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					BSJA Area 43 AGM 13th November 2007 East Horton Golf Centre, Lower Upham, Hampshire John Wheeler – Area Representative Tim Forrest – Regional Representative Peter Slipper Fiona Dunning Targa Hammond Janet Hamilton Dupe Powell John Laker Jane Kenny 40 Members of Hampshire Area



Chairman’s Opening The Chairman opened the meeting and thanked the Committee for all their hard work over the year. The Area Senior Show was held at Crofton but had to be on a Friday and Saturday, so travelling conditions were difficult on the Friday due to the rush-hour traffic. The warm up surface was also being replaced and competitor numbers had dropped. Dupe Powell did a great job in securing a large amount of sponsorship and the profit from the show will be between £700 and £900. We won the regional teams competition for the third year running and went on to come 5th out of 51 at the nationals. The star of the team was Rosie Moss who jumped double clear in both the regional and national competition. The Chairman then read out a letter from Rosie who thanked the Committee for their support and said how much she had enjoyed the competitions. A question was raised regarding the countdown timing system used at the Area show and the Chairman confirmed that this should be used where there is a public display of timing. A competitor has 45 seconds to start, otherwise any extra time taken will be included in the time for their round.


Apologies for absence Apologies were received from Audrey Cushion, David James, Tony Newbury and Annie Carder.


Matters arising from the AGM held on 14th November 2006 There were no matters arising.


(2) 4. Profit and Loss Account The Profit and Loss Account was shown on the back of the agenda. There were no comments or questions. 5. Area Junior and Senior Shows The Junior Show is being held this coming Sunday. For 2008 the Junior Show will be on 23rd November and the Senior Show on 8th and 9th November, both at Crofton with their improved practice area. 6. Junior Academy Fiona Dunning reported that the Junior Academy now has over 50 members, 30 of which are active. It started well with a good launch evening. Juniors do three initial stages and this leads on to regular training. There has also been a team talk and demos and there will be a box at Olympia. A grant has been obtained from the BSJA and the Area will try to host a show and invite teams from other areas to compete. It is hoped that every member of the Academy will have a chance to compete on a team. Fiona is talking to the BSJA on how to progress this further. A competition had also been run to design a logo for the Junior Academy. The 16 entries received had been reviewed by the Committee and the best 6 had been sent to Ellen Whitaker to judge. She has sent back her top three including her favourite. A winner will be announced at the Christmas Party at Pinkmead. 7. Presentation by Tim Forrest Tim Forrest reported on five main activities. International Our team has qualified for the Olympics and stayed in the Super League. All this costs a lot of money and half was given by the BSJA and half by UK Sport. After 2012 we have to find more money, although the Government are keen to promote equestrianism. The Young Riders and Junior teams have won 17 medals and the children’s team went well in Istanbul. Programmes are being developed with UK Sport to promote long term horse and rider development, particularly for 2012. UK Show jumping The BSJA are trying to create an attractive show jumping circuit throughout each area and around the country. Participation has grown enormously in the Amateur Championships at 90cm, 1.00m, 1.10m and 1.20m. The Renault Jump Series at 1.40m was held at 8 county shows and there were very good championship classes at Newbury. More sponsors are required at all levels.


(3) TV coverage has increased and programmes on Sky have improved. There is a new Horse & Country channel and they hope to show more equine coverage next year. The BSJA may sponsor some programmes. Training 6 areas are running a Junior Academy with the hope that this will increase to 10 next year. All are very successful and help to develop rider capabilities and team spirit. The 5 star training programmes for seniors needs to have more effort put into it plus Committees need more money from the BSJA to make arrangements. There are 50 accredited coaches, mostly Level 3. The BSJA are trying to get more coaches to Level 4 and want to roll out a training programme across the country, with a training manual available to all. Sponsorship Prize money and cars from Renault have been welcomed but the BSJA are constantly trying to find more sponsors. Team GBR Equestrian is looking for sponsorship from major companies, i.e. Shell. All winners of the Leagues will receive a Christmas Hamper. Membership The BSJA are trying to recruit and retain members. Membership at present stands at 16,500 which is the highest ever and is growing at around 5% per year. Entries for classes are also increasing. 8. Any other business The Dinner/Dance will be held on 28th February, venue to be confirmed. Tim Forrest was asked about recognising and retaining top horses for the future. The equine pathway was set up in March to do this and riders of good horses may be approached at shows or the BSJA will keep in touch with certain riders who produce good young horses. They are trying to secure independent funding to buy horses to keep in the UK.

Pat Delaney has been showing some classes on the Internet via a webcam and some premier show centres are looking at getting some of their bigger classes on TV. Watch this space! John Wheeler thanked Peter Slipper for the large amount of work he had done over the year. He advised that he would be resigning as Area Representative at the end of the year but Peter would stay on for another year. Fiona Dunning thanked John for everything he had done as Area Representative. He is very passionate about show jumping and the Area and has put many initiatives in place. Fiona advised that he would be remaining on the Committee.



Date of next meeting Tuesday, 11th November 2008 at East Horton Golf Centre.

The Chairman closed the meeting and advised that there was a buffet and disco upstairs for those with tickets or who wished to purchase tickets; otherwise refreshments were available at the back of the meeting room.