MINUTES OF A UNION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OPERATIONS MEETING HELD AT 9.30 AM ON MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2008, IN THE VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOM, COMPUTER CENTRE Present: President (in the Chair) Alex Hamilton, Union Secretary & Treasurer Vice-President (Media & Volunteering) Vice-President (Scarborough Campus) Vice-President (Sports & Leisure) Vice-President (Welfare & Equality) Chair International Students Association Chair HUSSO Student Community Action

Attending: Paul Tatton, General Manager Julie Watson, Human Resources Manager Sarah Blount, Minute Secretary 25. Apologies received from Vice-President (Academic Representation) and Chair Campaigns. Review of Actions Points from the Previous Meeting (a) Standing Orders & Job Descriptions for Zone Committees After discussion on this, the following was agreed: - Following a meeting in Scarborough, GM to draft a proposal with regard to the President’s responsibilities being re-allocated to other positions in order that the President can adequately cover Scarborough. - UST to have all SOs and Job Descriptions completed by Friday 28th November after consultation with UEC members on their individual SOs and Zone Committees. - Deadline for all Standing Orders and Job Descriptions to be placed on hullstudent.com – 8th December 2008. - UST to look at holding an extraordinary Council meeting to solely look at Standing Orders – week commencing 8th December 2008. (b) SO 8009 governing Women’s Committee Agreed to be finalised with other SOs as above deadlines. (c) UEC Storming Meeting VP(W&E) sent invite out for this Wednesday, 26th November – room to be booked. (d) Standing Orders for Chair Scarborough Agreed to be finalised with other SOs as above deadlines.




UST 28/11 UST 8/12 UST

(e) Date for Referendum Confirmed as taking place w/c 8th December. Details have been sent through to marketing for promotion. (f) Cazenove Investment Seminar Minute Secretary confirmed, on behalf VP(AR), that he was obtaining a rail card today. (g) Uniswap VP(M&V) reported that this would not be going ahead and that he would inform James Brooks. (h) AGM UST confirmed that this had now been rearranged to 8th December to allow for promotion of the event. Confirmed Asylum had been booked and that a speaker from NUS was coming to the meeting. President and UST to put together a presentation for the meeting. (i) Results of Housing Week President, VP(W&E) and Chair Campaigns to collate information on the results of the housing week to give to Belinda Garry by 28th November 2008. (j) Action Points from Scarborough Summit GM confirmed these had been sent out. (k) Education Strategy GM confirmed that this had been sent out and was still in the process of writing the paper to Peter Lutzeier. (l) Walk to Pacific Court President reported that this had had to be cancelled due to lack of people attending. Will be rearranging a date. Will email Reece Andrew to ensure he is available. (m) HUU Constitution GM reported that the meeting with Frances Owen was taking place today at 12.15pm. Would report back. UST stated that the term of office was not stated in the Constitution for part time Officers. GM suggested that this be noted in the Bye-Laws. Confirmed he would action. (n) Culture and Diversity Week President confirmed that promotional material was going up today for this event, such as bunting, posters, etc.; stalls had been booked in reception for various cultural societies and also a debate set up on multiculturalism. (o) Structure of UEC Ops Meetings HRM suggested, to give the meeting a more positive flow, having a “win of the week” at the beginning of the meeting. This would involve members reporting on any successes or what they have done well during the previous week. This was agreed and to be added to the agenda.

Pres/US T Pres VP(W& E)ChCa mp 28/11




Events and Actions to be taken for the Week Ahead (a) VP(S&L) - The move of the Trophy Cabinet to near the Box Office on the ground floor will be finalised this week. - Sorting out deposits from Tour. Deadlines were Friday for Hull and this Friday for Scarborough. - Working on arrangements for the AU Ball which is taking place this Friday. UEC invited to attend. Tickets are £25 each. - Attending Sports Development Group with GM on Thursday. (b) VP(M&V) - Windmills session on Wednesday. - Meeting with Paul Edgeworth tomorrow to discuss environmental issues. - Meeting with Mark Tyson later in the week to discuss arrangements for World Aids Day. - Will be co-ordinating elections for JAM this week. - Need to rearrange meeting with PC Alistair Kennedy. - Will be meeting with UST to discuss Standing Orders. (c) Chair HUSSO - Will be holding Project Co-ordinator training. - Inductions will still be taking place every week despite no-one turning up last week. - Will be working on getting projects out. - Still trying to arrange the change of the bank mandate. (d) VP(Scarb) - Will be working on communicating to students on campus to let them know what HUU is planning. - Will be advertising the opening of the shop at the weekends around campus. - Trip to Asylum taking place this Saturday. Will be promoting to get students interested. - RAG recruitment day is taking place next Tuesday. - Student Rep training taking place next Tuesday. - Will be working with the Student Experience Committee with regard to writing a proposal to the disbursement fund to get funding for

changing room facilities. (e) Chair ISA - Meeting with the International Office tomorrow to discuss international welcome week and arrangements for culture night. - Winter Ball tickets will be going on sale for £24 with a meal and £7 without. - Currently selling tickets for trip to Paris. So far have sold 30. - The Amsterdam trip has now sold out. - Football tournament taking place on Saturday. - Will be taking up promotional material to Scarborough today for trips. The international office have stated they will send out an email to all international students at Scarborough to help with the advertising of trips. (f) UST - Working on Standing Orders with individual members of UEC. - Will be working on the marketing for the AGM. - Council tonight. Have arranged transport to leave at 4.30pm for Open Policy Forum and then UST Council. Will be ringing councillors later to remind them of arrangements. Chair HUSSO gave her apologies. - Will be meeting with Graham Jackson, Finance Manager, to go over the finances of all the areas. - Have set a regular date for election meetings with James Brooks. - President asked if UST could meet with James Brooks to discuss the Referendum week to ensure that publicity is sent out in plenty of time. (g) VP(W&E) - Putting together results of housing week with President for Belinda Garry. - Will be meeting with Sandra Johnson, Retail Manager, to discuss collection for a Christmas hamper. - Will be sorting out a SHAG week mini website. - Will be attending an Access to Learning Fund Panel. - Working on the Highlights Scheme – hope to have completed and rolled out after Christmas. - Will be promoting World Aids Day next Monday.

(h) President - Open Policy Forum and Council today. - Reach Out Committee at 10.30am. - University Council on Tuesday. - HOD Ops meeting tomorrow at 9.30am, followed by a meeting with GM at 10.00am to discuss Union policy. - Windmills session on Wednesday. - Going to Scarborough on Thursday. (i) GM - Have 4 separate staff briefings this week to brief staff on HUU’s plans. - Sports Development Group on Thursday with VP(S&L). - As reported earlier, will be finalising a paper for Peter Lutzeier this week. - Will be checking through Standing Orders sent through from UST. 28. Scarborough Support for the Week - Tuesday 25th November - VP(M&V) to discuss RAG recruitment at 11.00am. - Thursday 27th November - President – regular visit. Holidays/Absences/Concerns (a) VP(Scarb) – request for holiday VP(Scarb) informed UEC that he would be taking some time off at Christmas. Would confirm exact dates for approval by UEC. (b) VP(M&V) – 1 day annual leave VP(M&V) taking Friday, 28th November as annual leave. (c) UST – 1 day annual leave UST taking Friday 28th November as annual leave. Approval of Staff Matters/Management Issues/Standing Orders (a) SLDT – Healthy Living Course HRM reported that the Staff Learning and Development Team were holding a Healthy Living Course tomorrow if any members were interested in attending. Urgent Any Other Business for the Week (a) Transport to Council VP(W&E) suggested that when travelling to Scarborough tonight on the minibuses that UEC members do not all sit together but split




themselves up with councillors to integrate more. (b) Staff Party -21st December The Minute Secretary asked if members had not already done so, to let her know if they would be attending this event. VP(S&L) confirmed her attendance. (c) Enterprise Centre – 27th November GM (aka Duncan Bannatyne) reported that he would be attending this event re budding entrepreneurs on Thursday afternoon. (d) SUEI Visit – HRM HRM reported that she would be having her last SUEI visit to London Arts on Thursday 27th November. (e) Geoffrey Shoosmith Lunch – Friday 28th November Taking place on Friday. GM suggested that members read the details of the article on G Shoosmith so that they are prepared to meet him and also proposed that mature students are invited along to meet him. (f) Giant Globe – Friday 28th November President reminded member that the globe from the Leeds Student Union was coming on Friday to be rolled around the campus to raise awareness of student debt. 32. Disciplinary Hearing UST

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