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					St. Mary’s Primary School 74 Roseberry Street Ascot Vale Vic. 3032

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4th December 2008
ADVENT Somewhere we have missed our way, but Christmas points us back, To where we lost our vision, on life’s winding track And so our steps we must retrace until we see once more, The moving star that comes to rest above a stable door. Many roads we travel and many wandering stars we see, But nothing satisfies the heart that seeks reality. Until it looks to Bethlehem, a blessing to receive, With the Shepherds and Angels saying “I believe” Back to childhood we must go, our starting point to find, Recapturing the innocence and purity of mind, With which a child, unquestioning, kneels down on Christmas Day, To hail the infant Christ who is the Life, the Truth, the Way.

Dear Parents, Our swimming program commenced this week and staff have reported that the lessons are running very smoothly. Groups are well organised and the children are thoroughly enjoying their lessons. If you’re child is unable to swim for a medical reason, we ask you to please send a note to the teacher. As the year winds up, we are able to announce our staffing changes for 2009. Ann Anglin and Simone Whitehead will be leaving us for 12 months while Kate Crookshanks and Shane Collins will be taking up new challenges elsewhere. More details to follow next week! We have employed 3 new teaching staff – Annie Vaughan, Teresa Mercuri and Amanda Nesbitt and a new teacher aide – Phil Magris who has worked here at St. Mary’s previously. Parish Priest Principal Leadership & Management Deputy Principal Well Being Reading Recovery/Literacy School Community Director of Learning & Teaching Religious Education Coordinator Gr. Prep Gr. One Gr.Two Gr.Three Gr.Four Gr.Five Gr.Six

2009 St. Mary’s Staff

Fr. Jim Clarke Dan Mogg Sandra Lind Dot Crowley

Leanne Stramare Julieanne Le Noury Elise Fernon (Coghlan) Chris Creasey/Donna Santomartino Marisa Varrese (Testa) Raffaella Librandi Kathy Blythe Rita Murphy/Donna Santomartino Annie Vaughan Sarah Mogridge, Leanne Stramare Teresa Mercuri Janina Zahra/Alex Reid Julie McIntyre/Julieanne LeNoury Judy Keenan/Alex Reid Anthony D’Amico Amanda Nesbitt

LOTE (Italian) Performing Arts ICT Health & PE School Officers Teacher Aide Cleaners Maintenance Manager Tuckshop Manager

Rina Zampogna Faye Nardella Lisa Smith Nicole Lindrea Nola Davis, Lauren Carattoli, Connie Mallinson Marie Parker,Sally Anglin, Sharon Butler, Phil Magris Adolfo/Clara Nunez Steve Cozzi Tina Cozzi DATES FOR THE CALENDIARY

Week 9 1-5 Dec 5th Dec. 4th Dec. Week 10 8th Dec. 9-11 Dec. 11th Dec. 12th Dec.

Swimming Senior Citizens luncheon Fathers Association golf evening School Closure Swimming Yr. 6 Graduation – 6pm, followed by student presentations and supper in the hall Whole School Orientation Day for 2009

Week 11 15th Dec. Gr. 6 Big Day Out 18th Dec. End of year Mass – 9.00am End of Term 4 – 3.25pm finish 2009 Dates 28-30th Jan Individual testing 2nd Feb Formal classes commence 21st Mar. St. Mary’s Dinner Dance 13-15th May Gr. 5/6 Camp 5th June Confirmation (Gr.6) 8th / 15th Aug. First Communion (Gr.4) – 6pm Mass 17-18th Sept. Gr. 3/4 camp 29th Oct First Reconciliation (Gr.3) 13th Nov. FIESTA

TERM 4 MASSES/ASSEMBLIES Week 9 10 11 Class leading Thursday Mass Class leading Friday Assembly 4/12/08 Staff 5/12/08 Morning Advent Assembly 11/12/08 No Mass 12/12/08 Morning Advent Assembly 18/12/08 Grade Six 19/12/08 No Classes for Students RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NEWS

YEAR SIX GRADUATION NIGHT Year Six Graduation Night to be held on Thursday 11th December at 6.00 p.m. followed by Valedictory and supper in the hall. Our grade six students will need to meet in the hall by 5.30pm in order to be ready to process in to the Church. This will be an opportunity for parents to get a good seat in the Church by getting there early. The Graduation Class will be sitting in reserved seats at the front of the Church. At the end of the mass the students will be processing out of the Church to be ready for our Valedictory evening. Mrs Crowley has sent home a note to parents regarding information about our supper. A final note will be sent home to all grade six students next Tuesday with a final reminder about all details regarding Graduation. A reminder to all grade five & six parents that our handing over of student leadership will take place at our final school mass on Thursday 18th December at 9.00am. SCHOOL ADVENT PARALITURGIES Our school Advent Paraliturgies will be held in the hall on: Tuesday 9th December: 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. Second week of Advent Tuesday 16th December: 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. Third and Fourth week of Advent All parents most welcome. PEACE MESSAGES BOX We invite all members of our school community to be a part of our “Peace Messages Box”by writng special messages of hope, love and peace and placing them in our special Christmas box on our school prayer table. We will read some of these out at the beginning of our Advent Paraliturgy next Tuesday and throughout the week at our morning assemblies. Julieanne Le Noury

ST MARY’S STUDENT SCHOOL LEADERSHIP “Good character is not a monopoly of the clever or successful; it belongs to anyone who has the strength and determination to foster it.” Anonymous Our student leadership process has begun for the 2009 school year as our grade 5 students have been applying for the roles of School Captain and Vice Captains. The students have written their applications based on the role descriptions of the jobs and then been interviewed by Mr Mogg, Mrs Lind and Mrs Le Noury. The classroom teachers and other staff will also be invited to read applications and discuss suitable candidates for the job. The successful applicants will be notified in person and a note will be sent home to notify parents. The school captains for 2009 will be presented with their badges after the end of year mass in the hall on Thursday, 18th December. The quality of the applications and interviews has been outstanding. Congratulations and thank you to all our applicants. We are very proud of you. We look forward to applications for Environment, Church, Choir , Assembly, and Sports Captains early in 2009. Mr Mogg, Mrs Lind and Mrs Le Noury FEES A not so gentle reminder! We need you to pay your accounts so that We can pay ours! Please settle all accounts now. Thank you. CANTEEN HELPERS Wednesday 10th December Friday 5th December Fiona Roberts & Anne Wight & Claire Dwyer Cath Streat & Janice Ness Friday 12th December Anne-Marie Milne & Jan Fleming I would like to thank all the Canteen volunteers who have helped out throughout the year. The Canteen would not be able to run without your help, so thank you all very much and I hope to see you next year. We had a special helper in the Canteen last Friday, our first Dad Allan Baker (Elise PEF and Clarke 3RM). PARISH PICNIC The Feast of Christ the King was the Sunday in which we resurrected the tradition of holding a Parish Picnic. The weather over that weekend did not augur well for an outdoor celebration. However, the Social Life Committee was determined that the picnic would proceed, come hell or high water! The resultant picnic was a tremendous success! Those parishioners who chose to brave the elements were rewarded with good food and good company. The gathering engendered a great sense of bonhomie and camaraderie amongst all who were present. The wind was blustery, but thankfully the rain held off and eventually the sun shone. An event such as this doesn’t organize itself. I would like to acknowledge the principal organizers: Helen Monaghan and Mairead Utri who gathered around them a willing body of volunteers; husbands, friends, siblings and children who worked tirelessly to make the Parish Picnic the success it was. I would also like to acknowledge the cooperation and contribution of local traders: Ascot Vale Meat Supply; LMI Catering and Bakers Delight, Ascot Vale for enabling us to purchase the food for the picnic at a discount rate. Most of all “Thank you” to all who attended. We all enjoyed a great day together and to share our lives with each other. God Bless. Fr. Jim Clarke. CHURCH SPRING CLEAN In preparation for the Christmas season there will be a ‘Spring Clean’ morning in the Church on Saturday 6th December from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Some of the jobs we hope to do are:- wash down all the seats and kneelers, remove cobwebs and give the Church and surrounds a general clean up. If you can help, even for as little as half an hour, it would be appreciated. Please bring with you any tools, cloths, buckets etc. that you think you could use. We look forward to seeing you there. PARENTS AUXILIARY NEWS Thank you so much!!! We would like to extend our thanks to those who baked, bought and sold items last Saturday from the Prep and Junior Cake Stall in Union Rd. An overwhelming $1,203 was raised!!!!! A great effort!! Particular

thanks goes to Deborah Njegac for getting everything under way, Kathy Allan for setting up and then packing up after spending the whole morning at the stall and the wonderfully enthusiastic helpers who gave up an hour or more of their time to help Kathy. Routleys once again delivered free coffee to the ladies on the stall which was a very generous and greatly appreciated gesture. Christmas Hampers – St Vincent de Paul Society St Mary’s Parish is giving Parishioners and school families the opportunity to purchase Christmas Hampers which will be distributed to the needy in our community this Christmas. You don’t actually buy a hamper as such but rather make a donation towards the cost of a hamper which is given to a family in need by St Vincent de Paul Society members. If you would like to make a donation, money can be left at the school office. Each Hamper costs $30 but any amount you are able to give will be accepted with thanks. For more information contact Peg Nott on 9318 3580 or Shane Allan on 9377 2311. Or alternatively, see Sandra Lind or Mary McAllister. Thank you. Parents & Friends Dinner ~ Café Lomah Monday, December 8th, from 7.45pm Hopefully by now each family has received an invitation to this year’s final Parents & Friends meeting for 2008 and end of year dinner at Café Lomah. The dinner is an opportunity for everyone, not just “auxiliary members”, to thank each other for all the hard work and enthusiasm over the past year. The Parents & Friends will supply some champagne and wine. Unfortunately, yet wonderfully, it is near impossible to keep track of every single person who has helped out in some way this year!! To those of you who’ve stood at a cake stall, turned a sausage, helped set up the hall, washed dishes, wrapped a raffle prize or done any number of the countless jobs, your continued help and support never goes unnoticed or is taken for granted. Therefore, we would love for you to join us on Monday night. Please RSVP to either Kathy Allan on 0419 541 216 or Mary McAllister on 0413 059 640 by 4pm on Friday, December 5, if you can come. Whole School Orientation Day On Friday, 12th December, the new Preps for 2009 will be here to join in on the whole school’s orientation day. Some of the 2008 Prep parents are planning to provide a morning tea that the new parents can share while their child is meeting their new classmates. If you have a child in Prep this year and are able to bring along a plate of food on the morning of the 12th, please see or call Cath Streat on 9372 0313, A SAVVY Shopping Night Success A special thanks to all the Mums and teachers who came along to the Savvy Christmas Shopping Fundraiser last night at such a busy time of year. Congratulations to Janine Cattanach for winning the raffle (a gorgeous new vase). A good night was had by all. We’ll keep you posted on the amount of money raised on the night. O.H.S.C. The first of our Active Aftercare Programme – cricket activities has come to an end on Tuesday. We had a double session so we can do Christmas activities for the next two weeks. The children enjoyed cricket and by the way they played we have a few Australian cricketers in the making. Our second activity – Archery - has one more week to go. Over the last 3 weeks the children have been participating in an Archery competition. The winner was Veronica. The coach Rod hand made a trophy and Veronica’s Mum was very proud when it was shown to her. We could have a potential Olympian in our programme. Our Christmas decorations are up so if you would like to visit the magic cave (I am from Adelaide and we have a magic cave) the hours are from 7.00 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. admission is free. Thank you to Sam and Hugh for lending us a CD player so we can listen to Christmas music. I’m still trying to find Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. If you have Preps attending next year could you please pick up a Registration Form either from the front office or the Aftercare room and register as soon as possible. If you need more information about the Holiday Programme please visit the Camp Australia website and register on line or download a Registration Form. Our final amount raised by our charity luncheon was $850.00. Fantastic amount raised by 70 children. Plans are in the hatching stages for a Christmas lunch. More details later. Florence is going to Adelaide on Friday night so have a great week. Josie. ESSENDON SEA SCOUTS Essendon Sea Scouts group is recruiting new members. Anyone interested please see the Flyers on the Notice Board.