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Welcome to Legacy Primary School


									Parent Handbook


Welcome to Legacy Primary School!
Our Philosophy:
Legacy Primary School has been developed with the belief that young children learn best by being actively involved while learning. That is why our distinct learning environment will provide your child with a wide spectrum of academic and social experiences. We will supply your child with the highest quality of education through a literacy-based curriculum that incorporates the arts, discoveries of science and social studies, hands-on mathematics, and creative dramatics. Our inviting, fun, child-centered environment caters to the individual needs of each learner. Through this environment your child will then be able to enter his/her elementary classroom as an enthusiastic learner, independent thinker, and self-confident citizen.

Our Goals:
To assist students in becoming confident learners by leading them through the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.


To help students feel comfortable and confident at school, make friends, and work well with peers and adults.


To give students the essential tools in order to communicate expressively and receptively with others.


To guide students in their development of fine and gross motor skills, and to feel confident about what their bodies can do.


Staff: Owners:
Mrs. Buffy Baca (Co-owner, Director, Teacher) Mrs. Baca is married and raising three children with her husband, Dan. Along with teaching and raising her family, Mrs. Baca also serves on many Advisory Boards at her church. She taught in the public schools for thirteen years and holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Reading Education. Mrs. Baca also has an Endorsement in English as a Second Language. She has taught at various grade levels as well as in an English as a Second Language Inclusion Program, and has developed a Literacy Program for primary age children. Her greatest career accomplishment is taking a leap of faith and opening her own school~Legacy Primary School! It’s a dream come true! Mrs. Kelly Pedersen (Co-owner, Director, Teacher) Mrs. Pedersen is married and raising three children with her husband, Mike. Mrs. Pedersen is on the Board of Directors for Angels Among Us, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to families who have children battling cancer. She taught in the public school system for sixteen years and holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, as well as Special Education. Mrs. Pedersen also has an endorsement in English as a Second Language. She has taught at many grade levels including Inclusion and Special Education Programs. Mrs. Pedersen has taught and created a Literacy Program for primary age students. She is now the proud co-owner of Legacy Primary School and is so excited to be creating this unique school from the ground up!


Mrs. Kathy Mingo (Lead teacher) Mrs. Mingo is married and raising two children with her husband Mike, a teacher/coach at Burke High School for 19 years. Mrs. Mingo serves and volunteers on many committees at school and church. She also helps coach her kids’ sports teams. Mrs. Mingo earned a business degree before returning to school for her education degree in 1994. She has always loved the school environment. Mrs. Mingo has worked with all age groups in various capacities from elementary Title One through high school. Mrs. Karen Lepp (Teacher) Mrs. Lepp graduated from UNO with a double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities. Mrs. Lepp taught for years in the Omaha Public Schools before deciding to stay home with her three children. When Mrs. Lepp decided to return to teaching, she chose the preschool system and has fallen in love with this age group. Mrs. Lepp has taught preschool since 2002. Mrs. Lepp also substitute teaches for Millard Schools. In her spare time, Mrs. Lepp enjoys volunteering for Yachad, a developmentally disabled adult group and golfing with her husband.


Morning classes: 9:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Afternoon classes: 12:45 p.m.-3:15 p.m.
Classes begin on time, so punctuality is important. Upon arrival, please wait with your child in the reception hall until teachers welcome him/her into their homeroom. All children must be brought into the building by an adult and supervised by that adult until left in the care of a Legacy Primary School staff member. Children will be dismissed individually at their homeroom door to their parents or designated adult (not to other children or individuals whose names do not appear on the release form). Learning occurs all the way up to dismissal time, so classroom doors will remain closed until teachers and children are prepared for dismissal. For everyone’s safety, please do not allow your child to exit the building unaccompanied by an adult.

Class Schedules:
Morning classes: 9:15-9:45~Homeroom 9:45-10:30~1st rotation 10:30-10:45~Snack 10:45-11:30~2nd rotation 11:30-11:45~Homeroom Afternoon classes: 12:45-1:15~Homeroom 1:15-2:00~1st rotation 2:00-2:15~Snack 2:15 -3:00~2nd rotation 3:00-3:15~Homeroom

For specific rotations, see the class schedule for your child’s enrolled class.


Late Policy:
Preschoolers are protected by the security we give them as adults. A preschooler who has to wait and see all his peers picked up by adults at the end of class may become apprehensive and anxious. Please be on time to pick up your child. We understand there are times the unexpected occurs. Please call us at Legacy Primary and let us know if you are going to be late. A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed if a parent is more than 5 minutes late. If parent tardiness becomes chronic, we’ll ask you enroll your child in either “Lunch Bunch” or Creative Minds Extended Care.

Lunch Bunch:
At Legacy Primary School, several of our programs cross age levels. Lunch Bunch was established so that some of our young learners may enroll in more than one program. In order to facilitate an easier transition between AM and PM programs, we will offer a Lunch Bunch time. Students enrolled in Lunch Bunch are to bring a sack lunch & drink. A refrigerator is available for lunches, if needed. Students will have recess either indoors or outdoors following their lunchtime. Parents have the option of enrolling their child in Lunch Bunch for a fee of $5/day if not staying the entire day. There is no Lunch Bunch charge for students enrolled in both morning and afternoon classes.

Extended Care:
Before and after school care is offered at Legacy Primary School by Creative Minds Extended Care, LLC. Creative Minds is owned and operated by a degreed/certified teacher. The staff at Creative Minds focuses on the positive development of children ages 18 months-12 years. They offer transportation to and from several area elementary schools, all day care for toddlers, 18 months and up, as well as before and after school care for Legacy Primary School preschoolers. Students needing to stay all day at Legacy Primary, but needing an afternoon nap/rest have the opportunity to do so by registering with Creative Minds. Let us know if we can work out a schedule to help your family’s needs. Creative Minds will offer fun-filled care during summer, winter, and spring breaks. Creative Minds will also be open for students when Legacy Primary School and area elementary schools are not holding classes throughout the school year. Please contact Creative Minds at (402) 672-3665 or at for further questions.

Tuition & Fees:
2008/2009 TUITION 5 days a week $300/month
 2 days a week $120/month 3 days a week $180/month 1 day a week $60/month 
 If you are enrolling more than one child, additional tuition will be reduced by 10%.

Please call Legacy Primary if your child will be absent. Teachers are concerned for the wellbeing of their students and like to be informed when a child is absent.

Snow Days:
When Omaha Public Schools cancel classes due to inclement weather, Legacy Primary School will be automatically closed. Please listen to radio or television for closings.


If upon arrival and dismissal times, you find Legacy Primary School’s parking lot filled, please do not park on Burdette Street or block intersections. Extra parking for Legacy Primary families is available at Heritage Pointe. Please be alert of pedestrians, as many of our families may be parking at Heritage Pointe and walking across Burdette Street. Children should not be left unattended in cars in either parking lot. If you have small children and are not able to bring them into the school during arrival/dismissal times, please arrange with another parent to watch your children while you bring your Legacy Primary student into the school. The safety of ALL children is our number one priority!

At Legacy Primary School, we’re always on them move! Please dress your child in comfortable, washable clothing, and not their “best” outfits. Tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes are best for safety and freedom of movement. Please do not send your child in cowboy boots or flip-flops.

Toys & Trinkets:
Students are asked to not bring any unnecessary items to school. We keep our students engaged in active learning the entire time they are with us. Toys and trinkets from home tend to get in the way of a student’s ability to participate in these planned activities. During your child’s “Star Student” week, he/she will be able to bring those important toys and trinkets to share for “Show and Tell”.


Health & Safety:
If a child should become sick, need medical care, or have an accidental injury, we will contact the parent first or other emergency contact person if the parent cannot be reached. In an extreme emergency situation, we will call 911. It is extremely important Legacy Primary is kept up to date on any contact information changes students may have throughout the school year. A Legacy staff member certified in CPR and First Aid is present at the school at all times. State policy requires Legacy Primary School to exclude students who exhibit any illness associated with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ringworm, impetigo, head lice, pink eye, chicken pox, and scabies. Please be considerate of the children closely associating with one another at school, and keep your child home if he/she shows any of the above signs of illness and/or has a constant cough or undiagnosed rash. A student may return to school when he/she is fever free for 24 hours, diarrhea/vomiting free for 24 hours, non-contagious, and rested, ready for school. Legacy Primary directors may give or apply medication, either prescription or nonprescription, only if given written permission and instructions from the parent. Medication must be in its original container and clearly labeled for the student. Legacy Primary will maintain documentation of the time and amount of medication a student has received.

The Giving Tree:
Legacy Primary students are involved in several service projects throughout the school year. Each project gives our young students a sense of community and caring. Please check the “Giving Tree” in our parent reception for service project requests.


Snack time at Legacy Primary is an important part of our day! It allows for a quiet time in which teachers and students may engage in conversation and become better acquainted. Snack time also gives teachers the opportunity to teach healthy habits, manners, and sharing among students. We encourage parents to take turns providing nutritional, store bought snacks by signing up on the calendar for your child’s class in the reception hall. Please keep in mind when signing up, snacks need to be brought everyday of your child’s program during the week you sign up for (example-MWF student will need to bring

snack all 3 days during the week signed up for).

We have several students with peanut allergies at Legacy Primary School. Please do not send any snacks with peanut butter or nuts. Please read food labels carefully. Suggested snacks: fruit cups, crackers, individually wrapped cheese, dry cereal, applesauce, pudding, dried fruits, pretzels, bagels, etc. The state requires all snacks brought in by parents to be store bought and not prepared at home. You do not need to send napkins, cups, or drinks. Cold water will be given to students during snack. **Please let us know if your child has a food allergy. Children with allergies are always welcome to bring their own snack for snack time.


Star Student:
Throughout the school year your child will be assigned “Star Student”. During your child’s week as Star Student, we ask him/her to bring “Show and Tell” each day. Please limit your child to ONE item each day! Show and Tell gives Legacy Primary students unlimited opportunity to refine their expressive and receptive language skills. It’s always helpful if students have had the chance to discuss their Show and Tell item with parents prior to coming to school and sharing with their classmates. Students find more and more to talk about when they’ve had this background built at home. Along with “Show and Tell”, prior to your child’s “Star Student” week, your child will be bringing home his/her own special “All About Me” board to decorate. Students may use photos, awards, artwork, or anything else that represents them to cover their special boards. Boards are to be back at school the first day of your child’s “Star Student” week so that it may be displayed during his/her special week. Boards will be sent back home at the end of your child’s “Star Student” week.

Field Trips:
Depending on the class and age level your child is enrolled in, Legacy students will participate in field trips throughout the school year. A permission slip will be sent home to be signed and returned prior to all field trips. Transportation for field trips will be provided by parent volunteers. Parents are welcome (and needed) on field trips. Extra adult supervision is always “a must” when away from Legacy Primary. Please find other arrangements for siblings during field trips. We have found siblings tend to interfere with a parent’s ability to supervise students on field trips. Legacy Primary School offers several family events throughout the school year at which siblings are more than welcome to attend!

Birthdays are a special time of celebration! Parents are welcome to sign up for snack on or around their child’s birthday and send something special for their child to share. We discourage birthday party invitations be sent home with friends while at school. Uninvited guests understandably feel left out and hurt. These are feelings we try to prevent while at school. As anyone can see from visiting Legacy Primary School, literature is EVERYWHERE! Rather than sending home birthday gift bags with your child’s classmates, please consider donating a book to the school in honor of your child’s birthday. We’ll place a dedication sticker with your child’s name and birthday inside the book and place the book in our special “Birthday Book” rack so that he/she will always be a part of Legacy Primary! Teachers will make this book a special part of your child’s birthday by reading it aloud to the class.

Partnership with Heritage Pointe Assisted Living:
As very close neighbors, the collaboration between Legacy Primary School and Heritage Pointe Assisted Living allows for significant, delightful activities with students and residents through storytelling, music, gardening, cooking, and sharing of talents. Our intergenerational program promotes community and gives our Legacy Primary students and Heritage Pointe residents a sense of respect for one another as they have fun! Once a month intergenerational activities are pre-planned by the Directors of Legacy Primary and the Activities Director of Heritage Pointe. Please see monthly calendars and newsletters for exact dates and specific activities.


Legacy Primary School is an educational facility in all aspects, including holidays. We involve our students in learning activities throughout the school year that cover a variety of holiday customs from many different cultures. If your child is unable to participate in any holiday activity, please let us know. We will find alternate activities for your child to participate in. We do not exclude or discriminate any child based on race, sex, religion, physical ability, or national and ethnic origin.

Book Exchange:
In striving to give our students a lifetime love of reading, we have implemented a book exchange program. In our reception hall, a book exchange rack holds children’s books for Legacy Primary students to take home and enjoy. Legacy Primary students are asked to periodically bring children’s books to place in the basket for other students to take home and enjoy. We all have books at home that our children have lost interest in. This program gives the opportunity to extend the life of a book by allowing another child to take it home to enjoy! Please only place books in the exchange rack that are in decent shape. No missing pages, coloring, or torn books please! Once you’ve placed books in the rack for other children to enjoy, assist your child in choosing books to take home themselves!


Classroom Management:
At Legacy Primary School, we use a proactive approach when guiding students in their social and emotional skills. We know our young students are at a critical age in learning what is appropriate and inappropriate when interacting with peers and adults. Small class size and positive student engagement allows for minimal classroom distraction. When a student does make a poor choice while at school, he/she is first given verbal warnings and redirection. If unacceptable behavior continues, a “time out” will need to occur. During a “time out”, a child will be seated for an appropriate amount of time (3 year old=3 minutes; 4 year old=4 minutes; etc.) and asked to think about what school rule/life skill was broken and how it could be mended. The student will remain in full view of a Legacy Primary staff member and a dialogue must occur between the teacher and student before he/she re-enters the group setting. School rules, life skills, and expectations will be discussed during this brief teacher/student intervention. Discipline that is shaming or insulting is never tolerated. Legacy Primary School classrooms are positive learning environments where a student feels safe under all circumstances.

Child Assessment:
Legacy Primary School prides itself on the fact our curriculum isn’t “store-bought”, but student driven. That means we know exactly what physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and language skills your child either has mastered or is still developing. We get to know your child through observation, anecdotal records, and assessment checklists. Knowing your child this well directs teachers in their instruction and guidance as they relate to your child. The purpose of assessment at Legacy Primary is to individualize your child’s growth. Student assessment portfolios are shared during parent-teacher conferences, but are always available for parent viewing upon request.


Parent Involvement:
Legacy Primary School believes parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. Research identifies parent-involvement in an educational environment as the number one component to children achieving success in school and in society. Legacy Primary School offers a variety of ways for parents to become involved. Please give thoughtful consideration to volunteering at the school through the Parent Advisory Board, classroom visits, read alouds, field trips, parent-teacher conferences, family events, visits to Heritage Pointe, and other programs throughout the year.  Parent Advisory Board Each parent is invited to be a member of Legacy Primary School’s Parent Advisory Board. The board meets throughout the school year to discuss issues, policies, programs, and events. Please see Legacy Primary’s newsletter for meeting dates and times. Your involvement gives you a voice in making Legacy Primary School the best educational facility for primary aged children in Omaha!

 Parent-teacher conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for November and April for all Legacy Primary School students. Please check Legacy Primary’s calendar for specific dates. There will be no classes held on conference days. A sign up for your student’s conference time will be posted in the reception hall several weeks prior to conferences. Legacy Primary teachers and owners/directors are available ALL YEAR to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s progress. Please let us know if you would like to meet in addition to parent-teacher conferences.


Several family events are planned for the upcoming school year. Even the littlest Legacy Primary students feel a sense of school pride when they can “show off” their school to their family. Please see Legacy’s newsletter and calendar for specific events, dates, and times. Family events are only as successful as the amount of involvement parents give. We need parents to assist in the planning and implementation of all our events. Please consider attending Parent Advisory Board meetings and see newsletters/calendars for further details.

 Family events

 Read alouds

“Parent Read Aloud” event are times in which parents may come to school 20 minutes before dismissal and read one of their child’s favorite books to the class. Please look for sign up times in the reception hall. Specific dates are left up to parents. Please, only one Parent Read Aloud per week. Parents are always welcome (and needed) during field trips. Please see Legacy Primary’s Parent Handbook “Field Trips” section for more details.  Visits to Heritage Pointe Once a month Legacy Primary students and Heritage Pointe residents participate in intergenerational activities at Heritage Pointe. We can always use parents to assist us in getting our little ones “from here to there” and can always use extra hands during these busy activities. Please see monthly calendars and newsletters for specific dates and join us!

 Field trips

Parents are always welcome to visit Legacy Primary School at any time. Please give your child’s teacher a “heads up” as to your visit so that he/she can plan involvement activities for you during your stay.


Parents and teachers are partners in a child’s education. Communication is the key to that partnership. Arrival and dismissal times can be quite chaotic. Along with verbal communication, teachers appreciate written notes whenever possible so that their full minds may remember any requests or concerns parents may have. If at anytime you need to have a concern or question addressed, please let us know. We can either set up a time to visit, phone you before/after school, or communicate with you on the spot if time (and children) allow. Please don’t be concerned if a teacher asks to call you later to talk. Some issues are better discussed without “little ears” listening. Monthly newsletters and calendars will be sent home with students. Also check the whiteboard outside your child’s homeroom daily for general reminders. Please read carefully, as upcoming events are announced through these two forms of communication.

We look forward to working with you as a team in giving your child the very best start to a lifetime of learning. If at anytime you have any questions regarding the regulations and routines presented in this handbook, please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s going to be a great school year! ~Kelly and Buffy


LEGACY PRIMARY SCHOOL 2207 N. 168th Ave. Omaha, NE 68116 884-2242


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