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Present: Councillor R G Watts Councillor D King County Councillor Pater Stock Ms Selina Tait Ms Mari Williams Mrs Vanessa Owen Miss Natalie Sham Mr Luke Butler Apologies: Councillor Sue Perkins Mr Andrew Johnstone Mrs Margaret Murton Mr Glenville Codd Ms Megan Daniel In attendance: Ian Jones Town Clerk, Pembroke Dock Town Council Pembroke Dock Town Council Pembroke Dock Community Web Project Pembroke Dock Civic Society Pembrokeshire County Council (Area Maintenance) Environment Agency Pembroke Dock Town Council (Chairman) Pembroke Dock Town Council Pembrokeshire County Council (Environment Scrutiny Committee, Chairman) Llanion Communities First Keep Wales Tidy Group St. Johns Community Hall Pembroke School Pembroke School

Councillor Ron Watts welcomed Mrs V Owen to her first meeting. Mrs Owen had recently presented a petition to the Town Council requesting that steps be taken to reduce litter etc within the town. That petition had been forwarded to the County Council for their action. Mrs Owen had been invited to join this Action Team as a representative from St. Johns Community Hall. 136. Minutes of the last meeting. These had been circulated with the agenda for this meeting. It was proposed by Councillor D King and seconded by County Councillor P Stock that they be accepted as a true record. All were in agreement. There was a discussion on whether the time of future meetings be brought forward to enable more members to attend as there appeared to be a clash with other meetings. It was therefore agreed that future meetings would start at 1500hrs (3.00pm) to see if this assisted members.

137. Matters arising. The following items were raised:(a) Hole in road adjacent to 49, Gwyther Street. There was also a problem concerning the broken pipe taking water from the guttering at this property. (b) The two new dwellings near the corner of Gwyther Street / Apley Terrace had a down pipe which allowed water to go over the pavement. It had been brought to the attention of the Area Maintenance Officer that some sort of channel was required at this point to enable the rainwater to go into the gutter. Until this was done there was ice across a large section of pavement in cold weather. This was then a health and safety risk. (c) The dropped kerb and guttering pipe at the top of the street (junction with Apley Terrace) had still not been attended to consequently it was not secure. (d) Ian Jones stated that he had been informed by the Area Maintenance Officer Glenville Codd that there would be a new bus shelter at Bush Street to replace the one which had been severely vandalised over the years. It was agreed that items (a) to (c) inclusive be referred to the County Council for action. Mrs Owen brought to members’ attention the amount of Dog fouling which was taking place in the Cross Park area of Pennar. In addition there was fly tipping taking place in the old Royal Naval Dockyard. The land where this fly tipping had taken place was owned by the County Council. There was a discussion on the delegation of powers to Community and Town Councils concerning the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. Ian Jones read over to members an e mail he had been sent from Mr Tom Hayes from the Environment Section of the County Council. That e mail was poorly put together and the bottom line seemed to be that the County Council was not interested in getting to grips with delegating powers to Town and Communities in accordance with the guidance issued by the Welsh Assembly Government in their recent publication. County Councillor Peter Stock asked for a copy of that e mail and he agreed to make enquiries of the County Council as to why there was this reluctance to take the matter forward. Ian told members that he had asked that staff from the Town Council attend a training course for them to be trained to issue fixed penalty notices with the cost coming from the Tidy Towns Budget but this had not been possible because of the response which had been received in this e mail. Ian Jones stated that the failure of the County Council to take any effective action in this area and the reluctance to accept any responsibility for the problems was an indication of an ineffective organisation. A new light bulb had been placed in the clock at the Memorial Park and the leaves near the Park / Argyle Street which had been causing some concern at the last meeting had been removed. The caravan at Queen Street had now been moved. Members heard that the picnic tables at Fort Road Car Park had been subject to vandalism and that the roadway was sinking causing flooding at times of heavy rainfall. Members of Pembroke School reported that they had delivered hampers to the elderly in time for Christmas. Councillor Peter Stock offered members of the 6th Form at the school

the opportunity of having a talk from a member of the County Council Environmental Section Team on recycling matters and other related issues. The two representatives will liaise with Councillor Stock as to a suitable date etc. 138. Correspondence. The Town Clerk stated that there was no correspondence which had been received which was relevant to the Team. 139. Pembrokeshire County Council Update. In the absence of Mr Codd or another member of the Area Maintenance Team Ian Jones stated that he had no further information to provide members. 140. Environment Agency Update. Ms Daniel from the EA had stated that there was no item which should be brought to this meeting’s attention. 141. Report from Keep Wales Tidy Representative to include details of events organised for Tidy Towns Week of activities within Pembroke Dock during week commencing 26th January 2009. Mari Williams gave members an update on what had been arranged for the week including litter picks at the ASDA Car Park, Pennar, Bierspool Retail Park etc. There was also an initiative being taken by the Chamber of Trade who had purchased brushes for their members to encourage sweeping of the pavements outside their premises. This would take place just after the opening event at the Pater Hall on 26th January. In addition the County Council would be clearing the old railway line off Gordon Street next to Parfitts Carpets. This was an eyesore and it is hoped that the area will then be grassed and maintained by the Town Council. The other part of the railway line on the opposite side of Gordon Street next to the Job Centre would also be tidied up as part of the exercise. The two gates across the line would then be cleaned and repainted by the Town Council. Mrs Owen stated that a group of volunteers from St. Johns Community Hall would like to litter pick in the Dockyard Area adjacent to Meyrick Owen Way. Tidy Towns would also be providing an additional 5 litter bins throughout the town at locations which had been identified by PDEAT in the past. The question of future sponsorship of litter bins was also raised but it was considered that the matter be reviewed at a later date to see if the 5 new bins had made a difference in those areas where they had been placed. Members were encouraged to take part in the events which had been organised. 142. Any other business. Members expressed concern about the area at the old Silcox Garage which was awaiting redevelopment. It was agreed that this had become an eyesore at the entrance to the town

but little could be done as it was on private land and would be re-developed at some time in the future. County Councillor Peter Stock asked whether the Town Council were interested in taking over amenity / open space areas which are currently looked after by the County Council. It was agreed this should be referred to the Town Council at its next meeting and that the Town Clerk would then write to Councillor Stock to let him have their decision. The question of collection of Tescos Trolleys was raised. The policy of the company is that they do not charge for the use of their trolleys and although they had a system which restricted use of the trolleys within a designated area some still managed to find themselves in other parts of the town. The company was prepared to collect such trolleys once they had been contacted. 143. Date of Next Meeting. The date of the next meeting was fixed for Wednesday 18th March 2009 at 1500hrs (3.00pm). The meeting closed at 1835hrs.