th Dec.
Weights of joints are approximate

Gold Award Winning Maple Glazed Roast Ham Joints
Yet again we are offering these delicious cooked joints. Gazed with a spicy maple syrup, these joints have proved very popular. They are ideal for buffets and also handy to have in the fridge so you can Cater for those unexpected guests! Assorted sizes.

Please ask in store for price!

Award Winning Pies Free Range Geese
The traditional English Christmas Bird! Makes a nice change from Turkey and gives you plenty of great fat for making delicious roast potatoes. Please note, a medium goose will only feed up to 6 people. Although, as usual, there will be no need to order our Award Winning Pork Pies, we also have a treat up our sleeve, which does require ordering!

Delicious, The Popular Choice!
8lb - 25lb+ £3.38 per/lb

Terracotta Steak Pies
These are home made by our own in house chef Sarah, ideal for Christmas Eve supper or for when friends turn up unexpectedly! These pies freeze well and will feed 7 to 10 people. Cook in oven for 50 minutes.

New for this Year Whole or Half Honey Glazed Hams
Ask on the deli for more information!

Barn Reared Crowns
These are the fronts off the barn reared birds from Flowery Field Farm so you only get the breast with no dark meat! Please note the breasts are on the bone!

Patchwork Handmade Pates
Available in a variety of flavours, these hand made pates add the finishing touch to any table.

Sold in Three Popular Sizes!
Small Medium Large approx. 7lb approx 9lb approx 11lb £36 each £46 each £54 each

Small Goose 8 to 10lb Medium Goose 10 to 12lb Large Goose 12 to 14lb £4.98 per/lb

Two sizes available, 1lb and Half Pound

Three Bird Roasts
This will be the fifth year now that we have offered our Three Bird Roast at Christmas! Pheasant breast and stuffing inside a succulent boned duck which is then put inside a large boneless chicken. The thing that dreams are made of! Please note that because of the work involved, this product is prepared and frozen in advance.

Terracotta Pies £20.00 each, Including £5.00 returnable deposit on dish.

Deposits With Orders
As normal this year we are taking a £10 deposit with all orders.(£20 deposit on free range turkeys) Many people ask if we want a deposit and perhaps will feel more secure having paid one, it will also mean that on collection there’s a little bit less to pay!

Christmas Opening Times.
Tues 22nd & Wed 23rd as normal Christmas Eve 6am to 4pm But we would request that all orders are collected by 2pm Christmas Day.........Closed Sat 26th December Closed Sun 27th December Closed Boxing Day Closed Tues 29th & Wed 30th as Normal New Years Eve 7.30am to 4pm New Years Day Closed Saturday 2nd Jan Back to Normal

Boneless Turkey Breast Joints
Easy to carve, these succulent joints take the hard work out of your Christmas Meal! With their natural skin intact they self baste and cook to a golden brown. The cooking times are shorter and because they are compact in size they are easily stored in your fridge, uncooked or cooked.

Three Bird Roasts £38.00 each

Last But Not Least!
We would like to thank you for your custom throughout the year, and wish you a Very

A popular yuletide treat!

2lb to 12lb+

£4.98 per/lb

£4.00 each

Merry Christmas!

Name Address Postcode Telephone No.
TRADITIONAL BARN REARED TURKEYS Size Extra Small Small Medium Large up to 9lb 9 to 11lb 11 to 14.5lb 14.5 to 16.5lb Quantity This year we will be taking orders for free range birds by weight from 4.5 to 10kg in 0.5kg increments A £20 Deposit will be required On Free Range Bronze Turkeys TRADITIONAL BARN REARED TURKEY CROWNS Quantity Small Medium Large Approx 7lb Approx 9lb Approx 11lb COPAS FREE RANGE BRONZE TURKEY CROWNS Size Small Medium Large Ex. Large BONELESS TURKEY BREAST JOINTS Size Double Breast Single Beast Half Breast Small Joint 10 to 14lb 5 to 7lb 2.5 to 4lb 1.5 to 2lb Quantity Size Small Medium Large Size Medium Large 5lb 6lb 225g 8 to 10lb 10 to 12lb 12 to 14lb Quantity 2 to 3kg 3 to 4kg 4 to 5kg over 5kg FREE RANGE GEESE Quantity Quantity COPAS FREE RANGE BRONZE TURKEYS Size Required

Deposit Paid

Ex Large:Please state weight

A £20 Deposit will be required

FRESH GRESSINGHAM DUCKS FRESH LARGE CHICKENS Size Small Medium Large Ex. Large per/kg 4 to 5lb 5 to 6lb 7 to 8lb 9 to 10lb+ Quantity PHEASANTS No. of Pheasants Required Quantity

Duck Breast Fillets


A £10 Deposit will be required with each ordered item.

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