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David Novak (The GadgetGUY) is a syndicated columnist who reviews and features the latest in consumer technology. For cutting-edge information on what’s hot and what’s new in gadgets and gizmos , The GadgetGUY has his pulse on everything related to computers, camcorders, car tech, cameras, gaming, GPS devices, networking, TVs, software, wireless devices, media players, hi-fi, wifi, cell phones, home appliances, sports science, power tools and more.

Ramos T9HD is Ramos’ upcoming HD portable media player. It gets a Rockchip RK2806 chipset and supports 30 frames-per-second. It also has a 4.3-inches 800×480 display. As a HD PMP, it supports 780p video playback, and is compatible to AVI(Xvid/Divx), RMVB,MKV(H.264), VOB, MPG, FLV video. It also has a TV-out port. The Ramos T9HD PMP 8GB version of this device will sell at about $145, The touch on the capacitive screen is very responsive. The user interface, with a technology referenced as ‘Active View’, will feature drag-and-drop functionality. There's no release date yet, but we assume Ramos is slating the Ramos T9HD PMP for the holidays. You can pre-order on the OWNTA website. Shipping is free worldwide. (www.ownta.com) www.thegadgetguycolumn.com

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