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Minutes of the Meeting of the Ottery St Mary Town Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday 7th July 2008 at 7.00pm PRESENT Mayor Councillors: Councillor Dobson (Town Ward) Abbott, Giles, Holmes, Lewis, Richardson, Williams, (Town Ward), Howard, Thomas, (West Hill Ward), Baker (North Ward), Harding (Tipton St John Ward) together with the Clerk Councillors Bloxham, Carter, Hansford


PUBLIC QUESTIONS A resident of seven years from Tipton St John raised the issue of speeding through the village particularly in the area near the Primary School. He had been told that a traffic survey was to be undertaken but that it hadn’t happened. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to DCC supporting a 20mph limit past the School.

PRAYER The Mayor read the Council prayer.

POLICE REPORT PC Thomas reported 13 crimes in June 2008 compared with 17 crimes in June 2007. A summary sheet of comments was distributed showing the concerns of eighty-one students following the distribution of PACT cards at the Kings School . Other PACT cards had been distributed and responses would be forwarded to the relevant authorities. Pixie Day and the Kings School Prom went well. Litter continues to be a problem at the Millennium Green, Land of Canaan and St Saviours. There was discussion about Police powers relating to the Alcohol Consumption in Designated Places Order at the Land of Canaan and PC Thomas will liaise with Sergeant Harper regarding this matter. A request was made for speed testing through the 40mph limit at Coombe Cross, Tipton St John.

CO-OPTION TO FILL THE VACANCY FOR THE WEST HILL WARD Vanessa Hudson was co-opted to represent the West Hill Ward. She signed the Declaration of Acceptance and took her seat at the table for the rest of the meeting.


MINUTES OF THE FULL COUNCIL MEETING The Minutes of the Meeting of 2nd June 2008 (folios 08/06/01- 08/06/40) were presented by the Mayor, agreed and signed by the Mayor as a correct record.

Mayor’s initials……………………..


MINUTES OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETINGS Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of 7th June 2008 (folios 08/06/41 – 08/06/48) and Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of 23rd June 2008 (folios 08/06/4908/06/68), were presented by the Planning Committee Chairman. They were agreed and signed by the Mayor as a correct record.

REPORTS FROM EDDC AND DCC COUNCILLORS Cllr Giles had already distributed his Report which covered B3180 Exmouth Road, Car Parking charges, Tipton St John Post Office, 380 and 60 Bus Services, Newton Poppleford School, Green Lane Tipton St John and Ottery Children’s Centre. Further to the Tipton St John Post Office item, Cllr Giles reported that Devon Authorities had identified 10 Post Offices which it recommended should stay open and Tipton St John is one of them. Regarding Local Government reorganisation the Boundary Commission Report proposes a Unitary Devon (as promoted by DCC). There is now a 3 month consultation period. There was discussion about bids for using the money DCC received for the sale of Exeter Airport. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to DCC supporting Cllr Giles’ bid for £2million to create a cycleway between Feniton and Sidmouth as a use. The Mayor asked the Council to consider other suggestions.

REPORT FROM COUNCILLORS’ SURGERY OF 28TH JUNE 2008 A Yonder Street resident complained about inadequate parking enforcement and speeding traffic. Another Yonder Street resident asked about progress with the priority build-out system in Yonder Street. There was a complaint about loose pavements in Jesu Street and two people expressed opposition to any proposed dog ban in Winters Lane Playing Fields.

REPORT FROM CLEANER OTTERY WORKING GROUP Chairman Cllr Baker distributed the Report. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to EDDC to ask that the banks along the Mill Leat be cleared of litter. The Mayor reported that Cllr Hansford had met with the Environment Agency regarding removal of the reeds and a response from the EA is awaited. It was further RESOLVED to write to the owner of verges at Finnimore to request permission to plant trees; to write to EDDC to request that lights be switched off at 11pm in the Land of Canaan car park; to write to question EDDC’s costings of siting of flower beds in Land of Canaan car park to deter wheelspinning; to write to EDDC to request support for power columns/undergrounding of power cables on Jesu and Mill Street as proposed work is in a conservation area. The Chairman requested guidance on the future of the Cleaner Ottery Working Group. It was RESOLVED that the original members of the Group should meet to decide on which groups in the community need representation on it and to decide on terms of reference for the Group.

REPORT ON REQUESTS MADE FROM THE ALLOTMENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING OF 25TH JUNE 2008 It was RESOLVED that a sign should go on the gate stating: Private, Allotment Holders Only. The Tenancy Agreement allows any officer or member of the Town Council or Allotment Management Committee to enter and inspect allotments at any time. A rent increase for tenants would be discussed at the next meeting.
Mayor’s initials……………………..


EDDC REQUEST REGARDING STRATEGIC HOUSING LAND AVAILABILITY ASSESSMENT – CALL FOR SITES This request is mainly aimed at private land owners. Councillors may want to put forward sites for consideration and if so should bring these suggestions to the Planning Committee Meeting on 14th July.

INFORMATION REGARDING THE PEDESTRIAN/CYCLE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER The Mayor reported that a Steering Group is set up. He has proposed that a Consultant is employed for the project. Another meeting is to be held soon.

REQUEST REGARDING A MEMORIAL AT THE CEMETERY It was RESOLVED that the request not be allowed. The Clerk will contact the applicant.

INFORMATION REGARDING THE BOWLING CLUB LAND Michael Potter is now the Bowling Club Chairman. Western Power has agreed access to the land. Efforts are being made to remove covenants on the land. Cllr Hansford was thanked for cutting the grass. Further expressions of interest in the land when it is returned to the Council have been received from Sustainable Ottery and Ottery Scout Group.

MATTERS RELATING TO THE CONVENT The Mayor sought and received permission for this to be taken in Part B where on going matters relating to the Convent were discussed.

OPTIONS REGARDING MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC SPEAKING AT PLANNING COMMITTEE MEETINGS Following discussion it was RESOLVED that this be brought to the August Meeting.

INFORMATION ABOUT POSSIBLE TRANSFER OF ASSETS FROM EDDC TO THE TOWN COUNCIL It was RESOLVED that the Council makes a formal request to Mark Williams EDDC to take over the Old Town Hall and the Winters Lane Tennis Courts and that it requests further information regarding taking over the car parks.

APPROVAL OF MAY 2008 ACCOUNTS The Treasurer presented the May 2008 schedules of payment showing £7,837.76 for the Council and £2,125.13 for the Tourist Information Centre. It was RESOLVED that the figures be approved and they were signed by the Mayor as a correct record.

It was RESOLVED that direct debits be set up to pay the BT accounts.

Mayor’s initials……………………..


REVISED GRANTS APPLICATION FORM Following discussion, with some amendments made, it was RESOLVED to approve the proposed form and guidelines. The new details will be publicised.

MATTERS RELATING TO STAFFING The Mayor sought and received permission for this to be taken in Part B where matters relating to staffing were discussed.


REPORTS BY MAYOR AND CLERK Request from Tipton St John Playing Field Association for financial assistance with work on the Children’s Playground. It was RESOLVED to defer this request while further information is being sought.

A submission from the Town Council has been made on the Gypsy and Traveller Issues and Options consultation

Mill Leat Reeds: Cllr Hansford had a site meeting with Environment Agency on 26th June. No response has been received from EA as yet.

The Alcohol in Designated Places Order at the Land of Canaan Car Park, Playground and surrounding footpaths and footbridges came into force on 30th June 2008. The Mayor is to check on the details with Giles Salter EDDC.

Local Action for Rural Communities: If its funding bid is successful it is possible that it could be a source of funding for Convent Offices. Cllr Abbott will research other possible grant availability.

Waste collection: It was RESOLVED to cancel the Town Council’s and Tourist Information Centre’s annual Contract with Veolia so that an alternative recycling collection can be arranged.

Road Closure: Alfington Road (from junction with Butts Road to outside Four Elms Farm) from 11 August to 22 August.

Exeter Airport Draft Master Plan: A copy is available in the Office. There will be a display in the Institute from 28th July.

P3 Co-ordinator – Cllr Harding has agreed to take over the Co-ordinator’s role.
Cllr Hudson left the meeting at 9.15pm 08/07/32

CORRESPONDENCE FOR INFORMATION The following items of correspondence had been notified to Councillors, had been available for their viewing prior to the Meeting and were tabled: 1. EDDC: Countryside Service Annual Review 2007/08
Mayor’s initials……………………..

-332. Western Power Distribution: Response to letter regarding undergrounding of low voltage overhead line in Mill Street, Jesu Street and Yonder Street. Local area planner is to provide costings 3. Factory site: Copy letter- Sustainable Ottery to Kate Little EDDC and copy letter of her response. 4. West Hill School: acknowledging Council’s letter and confirming that it has its full quota of Governors at present. 5. DCC: Information regarding its consultation process regarding its outline proposals for unitary local government. 6. Connect A30/A35 Limited: Annual Report on Project Road Performance and six DVDs produced by Highways Agency in support of the Government’s Road User behaviour initiative. 7. Devon & Cornwall Constabulary: letter regarding the reporting of the vandalism of the bench in Canaan Way Park 8. EDDC: information regarding cost of flower beds in Land of Canaan car park to deter dangerous driving activity. 9. Exeter International Airport Consultative Group: Minutes of the meeting of 4th June 2008. 10. Thank you letter to the Mayor for his attendance at the 100th birthday party of an Ottery resident. 11. Sustainable Ottery: Invitation to all Councillors to attend a meeting about reducing the number of plastic bags used in Ottery. Thursday 10th July at 7.30pm in the Institute. 12. Letter from resident of Tipton St John expressing disappointment with the flower planters on the river bridge. 13. Email from Ottery resident regarding the proposed dog ban on the Winters Lane Playing Field. 14. Tipton St John Post Office: response from Post Office Ltd, Postwatch, Angela Browning MP (2) and Hugo Swire MP together with 44 letters from members of the public. 15. Grandisson Archers Newsletter No 5: “Upshot” 16. The Senior Council for Devon: Newsletter June 2008 17. Western Power Distribution: Proposed Business Plan for 2010-2015. Views invited from customers and stakeholders. 18. Community Council of Devon: Executive Summary of the Rural Community Buildings Research conducted over 2007/2008 19. Community Council of Devon: Issue 112 June 2008 of “Village Green” Additional items which had already been circulated: 1. DCC: “A Unitary Council for Devon: your questions answered”

Additional correspondence received since distribution of the previous: Five e-mails and one letter regarding the possibility of a dog ban on the Winters Lane Playing Fields.

MEETINGS ATTENDED AS COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Cllr Howard had attended the East Devon Community Safety Partnership Local Action Group Meeting and the DAPC larger Councils Sub Committee. Cllr Abbott had attended the Chamber of Commerce Meeting. The Mayor listed all the meetings he had attended.
Mayor’s initials……………………..


COUNCILLORS’ QUESTIONS Cllr Abbott reported the fly-tipping of grass cuttings along a footpath linking Shutes Mead and Raleigh Road. The Clerk will report this to EDDC.

Cllr Abbott reported the retirement of the Fire Station Officer in Ottery and it was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to him.

Cllr Thomas reported overgrowth along the West Hill Road between Potters and Higher Broad Oak Road which is obscuring the Primary School warning lights. The Clerk will report this to DCC.

Cllr Thomas asked about the provision of a litter bin by the seat at Potters. The Meeting closed at 9.35pm and went into Part B. The next Full Council Meeting is on Monday 4th August 2008 at 7.00pm in the Council Chamber Mayor’s Signature:…………………………… Date:………..........

Mayor’s initials……………………..