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					AUGUST 21, 2006


REGULAR MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAGINAW, MICHIGAN, HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2006, AT 6:30 P.M. IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER OF CITY HALL. PRAYER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Councilman Willie Haynes offered a prayer and led the pledge of allegiance. ROLL CALL Mayor Carol Cottrell called the meeting to order. The following Councilpersons were present: Gregory Branch, Larry Coulouris, William Federspiel, Wilmer Jones Ham, Willie Haynes, Amanda Kitterman, Andrew Wendt and Mayor Carol Cottrell-8. Absent: Councilmen Amos O’Neal-1. ANNOUNCEMENTS Students from the Saginaw Public School District accepted a Certificate of Recognition ready by Mayor Cottrell for sharing their creative artwork (mural) at the Public Services Building. PERSONAL APPEARANCES Earl Jesse, 310 S. Harrison, read an article from the Detroit News on the City of Pontiac’s unfunded liabilities. Said the City of Saginaw is not funding its unfunded liabilities and needs to do so. Johnny Sanders, 3420 Grant, advised Council of several houses on the Southside, which need their lawns mowed. Said police are only responding to calls on the Westside. Said the City needs to come together. Jimmy Greene, 4591 Spurwood Drive, advised Council of a group of business people who have expressed some interest in the Andersen Water Park. Announced the st upcoming 1 Annual Saginaw County Male Health Conference, wherein many medical agencies in the County are coming together to address aggressive and proactive healthcare. Thanked the City Manager and Council for their fortitude. Extended an invitation to Council and others to join the newly established “Common Interest, Common Sense” group. Delma Draine, 800 Hoyt, shared with Council her concerns and dilemma with the Hoyt Avenue road construction and the unsafe environment it has caused for the children entering and leaving her mission. She also spoke on an invoice she had received for grass cutting. Brenda Bosserdet, 2206 Jerome, provided Council with a handout on its present pavilions. Suggested the City refurbish the present pavilions and build new ones along the Saginaw River to rent out. Said other townships and villages are renting their pavilions for $25-$50/day. Said the rental fee covers electricity, restrooms and picnic tables. Carol Haremski, 3305 Osler, gave an update on the Skivington Park matter. Said she met with City officials and was told they would like to work things out. Said the neighborhood association is willing to maintain the park and get playground equipment. REMARKS OF COUNCIL Councilwoman Kitterman thanked the citizens who brought forth new ideas for the City. Thanked PRIDE, the sponsors and volunteers for their Friday Night Live series and


AUGUST 21, 2006

thanked all who help organize the Lawn Chair Film Festival. Urged citizens to attend the th last two movies of the season. Also noted she represented Council recently at the 80 birthday party of Rev. Austin. Said it was a great celebration. Councilwoman Ham noted her recent attendance at the Bushey Automotive Grand Opening event at 215 W. Genesee. Said the family business has been operating in Saginaw for 75 years. Praised Delma Draine for her contributions to the community. Encouraged her to keep doing the good work she does despite the construction. Announced an upcoming Saginaw Soul Children fashion show. Commended Mr. Greene for advising Council of the new group formed. Councilman Federspiel reminded citizens Council does not address people at the podium at the time they are speaking, but rather during Council remarks. Thanked Jimmy Greene for supporting the City. Mayor Cottrell remarked on the signs going up around the City for the Neighborhood revitalization area. Said she and Councilwoman Kitterman attended a meeting with City officials and the neighborhood group to discuss concerns. Noted Saginaw has been named a Tree City. Said there would be new plantings in the Cathedral District similar to the trees planted in the Heritage Square area. Thanked Tom Darnell and his staff for their efforts in working with Global Releaf to make this happen. Urged citizens to attend an upcoming fundraiser at the Children’s Zoo. Noted that the City does not auction off properties, it is done by the DNR and Saginaw County. Reiterated the Council does not engage in dialog during personal appearances. The Rules of Order state Council is to sit and listen. Requested Council be provided with information on the Hoyt Avenue construction. Said she hopes the City reseeds lawns and repairs driveways following completion. Urged citizens to continue to bring Council their concerns. REPORTS FROM BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES Mayor Cottrell reported on the Riverfront Development Commission. Advised Council they would be getting an update to the Riverfront Master Plan in the month of September. Said it would include their next goals and a number of projects they are working on. Said the Committee is ready to work in partnership with Councilwoman Kitterman’s Cleanup Committee. REPORTS FROM CITY MANAGER Management Update City Manager Darnell Earley said the City of Pontiac’s financial status is no comparison to that of Saginaw. They are two very different local units of government and their financial problems have nothing to do with unfunded liabilities. He gave Council an update on the Skivington Park matter and said the parties have reached an agreement. Spoke briefly on Saginaw’s designation as a “Tree City.” Also reported on the Cities of Promise initiative, which is part of the Neighborhood Revitalization. Stressed the importance of the citizens’ input and how they have met with this neighborhood group and planned to meet with others.

AUGUST 21, 2006


Recommended Actions Subject: Micro Blaze Out Foam Manager’s Recommendation: I recommend that a purchase order be approved and issued to Douglass Safety Systems LLC in the amount of $14,968.75 for the purchase of 125 buckets of Micro Blaze Out Foam. This vendor meets all requirements of the Contract Compliance Provisions, Title 1, Chapter 14, §14.35-14.44, of the Saginaw Code of Ordinances. Funds are budgeted and available in the General Fund Fire Suppression Parts and Supplies Account No. 101-3751-751-7330. Justification: The Fire Department Suppression Division uses Micro Blaze Out Foam that enhances penetration of water during extinguishment and also can be used for hazardous waste clean up from vehicle accidents. Douglass Safety Systems LLC is the sole supplier of this product. The product comes in 5-gallon buckets at a cost of $119.75 each. This is the same cost per bucket as last fiscal year. Council Action: Councilwoman Ham moved the recommendation of the City Manager be approved. Adopted unanimously. Subject: Flail Commercial Mower Attachment Purchase Manager’s Recommendation: Approval for the purchase of one Tiger Commercial Flail Mower attachment from Flint New Holland, Inc. at a cost of $7,995.00 for the Weed Abatement Program of Grounds & Facilities Maintenance Division, Public Services Department. This vendor meets all requirements of the Contract compliance Provisions, Title 1, Chapter 14, §14.35-14.44, of the Saginaw Code of Ordinances. Funds for this purchase are available in the Abatement of Nuisances Capital Outlay Maintenance Equipment Account No. 101-7575-821.97-41. Justification: The Weed Abatement program is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of properties that are in violation of the weed ordinance. Currently, there are only two (2) tractors with flail attachments running sometimes ten (10) hours per day, and five (5) days per week. Often one (1) tractor and/or flail attachment is down for repair(s), leaving only one mower operational. With the purchase of this TRF-75C heavy duty flail attachment, the wing mower can be used to support the Weed Abatement operation and Parks, which is most desperately needed. Flint New Holland is the sole supplier for this brand name of mower for this area. Council Action: Councilwoman Ham moved the recommendation of the City Manager be approved. Adopted unanimously. Subject: City Wide Lamps and Bulbs Bid Pricing Extension Manager’s Recommendation: I recommend we accept the offer from Standard Electric to extend our current bid pricing for lamps and bulbs through June 30, 2007. Although the total cost will vary depending on various departmental needs, the estimated cost through fiscal year 2006-2007 is $21,000.00. This vendor meets all requirements of the Contract Compliance Provisions, Title 1, Chapter 14, §14.35-14.44, of the Saginaw Code of Ordinances.


AUGUST 21, 2006

Funds for these purchases are available in the following departmental budgets for 2006/2007: Major Streets Fund Account No. 202-0000-171-1136 ($4,000.00), Sewer Operation & Maintenance Fund Account Nos. 590-4830-861-7330 ($2,000.00), 590-4835861-7330 ($2,000.00), Water Operation & Maintenance Fund Account No. 591-4730-8617330 ($2,000.00), General Fund Accounts 101-4620-791-7330 ($8,000.00), 101-7575-8217330 ($1,100.00), and the Public Works Building Operation Fund Account No. 641-4439811-7330 ($1,500.00) Justification: On January 7, 2003, the City received bids for the purchase of Citywide Lamps and Bulbs for the time period January 2003 through December 31, 2005. The bid included the purchase of standard lamps (incandescent, fluorescent and street lighting), sealed beams, miniatures and photo lamps. Standard Electric has offered to extend their current bid pricing through June 30, 2007. Council Action: Councilwoman Ham moved the recommendation of the City Manager be approved. Adopted unanimously. Subject: Personnel Training Manager’s Recommendation: I recommend that payments be made to the various vendors respectively, in the appropriate amounts, to pay for training related invoices that will not exceed $23,000.00. These vendors must meet all requirements of the Contract Compliance Provisions, Title 1, Chapter 14, §14.35-14.44, of the Saginaw Code of Ordinances. Funds for this training are budgeted in the Sewer Operation and Maintenance Account No. 590-4830-861.80 01 Justification: The Wastewater Treatment Division is required by MIOSHA and other regulatory agencies to provide safety training and refresher courses for its employees who must work with hazardous materials and chemicals and enter confined spaces in the course of their work. Several classes are taught at the plant throughout the year using services provided by professional trainers and instructors. Quotes for these professional services are requested from several trainers who have been recommended by other utilities, professional training organizations, or state regulatory agencies. These quotes are compared and the most cost effective quote is taken. To insure the safety of our staff, all plant employees are required to take these classes. Council Action: Councilwoman Ham moved the recommendation of the City Manager be approved. Adopted unanimously. Subject: Permanent Easement Agreement Manager’s Recommendation: Transmitted herewith for Council approval is a permanent easement agreement, with the School District of the City of Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan. I recommend the acceptance of this permanent easement to the City of Saginaw from the School District of the City of Saginaw for the sum of one dollar ($1.00). The easement agreement has been approved by the City Manager as to substance, and the City Attorney as to form. Justification: On November 7, 2005, City Council approved a cost agreement between the City of Saginaw and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for

AUGUST 21, 2006


traffic signal improvements and modernization at the intersections of Brockway Street and Elm Street, Bay Street and Cooper Avenue, East Genesee Avenue and Walnut Street and Grout Street and West Michigan Avenue. The permanent easement is necessary for the installation of a steel strain pole and appurtenances to support the traffic signals at the intersection of Brockway Street and Elm Street. Right of way constraints made it necessary for the City of Saginaw to acquire a permanent easement from the School District for the construction of this project. Council Action: Councilwoman Ham moved the recommendation of the City Manager be approved. Adopted unanimously. All City Manager recommendations were adopted by general consent. MOTIONS AND MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS: Mayor Cottrell noted at the last meeting Council members were provided with the proposed Rules of Order and suggestions and comments were to be forwarded to the Committee. Councilman Branch noted there were no comments received. He moved to adopt the Rules of Order. Councilman Branch reported there was one amendment he would like to make to the rules due to a recent Court decision. Councilwoman Kitterman moved to postpone adoption of the rules until Council has had time to review the revised language. Adopted unanimously. ADJOURNMENT At 7:38 p.m., Councilman Coulouris moved to adjourn the meeting. Adopted unanimously.

Diane M. Herman City Clerk

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