Tonys 40th Birthday _ Gallery Heath Leger by fionan


									Tony’s 40th Birthday @ Gallery Heath Leger
On Friday 6th February (the day before the hottest 115F Summer temperature ever recorded in a Capital city in Australia) international arts reviewer Opera Boy, Tony Shepherd celebrated turning 40 at Gallery Heath LEGER, Raglan St, Nth Melbourne. Tony and fellow operaboy Lionel Curtis have reviewed and attended 400+ opera, theatre, and musical performances on their internationally acclaimed art/design/film/music website (previously reviews on radio) of 300,000 viewers in 90+ countries over the past 4 years.

Tony's 60 invited friends settled in to a flow of Veuve (French champagne) imported from the Loire Valley. The temperature climbed to 86 F as the star guest performers Profane Opera Diva's upstairs in Cabaret Voltair rehearsed their extra special naughty lyrics opera aria's for the evening’s entertainment. They performed brilliantly in Gallery Heath Leger. At 9-30. Sound and lights set, they opened their spectacular. Latecomers and those in the stairway and entrance hall had to stand and outside, peer through the Gallery windows even with the added extra seating. Seven arias later + encore the fabulous Opera Diva's dressed as French maids dragged Tony onstage tickling him with hot pink feather dusters singing 3 little maids from school are we (Mikado). They then lead a Happy Birthday chorus for Tony and his fellow Aquarians before joining the party crowd to savour the Tiramisu birthday cake. We had many interested people at the door and out on the street

wanting to buy tickets. The licensed Bar was named Tony's (after the awards on Broadway) for the occasion and service was provided by friends Chris Cain & Cabaret Voltair's own Lindsay Saddington. It is now a week since the party and we are looking at other stylish entertainment in the Gallery/Bar on a Friday night, with films on Thursdays once a month. Happy 40th Tony, and love to all who attended The Opera Boys second invitation only function, check out our website for reviews and invites. The next BIG event is Gallery Heath LEGER Opening Show, all applications for shows/exhibits and enquiries to >< & ><

GUEST LIST PLUS THE BLESSED UN-NAMED/ PARTNERS Alison Kelly artist curator Alister Knox & Jackie Staude design artists Amanda Owen Sydney fashion designer Antionette DeMorton artist/painter Barb Donato project manager Chris Cain film/photographer David Willey network/communications Dr Graham Anderson scriptwriter Eugene O'Rourke radio producer/presenter Fiona Ruttelle glass artist George Langford computer consultant Graeme Gibson art collector savant Jenny Tudor TV host/presenter Joss & Mary Van Hulsen sculptor-designer/artist/painter Kevin Manning TV producer Leslie Greenhill writer/researcher Mark Pearce media spokesman/painter Mirella & Amanda Salmon interior design Vivienne & Tom Bennet & Rachel travel/fashion Wendy Moss publicist/ film festival coordinator Gallery Heath LEGER is available for exhibitions and show performances AND hire as exclusive friends only club-nights, CD launches, film screening of a creative nature. We want creative people you, (like Tony and Lionel) to think of it as an extension to your social life and a venue to hold your exclusive inner city events. HIRE/Gallery/Theatre phone (613) 9326-2858 or 9326 9094.

In the interest of disclosure we declare that all acts, events, parties will be reviewed with photos on The Opera Boys international website. For a slideshow of this event ctrl click this link  20Heath%20Leger.swf

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