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AGM / Parent Council Meeting Monday 3rd November 2008, 7pm start Venue: St Joseph’s Primary School AGM
Annual Report Distributed by B Kelly with the following comments: - Remit of the Parent Council requires further consideration, agenda item for the January 2009 meeting. Miss Hill keen to retain ownership of issues surrounding curriculum, however opportunity for the Parent Council to endorse the approach of the school, pass information to parents and support curriculum delivery. - Consideration of allocation of funds from social activities organised by the Parent Council. A number of options were promoted including learning support material, musical instruments, staging and sound equipment for use in school shows etc. A Noble and C Graham to support Miss Hill investigate costs for sound equipment. - Communications with parents could be improved further, posters and use of the school white board in the playground being two options. Parent Council Reselection and New Members Tom Higgins, Pauline O’Donnell, Susan Coia and Jane Sinclair not seeking re-election Office Bearers Chairman Brian Kelly (prop. N McCormick/F Noble) Vice Chair Clare-Jane McErlean (prop. N McCormick/C Dunn) Treasurer Angelina Brolly (prop. B Kelly/K Reilly) Vice Treasurer Julia Rae (prop. F Noble/S McBride) Secretary Nicholas McCormick (prop. B Kelly/K Reilly) Vice Secretary Carol Dunn (prop. N McCormick/B Kelly) Soc. Secretary Caroline Beattie (prop. F Noble/B Kelly) Vice Soc. Secretary Fiona Noble (prop. N McCormick/B Kelly) Church representative Vacant, nomination from Father Dougan Council Members Susan McBride, Kay Reilly, Gabrielle Lawwell, Pauline Walsh, Gerry Walsh, Clair Graham, Andrew Noble, Therese McSorley, Joy McPhee (prop. F Noble/N McCormick) Approval of Accounts Presented by A Brolly and approved Copy to Parent Council folder in school reception Report on income and spending within the next Parent Council Newsletter Comments on school fund spending since August 08 N McCormick N McCormick/ A Brolly C Hill

N McCormick

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Parent Council Meeting Agenda Item


Parent Council Members: Brian Kelly (Chair), Fiona Noble (Vice Social Secretary), Joy MacPhee, Clare Jane McErlean, Pauline Walsh, Gerry Walsh, Carlyn Hill (Head Teacher), Kay Reilly, Nicholas McCormick (Secretary), Andrew Noble, Susan McBride, Angelina Brolly (Treasurer), Marie Byrne (Teacher), Carol Dunn, Julia Rae, Clair Graham Parents: Aimee Murphy 1. Apologies Jane Sinclair, Caroline Beattie, Pauline O’Donnell, Susan Coia, Theresa McSorley, Alastair Carmichael (Council Rep.), Stewart Miller (Council Rep.) 2. Minutes of Last Meeting Invitation to Jill Carrick, Music Education ERC to attend our January 2009 meeting B Kelly

3. Social Sub Committee Core team of Caroline Beattie, Fiona Noble, Kay Reilly and Susan McBride, more support from the Parent Forum would be appreciated, particularly during planning, raise within the next Newsletter. P1 night and Halloween parties both a great success Christmas Fayre next big event, lots of planning involved, again more support required from the Parent Forum Spree books being introduced, school receive £300 for every 50 sold Let Applications for Session 2009/10 to be coordinated with Ann Beattie and Jim Kerr during May 2009 B Kelly

N McCormick

4. Disclosures 5. Communion Breakfast 6. Christmas Hampers Agenda items not covered at this meeting

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7. Head Teacher’s Update This agenda item was not covered at this meeting. The following summary is extracted from a report to the Parent Council provided by Carlyn Hill. Learning Centre (Rainbow Room) has had a very successful start with 5 children participating currently, strong support from Parents. May require some modest funding from the school fund to cover costs of soft furnishings etc. Linda Andrew to replace Noreen McDevitt as one of the Pupil Support Assistants Cashless catering goes live 17th November Request to invite Nicky Joiner from ERC to a future Parent Council Meeting to discuss aspects of the new Nutrition Act SQRL follow through planned for the 19/20 November Attainment has risen in National assessment levels in Reading, Writing and Maths. School continues to have an excellent ethos and a strong partnership with our parish, parents and the wider community. Also excellent examples of personal achievement in sport, arts, music and academic topics. Held three very successful infant road shows PLPs going out tomorrow, thank you to the Parent Interest Group for their support School fund is approximately £2,500 – breakdown of recent expenditure provided.


B Kelly


8. Other Items None 9. Date of Next meeting Monday 19 January 2009

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