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					#17 - Term 4 2008 25 November 2008

Exams, Exams, Exams Students in Years 10 and 11 should be spending the majority of their time at home revising for their exams which are taking place now.
28 November Year 11s finish

4 and 5 December Year 11 Secondhand Book Sale— M4

Exams are like many other challenges in life when we are faced with an external evaluation of our capacity. When the batsman faces a new express bowler, he needs to know that he can cope. When the surfer drops in on a curling “10-footer”, he needs to know he can cope. The only way to know whether you will not be found wanting is to prepare and practise. Repetition is a great teacher. I have been delighted with our Year 12 students’ results and with the approach that the majority of our Year 11 students have taken towards their studies. There is a growing culture of academic excellence at the school that has seen many great results in a variety of endeavours this year. Petroleum Club Last Tuesday night, I was privileged to witness the presentation of the Petroleum Club Grand Final shield to Mrs Amy Caverley and her students who took part in this prestigious competition. St Luke’s was the first team from a country school to ever make the Grand Final—and this was our first year in the competition. Well done to Rachael Carter, Rachel Moles, Vignesh Ravichandran, Ebony Maddaford and Miryana Gazibaric and thank you to Mrs Caverley for motivating and organising our students so well. Autumn Club Visit The College was very happy to be able to host a visit from the Autumn Club last Tuesday. The Year 10 Fortescue and Harding students provided a spectacular morning tea for many of the aged and disabled residents of our community. They were also treated to some music, drama and singing by our students. Thank you to Mrs Elliott, Mr Kavanagh and Ms Rae and the wonderful Year 10 students for putting this event together. It was very affirming to see young St Luke’s students showing compassion to those who most need it. This is a hallmark of our College—creating young people who are conscious of their privileged place in society and who will be of service to those less well off. Year 10—Try Before You Buy Program During the last three weeks of school, our Year 10 students will be studying their chosen Year 11 subjects.
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8 December Year 10 Secondhand Book Sale— M4

9 December Year 9 Secondhand Book Sale— M4

10 December Year 8 Secondhand Book Sale— M4

12 December Textbook Orders due to Wooldridges

15 December Presentation Night

The idea behind this program is for the students and staff to gauge each student’s readiness for upper school study. Year 10 exam results will be used in assessing a student’s capacity to succeed in Years 11 and 12 in any particular subject. Upper School Enrolment Agreement All current Year 11 students and parents have signed an Upper School Enrolment Agreement. Our current Year 10s are about to commit to the same agreement. One of the conditions of enrolling at St Luke’s is that a student finishing Year 11 must have the capacity to graduate, ie achieve a WA Certificate of Education (WACE) by proceeding to Year 12 in the following year. Obviously, if a student has failed subjects in Year 11, a WACE will be highly unlikely in Year 12 and, hence, the student must repeat or find an alternative education pathway. Building Program Parents will have seen the progress of our new Gym / Performing Arts Centre. Our architect, Mr Ron Hawkins, will visit again next week to sign off on progress. I urge all parents to consider contributing to the College’s Voluntary Building Fund. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be for any amount. Every little amount will assist us as we go into 2009 with a facility for indoor basketball, volleyball, badminton and netball as well a new entry, PE classroom, PE office and locker room. A donation form is attached to this newsletter. Student Withdrawals / Enrolments The College is experiencing very high demand for places in all years next year. I encourage any parents whose children are not returning to notify us immediately. Similarly, any families who are considering applying for enrolment should do so as soon as possible.


7:30pm Monday 15th December 2008 Walkington Theatre Tickets available from Charmaine Macgowan at the College Office Seating is allocated and limited. Please note that there is a maximum of 3 seats per family. ( We regret it is not possible for St Luke’s students to have reserved seats. )

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The Spirit

End and Beginning of the New Liturgical Year As the school year draws to a close, so too does the Catholic Church Liturgical Year. Sunday 30th November is the First Sunday of Advent and this is the beginning of the New Liturgical Year. Advent is that time of preparation for the coming of Jesus. It is a four week term of preparation and expectation and it finishes on Christmas Day with the Nativity. It is customary to have an Advent Wreath which contains four candles. Each of the four Sundays of Advent a candle is lit. Before the next issue of “The Spirit” there will be another very famous saint’s feast day, namely, St Francis Xavier. A Google search will reveal 6.5 million references so he is a man of some repute. He was Spanish born and he is remembered as founder of The Jesuit Order, an order of fine teaching priests whose mission it was to spread the Good News. This Francis did, he was responsible for evangelising in many of the Asian countries. What have the students been doing? There are a variety of answers to the question but, in general, they are completing their assignments and thinking about the Christmas Season. However, they have also been following the motto of St Luke’s to “Seek Truth and Justice”. On Tuesday 18th November, the Year 10 students, under the motherly direction of Mrs Elliott, provided Morning Tea for the Karratha Autumn Club and friends. The students provided all food, served it and arranged the entertainment. As they say, ”a lovely time was had by all!”

Also, on Tuesday 18th November, the students undertook fundraising for the “Make a Wish” foundation. The reason for this fundraising is that, in 1994, there was a student Michael Lewandowski who had leukaemia in his final year of school and he had a desire to go swimming with the dolphins. It was the above organisation that made this possible. St Luke’s College remembers and prays for Michael and his family and also thanks the foundation by making an annual donation. The students are to be thanked and congratulated for their efforts. Christmas Hampers Not quite like the expensive one in the picture but the students are currently collecting toys, non-perishable foodstuffs and any other little things that can go into a Hamper to make Christmas a more pleasant time for someone else. The hampers are being organised through the PCGs in school, so please encourage the students to bring in as many little things as possible. They may need the usual constant reminders. The Hampers go to Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul. They need to be completed by 10th/11th December, so there is not a lot of time. Christian Service It is important not to forget that there are many students who continue to help others in their community and they do so silently and, as St Matthew would say, without even the closest friend knowing about it. Thank you to all these students for living the life Jesus encouraged and for taking on the many challenges— whether it is for the Christian/Community Service or just for the love of others. You do make a difference!


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The Spirit

I would like to remind you about the Secondhand Book Sales that we plan to have at the College this year. Persons wishing to sell books may bring them to school and negotiate their own sales. The College will make Room M4 in the Maitland block available from 3:30 until 5:00pm on the following days for the following year groups: • Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December • Monday 8th December • Tuesday 9th December • Wednesday 10th December

Year 12s wishing to sell text books to 2009 Year 11 students Year 11s wishing to sell text books to 2009 Year 10 students Year 10s wishing to sell text books to 2009 Year 9 students Year 9s wishing to sell text books to 2009 Year 8 students

Persons wishing to sell books may bring them to M4 and negotiate their own sales. We believe that this is the simplest and most efficient means of organising this. Wooldridges in Perth, who are the suppliers of new textbooks for the school, have agreed to defer the due date for orders to 12th December 2008. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Antonucci at the College on 9144 1081. Uniform Matters Thank you to all the parents and students who responded to the survey re girls’ skirts/culottes. Results show a strong indication that culottes are the preferred uniform choice for the girls. We will consider their introduction for 2010. Most parents and students are aware of the school uniform policy with regard to the school shoe as described on page (iv) of the school diary. It has been brought to my attention that a large number of students have been wearing thongs to school. This is a health and safety issue and students wearing this type of footwear cannot be included in Science practicals, Food Technology or any classes in the Technology workshop. I also have grave reservation regarding the safety aspect around the school in general. If for any reason your child has a foot injury that prevents them from wearing the school shoe, please ensure that they bring a note and wear soft enclosed shoes as an alternative to thongs. If they are unable to wear an enclosed shoe, students are advised to stay at home. I would also like to remind all students that the only hat that can be worn with the College uniform is the College hat. This rule applies to travel to and from school as well as in Physical Education classes and other outdoor activities. SUNNIVA ANTONUCCI Deputy Principal

Under 17’s Dart Players wanted Registrations taken now for under 17’s competition for the 2009 season. Darts start in February 2009 upon returning back to school. A non smoking/alcoholic venue will be arranged. If interested in knowing more please call Antonia on 0448 878 348 or after hours on 9185 4119. Benefits of playing darts are enormous- It’s a great game for learning, thinking, better eye & hand coordination. It’s played indoors/outdoors. It’s fun. All you need is enclosed shoes & darts to start. No experience needed. So if you’re interested in “Darts” Call Antonia now to find out more.

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The Spirit


I / We ___________________________________________________________ enclose a Tax Deductible donation towards the Voluntary Building Fund for the amount of and/ or a donation towards the Friends of St Luke’s for the amount of Total paid by Cheque / Cash / Credit Card / Direct Debit (No surcharge on Donations if paying by Credit Card) If paying by Direct Debit details are as follows – Please provide sufficient information to identify you as the payee: Account Name : St Luke’s College Board Account. Bank : CDF (Catholic Development Fund) Branch Number : 086 006 Account Number : 545070180 Full Name of Parent/Guardian Student’s Surname Street Address Suburb and Postcode Contact Phone Number $___________________ $ ___________________ $ ___________________

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