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					Oakhill Newsletter - December 2008
Principal's Heading Review
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As Christmas fast approaches and we prepare for a new term it is important for us to take a moment to look back at and all the accomplishments activities

Heading Day Oakhill
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Oakhill Day was a wonderful day to show our appreciation for our school. The Junior School spent time learning the meaning of the school crest and even recreated the crest in their art class. All the students wore special badges which showed of the characteristics Oakhill

Heading Class Drama
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The drama students put on a fabulous performance in their last drama class of the year.

over the past school term. As we stop and reflect it is rewarding to see the level of development and maturity that the students have reached in such a short time. This is credited to the teachers and parents who play a vital part in the formation of their virtue. We look towards the New Year with excitement In true for the endless the possibilities ahead. Christian spirit, students, parents and staff of Oakhill showed generous charity this Christmas. Our hampers that went to the St. Vincent de Paul were bursting with wonderful gifts brought in by the children. Operation Christmas Child was another great way to cultivate a spirit of generosity amongst our students and help them to prepare for the real meaning of Christmas. Congratulations and thank you to all. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year -Charlene Peters

students. Everyone enjoyed a slice of a special Oakhill cake which was a real treat!

A special thank you to our drama teacher Mrs. Emer Halpenny for putting on such a creative event for parents.

Oakhill Visitors
We were very lucky to have two special visits to Oakhill in November. These visits were in tandem with teaching the children about public authority figures. The first visit was from a local Garda, who taught the children the importance of keeping safe especially when crossing the road. Congratulations to Mrs. Sally Ann Mitchell who had a baby boy on December 4th.The baby who weighed 8lb.13 is named Alfie. We wish Sally Ann and her family all the best with their new bundle of joy!


Oakhill Newsletter - December 2008
The second visit was from the fire brigade. Some of the children took a turn with the water hose and even got to explore the inside of the fire engine! We even had a special parade to load the boxes on to the delivery van.

A Final Thought...
Happy Christmas to everyone. Jesus tells us that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. In Ireland, in the countryside, we have the tradition of placing a candle in the window at Christmas to tell any traveller or poor person that there is a place at the table for them and a bed for the night. A family I know brings a hamper to the local nursing home every Christmas morning. It is not the number of toys or things that we have that fills our hearts but our love that shows itself and grows in the sincere effort to serve and make others happy. Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the stable of Bethlehem teach us the beautiful lesson of spiritual poverty. They had nothing, far from home, unwelcome. Yet because God was close they were filled with love and spiritual joy that drew everyone together to make that same experience. How beautiful it is at Christmas to pray around the crib in our home at bedtime. God bless you all this Christmas and New Year. Yours in Christ, Fergal Ó Dúill, LC

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The children also filled three hampers with wonderful gifts for the St. this Vincent de Paul. season! The Both generosity was really overwhelming Christmas schemes helped us all to reflect upon how lucky we are and gave us all a chance to share in the Christmas spirit too. We realized just how powerful a simple gift can be and we pray that the boxes and hampers bring hope and joy to boys and girls all over the world who are experiencing hardship this Christmas.

The Season Of Charity
This December the children helped many people around the world have a special Christmas. Oakhill students took part in The Operation Organization. Each child filled a shoe box with gifts for children of a similar age destined for some of the world’s poorest countries. Christmas Child scheme run by the Samaritans

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