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Dear Parents/Caregivers

25th November 2008 First Holy Communion Congratulations and Thank You Survey Information

CATHOLIC CHARACTER: Welcome to our new students Nino Cisaria, Isabel Misic, Sarah Lim & Franco Laroche. Please keep the Chaudhray family in your prayers, Akshay’s grandmother passed away recently. PRAYER: Dear Lord, help us to live our lives to the full while taking time to think through ideas or problems, admire the beauty of the world, help others, show tolerance, be ready to share our gifts and talents, and help us to always be forgiving. REFLECTION: Anytime we think the problem is “out there”, that thought is the problem. We empower what’s out there to control us. The change paradigm is “outside-in” – what’s out there as to change before we can change. The proactive approach is to change from the inside-out: to be different, and by being different, to effect positive change in what’s out there – I can be more resourceful, I can be more diligent, I can be more creative, I can be more cooperative. FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Thank you to the parents for your help and support in preparing the students in readiness to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. Congratulations to Mitchel Ter Weijden, Ethan Verner, John Bulay, Paige Butterworth, Daniel Corna, Daniella D’Sylva, Anitanaha Harris, Ishana Mischefski, Jerome Moss, Danielle Mudgway, Lewis Ng, Danielle Palmer, Simon Sarkar, Nahtel SooChoon , Irvin Buquiran, Jason Buquiran, Brooke Nunnerley, Gemma Macaskill, Kirsten Fillis, Sean Halstead, Jonathan McIntosh, Sharleam Meredith, Matthew Palmer, Goyum Siriwardane, Nathaniel Swann, Aidan van Heerden, Angela Wong, Chernese Holland, Eleanor Hooker, Sophie Jury, Lisa Burnet, Ji Min Kim, Deanna Laroche, Mabel Ng. Please pray for them. A huge thank you to the following teachers for their work with children, Erika Rooza, Cheryl Van Heerden, Patricia Murti, Cheryl Jaffar, Carol Dickenson and Mary Graham. Also thank you to Mrs McElwee and the team of parents who prepared such a lovely celebration luncheon following the special Mass. There are photos available for $1.00 at the school office. Photos taken by Mr Damien Gillan of the group and those who wanted individual shots will be available at the Parish Office. SURVEY: Thank you to all those parents who took the time to answer our surveys. Results are displayed on our Community Notice Board. As a whole they were very positive but there are a few things that need further communication. Two people asked for more competitive sports. Competitive sports teams and field day teams generally start in Year 5, as in all other schools, although often we include Year 4s who are interested. All Senior Syndicate children are able to put their names down to be part of a field day team and need to turn up for training to take part. Interschool teams are selected through a process of competing or trying out at lunchtimes at a school level. At times if students are gifted or talented in a particular sport or code, i.e. this year athletics and cross country, then they may compete alongside the Year 4 & 5 students. Another question was how to instil values at home? We find at school that talking about the values i.e. “what the value looks like?” and giving practical examples reinforces how and what we can do to show a particular value. The most important way we can support this is to model the value so the children see how to incorporate a particular value into their everyday lives and positively reinforce their good behaviours. As children get older you can teach your child to self talk i.e. Respect – “I can accept that all people are different and treat them fairly.” Honesty – “I can tell the truth.” Responsible – “I can take responsibility for my own actions and accept the consequences.” Self Confidence – “I can do it when I have a go.” A gentle reminder - if you have a concern please see the class teacher or syndicate leader so the issue is dealt with as soon as possible. SPECIAL CHARACTER BADGES: Keagan de Beer (Y6), Heath O’Malley (Y6), Angela Misic (Y3), Cassie Ter Weijden (Y3), Travey Stowers (Y4), Nahtel Soo-Choon (Y5), Vihingum Siriwardane (Y5), Ito Magbag (Y5), Gaby Mendoza (Y5), Renee Wood (Y2), Beatrice Kalapu (Y6), Lexi Kiriwi (Y6), Leilani Jamieson (Y6), Tanysha Courtenay (Y6), Julianne Rongo-Kea (Y6) 2009 SCHOOL TERM DATES. Teacher Only Days Monday 2 February and Tuesday 3 February Term One: Wednesday 4 February to Friday 9 April. Term Two: Monday 27 April to Friday 3 July. Term Three: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September Term Four: Monday 12 October to Thursday 17 December There is another Ministry of Education “teacher only day” during the year. The date will be advised. School Hours 8.45 am to 3.00 pm Morning interval from 10.30 am – 10.50 am Lunch from 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm Office Hours 8.30 am – 3.15 pm The school office will be open from Friday 30 January for new enrolments. Please complete an enrolment application if you have a child wishing to start school in 2009 as we wish to plan for Terms 3 & 4 of 2009.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING: Tonight Tuesday 25 November in the staff room. All welcome. PTFA MEETING: Wednesday 10 December in the staff room. All welcome. PTFA Fundraisers: CHRISTMAS RAFFLE: Please find enclosed a sheet of Raffle Tickets for our Christmas Hamper. The raffle will be drawn on Wednesday 17 December, please return the tickets by Friday 12 December. GRAFTON GOURMET would like to offer hams and turkeys for sale to the families who attend St Marks’ school. If the order is placed th before Friday December 5 , Grafton Gourmet will give $5.00 per Turkey, ½ COB Ham, or ½ Champagne ham, and $10.00 per full champagne ham to the school. If when the order is placed, the parents notify us what class the child is in, we will deliver the products early in the morning on the last day of school boxed per class, with a list of who ordered what products in the box. Products are as follows: ½ C.O.B ham approx 4.5-4.75kg $55.95 ½ Champagne Ham approx 4.5-4.75kg $63.95 Whole Champagne Ham approx 8.5-9kg $128.95 Tender Turkey Roll (Delicious easy carve boneless roll) approx 2.75kg Sage and onion stuffing $69.95 Festive Stuffing (sage and onion and Cranberry and Bacon) $69.95 Traditional Turkey approx 4.5kg Sage and onion stuffing $65.95 Festive Stuffing (sage and onion and Cranberry and Bacon) $65.95 PTFA CARDS are on sale at the school for $6.90 per pack – a reminder of your child’s time at St Mark’s. CONGRATULATIONS: To Caroline Zeeman and students who performed at the Ukulele Festival. This small group sung and played a Mrs Zeeman original “Colour of Aotearoa” which was judged second place. Well done to you all. SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOKS Please hunt for any school library books or readers and return these to school this week. Thank you. SCHOOL BANKING: School banking takes place each Wednesday morning at 8.30 am in the Lyons Den.

  Have fun and make new friends in the December holidays. We have an amazing variety of activities for children 5 to14 years. Join us weekdays 8 to 19 December for: movies, swimming, rocket-building, tennis and gift-making. Please enrol early to secure a place in these popular programmes. Phone Parnell Trust 379 2095 x9724, email or visit th Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club is having a movie fundraising night. High School Musical 3 at Botany on Dec 4 at 6pm. Adults $25, Children $18, Circle Lounge $30 (incl comp champagne) – Ticket price includes a drink & popcorn or ice cream combo plus pre show music, Ninteno Wii and Sing Star competitions with loads of HSM giveaways. For more details or tickets contact: Claire ph 021 771 266 or, Catherine ph 021 224 0955 or or Jacqueline ph 021 961032 or Don’t miss the excitement of our December and January holiday activities - for children 5 to 14 years. Join in the fun: robotics, skateboarding, pet-keeping, gift-making, Rainbows End or our Business for Kids course. Programmes are available 8 to19 December 2008 and 5 to 30 January 2009. Please enrol early to secure a place in these popular programmes. Phone Parnell Trust 379 2095 x9724, email or visit Tui Glen Farm are offering Summer Kids Camps suitable for 9 year olds and up. for registrations and information phone 07 3236457 or email CHOCOLATE CAFÉ would have special offers for mums and dads for lunch at their café. A voucher is included in this newsletter which is valid until the end of 2008. They also have a wonderful activity idea for parents to enjoy with their children. Call the café on 535 7060 for further information. Howick School of Music has started enrolling students for their 2009 programme. Contact N Weeks on or phone 5343922.




FORTHCOMING EVENTS Tuesday 25 November Thursday 27 November Monday 1 December Tuesday 2 December Wednesday 10 December Friday 12 December Monday 15 December Wednesday 17 December Yours sincerely

BOT Meeting – 7.30 pm in the staff room – All Welcome Junior School Fun Athletics and picnic Parent Helper Morning Tea Interschool Athletics Day (saving day 4 December) PTFA Meeting – 7.30 pm in the staff room – All Welcome 11.30 am – Junior Liturgy 7.00 pm – Senior School Prizegiving at Pakuranga College 11.30 am – End of School Thanksgiving Mass – School Finishes at 1.00 pm

Catherine Rivers (Mrs) PRINCIPAL

若有對以上內容不詳者,請洽黃太太Grace,電話: 5370390 이 학교 소식지에 관한 문의사항이 있으시면 연락주십시오.Julianna : 5338070