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BETHLEHEM BULLETIN 18_ 2008 _17 Dec_pub


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									17 December 2008

Term 4 No.18

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Bethlehem, God of love, Father of all, You revealed your Son to the nations by the guidance of a star. Lead us to your glory in heaven by the light of faith. Make us your people of light. Make us faithful to your word that we may bring your life to the waiting world. Amen As this is the final newsletter for 2008 I wish you all a joyful and holy Christmas filled with love and happiness. I hope everyone has a well deserved rest spent with family and friends and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Awards Night Our College Awards Night was a wonderful evening. It was a celebration of the diverse gifts and talents of our students. Congratulations to all the girls who received awards. Thank you to all the staff for the organisation and preparation of the evening. In particular we thank the Awards Night Committee; Mrs. Mann, Ms. Richmond, Mrs. Bowyer, Ms. Yeom, Ms. Pantua, Mrs. Rossetti and Mr. Wheatley. Very special thanks to all the parents, relatives and friends who attended, it was wonderful to see the Hall filled to capacity, your presence contributed to the success of our very first annual award night

held in our new Hall. Please find below an excerpt from my address which highlights some of the achievements this year: Excerpt from Principal’s Address on Awards Night: “…..We have already heard some wonderful news from our HSC class of 2008 Alycia Nicholas has been offered a place at the University of NSW in Law and Kate Rohan has been offered a teaching scholarship at the Catholic University and they haven’t even received their UAI results as yet. We are also delighted with our Year 10 School Certificate achievements, some outstanding individual results include: Clarissa Sukkar achieving 99% in History, 99% in Geography and 97% in Computing, Seraphina Kwak achieved 98% in Mathematics and Melania Berehovy achieved 95% in English Literacy. Year 10 should be very proud of themselves; they are well prepared for their journey into the Preliminary HSC year.

Throughout the year there has been widespread evidence of innovation and continual improvement, resulting in improved student learning outcomes both inside and outside of the classroom. Examples of which include the following:

This year we also blessed and opened our wonderful Hall which has already hosted the WYD Cross and Icon, the Yr 12 Graduation Dinner, The HSC and SC exams, a number of assemblies and our Bethlehem Day Talent Quest. We are truly blessed to have this excellent facility as well as the other excellent facilities throughout the college.

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Our excellent results and learning gains in the Year 7 and Year 9 NAPLAN tests. Jessica (Yr 10) achieved second place in the senior section Yrs 10-12 Chemistry Division of the NSW Young Scientist Award. Lauren (Yr 10) was selected to participate in The University of Sydney Gifted and Talented Discovery Program. As well, seven of our students participated in the Gifted Science Crest Project with the CSIRO. Melania (Yr 10), received a ‘Highly Commended’ for the ‘Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Student Achievement’ for the study of Ukrainian and Priscilla (Yr 10) achieved this award for the study of Arabic. Our Year 12 students received the Inner Western Sydney Business Education Partnership VET Student of Excellence Awards; Irene for Retail and Marcelle for Hospitality. We had an excellent Public Speaking and Debating season with Lorena our College Vice President winning the Lions Youth of the Year Public Speaking Competition. Emma (Yr 10) was selected to compete in the Zone finals of the CSDA Public Speaking competition, Sinead won the regional finals of the Rostrum Voice of Youth and then continued as a State Finalist at Parliament House. Our Year 10 debating team of Sarah, Emma, Elizabeth and Jessica were victorious against St. Ignatius Riverview enabling the team to compete in the elimination round. Our Year 7 team also had a very successful season resulting in their selection to also compete in the elimination round. Our Year 10 team defeated St. Aloysius and progressed to the quarter-finals. A number of our Gifted and Talented performing arts students performed as part of the CaSPA ensemble for WYD. We also had 29 finalists in the Music Department ‘X Factor’ Competition and we witnessed an outstanding performance of our Yr 8 students in the musical production “Double Trouble”. Our students demonstrated their commitment to the wider community with the following outstanding achievements; Chiara (Yr 12) was the recipient of the Haberfield Rotary Community Service Award, Elizabeth (Yr 10) won the 2008 Wests Ashfield Leagues Club Community Citizenship Award as well as the Ashfield Council 2008 Community Citizenship Award, Samantha (Yr 7) was selected to represent Auburn Council at a Youth Conference to discuss community issues and problem solving. Finally, Ashley (Yr 12) was recipient of the Archbishop of Sydney Award for the wonderful contribution she has made to the College community. Our extensive sporting program resulted in a number of outstanding achievements; Pauline, our SRC President was the 2008 recipient of the Pierre De Coubertin Award for sporting excellence, Joanne was selected as the 2008 NSW Badminton Representative at the Australasian U17 Championships and Kiara was selected to participate in the Year 9 U16 NSW Metropolitan Basketball Team. Our CGSSSA Basketball teams played extremely well and the intermediate team was undefeated until the grand final, as was our intermediate MCCS Basketball team. Our junior Volleyball team is to be congratulated for their victory in the grand final.

So as you can see Bethlehem College has been extremely busy, demonstrating to the wider community excellence in education “.

Anna Dickinson Principal

Assistant Principal News…
As we wrap up a very successful year at Bethlehem College our Year 12 students are eagerly awaiting HSC results. Our Year 12s are invited back on Thursday December 18th at 11am, for morning tea after they have received their HSC and UAI results. Staff will be available to assist students with decisions surrounding the options they will have in relation to their results. Year 12 teachers are always keen to catch up with students and to hear of the success that they have had with their HSC. Congratulations to students from Years 7 – 11 who were present at the Awards evening on Friday night. This was a great opportunity to celebrate the many successes of our students. For those few students who were unable to attend, reports are available to be collected from the school office throughout this week. Students cleaned out lockers for the end of year during the last week of school. Any unclaimed items will be disposed of. Should your daughter have left something at school by accident, the college office is open this week. There are a number of unclaimed uniform items in lost property. A reminder that the College backpack is a compulsory uniform item from 2009 onwards. Students in Years 7 and 11 who have a college backpack, bought from the uniform shop without a crest, will still be able to use this backpack next year. Please note in your calendar that school resumes on January 28th for Year 7,11 and 12 students and January 29th for all other students. January 28th will be a half-day of classes commending at 8.30am and concluding at 12.40pm. Please note that there won’t be any sport activities on the first Thursday back accordingly students should be dressed in full summer uniform. Finally, thank you to the parents and carers of our students for your support of the work our teachers carry out with your daughters. We wish you a happy and Holy Christmas and a safe and enjoyable summer holiday. See you in 2009!

Teash Richmond Assistant Principal

Religious Education News…
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers Thank you to all students and families for their incredible generosity in donating food items, toys and Christmas decorations for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal. All Homerooms filled their laundry hampers. Some homerooms filled two or more hampers. Please be assured that you will be making a difference, not to just one individual, but to families in need. This is an important gift from your family to another family. Term 4 Round-up It has been a very busy week for all. Our Christmas Mass was celebrated with St Vincent’s Parish on Wednesday of last week. Students from each homeroom in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 presented their St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers during the offertory procession. We also heard from Ms Kate Giumelli, the Children’s Officer for the St Vincent de Paul Society. She thanked all students and their families for their generosity and outlined how our contributions would change a family’s Christmas for the better. All hampers were collected on Thursday by St Vincent de Paul for distribution to families in need just in time for Christmas. Prayer As we finish our school year, let us give thanks for all the good things that we have received and ask for blessings upon our families. Let us pray... O God, most high and most near you who send glad tidings to the lonely, and do not hide your face from the poor. Those who dwell in darkness you call into light. Take away our blindness, remove the hardness of our hearts, and form us into a humble people, that, at the advent of your Son we may recognise him in our midst and find joy in his saving presence. We ask this through him whose coming is certain, whose day draws near: your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. Have a very merry and holy Christmas and a safe and joyous new year.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition to Kangaroo Valley 3-4 December
Mr Whittaker, Ms Percy and 15 Years 9 and 10 students went on an overnight camping and canoeing trip to Kangaroo Valley accompanied by two Southbound Adventures tour guides, Taniya and Flick.

Students included: Tess Williams Joanne Wilaichorenphat Gertrude Lacanilao Chloe Lau Vidhi Dogra Jerusha Thompson Sarah Silverstro Stephanie Mora Therese Pokorny Nicola Danes Kasey Quinn Pin Sumonwan Carmen Famularo Felicity Mlalazi Elizabeth Mora

This was their practice trip as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. They learned many new skills such as canoeing, camping, cooking and navigation. All girls had an unforgettable time and are looking forward to the next trip!!

Wayne Wheatley Religious Education Coordinator

John Whittaker Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator


Year 9 PASS Surfing Excursion – Bondi Beach

Curriculum News…
Awards Night Congratulations to all the students who were presented with awards at our Awards Night on 12th December. We were thrilled to be able to celebrate the achievements of so many students with the whole school community. A list of award recipients is included with this newsletter. School Certificate Congratulations, also, to our Year 10 students. We are very pleased with our School Certificate results. The percentage of students in the top bands has increased considerably in 3 out of 5 subjects, with some impressive scores such as 99 in Australian History, 99 in Australian Geography, 98 in Mathematics, 97 in Computing and 95 in English. Selective Stream 2009 Selective classes will run in 2009 in the following subject groupings: Year 10: Mathematics Science/PDHPE Religion/English/History/Geography Year 9: Mathematics Science/PDHPE/ITL Religion/English/History/Geography Year 8: Mathematics Religion/English/History/Geography Year 7: Mathematics/PDHPE Religion/English/History/Geography Students will be selected for these classes on the basis of the final 2008 school report and teacher recommendation. For Year 7, the Allwell test results, the selective test results, and the Year 5 Basic Skills Test results will also be used. The selective classes will be coded in your daughter’s timetable with an A (eg MATHA). I wish everyone a merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday, and a well-deserved rest.

On the 5th December, Ms Percy, Mr Ei and the Year 9 PASS class attended a session with Let’s go Surfing at Bondi Beach. We arrived at the beach at 9.30am to meet the instructors and get our wetsuits, sunscreen and boards. The class was then split into groups of 3 and taught the safety procedures before entering the water including how to spot a rip. We were also taught different techniques on how to surf and stand up on the board. Many of the girls were able to stand up on the board where as others were content to simply ride on the board all the way to the shore.

Helen Barakat, 9Blue

2009 Chinese New Year’s Celebration
Rev. Fr. Michael Walsh has invited the Chinese Catholic Community of Sydney to participate in the Eucharist to celebrate the Chinese New Year at 10.00am on Sunday 25th January at St. Vincent’s Church, Bland Street, Ashfield. Bishop Brady is the main celebrant with Fr. Michael and some Chinese priests as co-celebrants. There will be a New Year’s Party in the Parish Hall after the Mass to which everyone is invited. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful occasion. Chinese Catholic Community

Janet Mann Curriculum Coordinator SCHOOL FEES REMINDER:
In some cases, school fees are still outstanding. Please note that BPAY payments may be made during the school holiday period. It is very important that fees are paid on time so that the school can meet its financial obligations and ensure that all students have appropriate resources. BPAY details are detailed on fee statements. Please feel free to contact the College at any time for an up to date fee statement. Thank you.

Uniform Shop Hours…
Uniform Shop Hours as follows:
Tuesday & Friday 10.00am - 1.30pm Phone Number 9799 6163 CASH/EFTPOS or CREDIT CARDS accepted

Uniform Shop News… IMPORTANT DATES 2009
• • • • Tuesday 27th January 2009 Wednesday 28th January 2009 (Yrs 7,11 & 12 resume) Thursday 29th January 2009 (Yrs 7 to 12 resume) Friday 30th January 2009 9.00am-1.00pm 9.00am-1.00pm 9.00am-1.00pm 10.00am-1.30pm

Important Dates Term One 2009
19 January 28 January 29 January 11 February College Office re-opens Years 7,11 & 12 return to school (half day only commencing at 8.30am & concluding at 12.40pm) Years 7 to 12 (all year groups) return to school (full day) Year 7 Vaccinations—Hepatitis B ( Dose 1) and HPV (Dose 1) (Letter will follow in early Term 1)

Please make cheques payable to TALEB AUSTRALIA. Lay-bys available.

The College would appreciate donations of any uniforms no longer required by students who have left or have completed their education with Bethlehem College. Thanking you in anticipation.


SRC and Brain Teasers News…

Front row (L-R): Second row (L-R): Third row (L-R): Fourth row (L-R): Top row (L-R):

Samantha Khoury, Katrina Soueid Violet Inati, Fiona Yuan, Erika McRae, Jessica Paine Lopa Tuulakitau, Elizabeth Bell Apadic Koul, Catherine Conneely, Mai Pham, Christine Francis, Siobhan Fogarty Iris Somera, Stephanie Saba

BRAIN TEASERS Holiday Puzzle (Answer provided below):

A six-digit number with a 4 at the end becomes 4 times larger when the 4 is removed and put at the front. What is the number?

Last week’s solution: E, N (These are the final letters of the counting numbers 1,2,3…) Congratulations to Michelle Kwak of 7C who correctly answered Problem 11. See Mrs Mann to collect your canteen voucher when school resumes in 2009. (This week’s solution = 102564)

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