Celebrating 35 Years of Miracles

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					How do I get someone into Teen Challenge?
Daily, we receive calls from “Good Samaritans” – family members, pastors and friends – wanting to know how to get someone into the program. While there are specific situations that may need to be addressed differently, the general steps are as follows: 1. phOne cAll. The person needing help must take responsibility and call to set up an interview for themselves. (Women call 530-751-9511, men call 916-443-3049, or in redding call 530-246-1561.) 2. intervieW. They are given a tour of the center and an explanation of how the program works. They also complete a short interview form and their eligibility is determined. 3. phYsicAl eXAm. Unless they are in a real crisis, they will be asked to get a physical exam, including a few laboratory tests to ensure that they do not have any contagious diseases. 4. AdmissiOn. An admission date is scheduled for the man or woman to enter the program. •	 THERE	IS	NO	CHARGE	FOR	OUR	SERVICES. •	 WE	DO	ACCEPT	PEOPLE	WHO		ARE	 cOurt-AppOinted. •	 ADMISSION	FORMS	ARE	AVAILABLE	 Online At: www.teenchallenge.ws

How to reach us...
AdministrAtive Office & AutO center P.O. Box 276737 (916) 362-2800 Sacramento, CA 95827 (800) 437-1919 svtc@teenchallenge.ws AlphA hensOn WOmen’s center 300 Stardust Lane (916) 645-3807 Lincoln, CA 95648 ahwc@teenchallenge.ws develOpment depArtment 300 Stardust Lane (916) 645-5500 Lincoln, CA 95648 dd@teenchallenge.ws neW life trAining center fOr men 3020 ‘O’ Street (916) 453-9292 Sacramento, CA 95816 nl@teenchallenge.ws redding cOntAct Office & AutO center P.O. Box 494999 (530) 246-1561 Redding, CA 96049 rtcadmin@teenchallenge.ws sAcrAmentO crisis center fOr men 1613 18th Street (916) 443-3049 Sacramento, CA 95814 scc@teenchallenge.ws teen chAllenge thrift stOres 10025 Folsom Blvd. (916) 369-5422 Sacramento, CA 95827 thrift@teenchallenge.ws 240 Garden Hwy. Yuba City, CA 95991 (530) 671-3344 ycthrift@teenchallenge.ws

Celebrating 35 Years of Miracles

tWin rivers crisis center fOr WOmen 560 Cooper Ave. (530) 751-9511 Yuba City, CA 95991 trcc@teenchallenge.ws tc creAtiOns P.O. Box 276737 (916) 267-3518 Sacramento, CA 95827 creations@teenchallenge.ws



HOw ARE wE FuNdEd?
We have elected to not accept any government funding; thus, we are entirely funded by the private sector. Nor have we asked the men and women (students) in our care to apply for food stamps and welfare. Rather, through teaching and by example they learn that the world does not owe them a living, and that with God’s help they can be responsible and contributing citizens. Neither do we charge our students the approximately $1,000 each that it costs us to care for them every month, lest it prohibit them from being able to receive the help they need. Rather, we have them involved to some degree in

Teen Challenge Auto Center
You can turn your used car into a new life when you donate it to Teen Challenge, and in return, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.
Cars ... Trucks ... Boats ... Vans & RVs ... Motor Homes Travel Trailers ... Motorcycles

Our mission is to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ by creating an environment for the transformation of people with life-controlling problems.


SVTC is committed to the transformation of those who have life-controlling problems; training leaders for ministry; and joining with the church in revival prayer, so that even the need for Teen Challenge is diminished.

To donate your vehicle, contact the Teen Challenge Auto Center at (916) 362-2800 or call toll-free: 1-800-437-1919 In Redding call (530) 246-1561 www.teenchallenge.ws


The Teen Challenge ministry was begun in 1958 in New York City by Rev. David Wilkerson. It has now evolved into an international organization with hundreds of centers around the world. While the ministry began with a focus on teen-aged gang members, Teen Challenge now reaches men and women with any lifecontrolling problem of any age. Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge began in 1974 and now oversees an array of community outreaches besides operating four centers where men and women eighteen years of age and older can reside while they undergo the 15 to 18 month Christian-life training program. Needy minors are referred to centers who care for minors only.

10025 Folsom Blvd. • Sacramento • (916) 369-5422 240 Garden Hwy. •Yuba City • (530) 671-3344 Store Hours • Mon-Sat • 9am-6pm When you have resaleable items you wish to donate for a tax-deductible receipt, call us for pick-up service, or drop it by the store.

TC Thrift Store


The success rate of Teen Challenge has been independently verified many times through the years, and again most recently in 1999, when Northwestern University found that 86% of those completing the program remained drug-free. It also found that 84% attended church at least weekly and 90% of the graduates were still employed. Teen Challenge is recognized as one of the oldest, the largest, and the most successful program of its type in the world today. The difference is simply the Jesus factor!

Transformed Lives, Transforming the Land!

the various Teen Challenge enterprises where they learn general work principals and a good work ethic. Through these afternoon enterprises they help to raise over half of the cost of their care. Thus, we are in need of friends who will meet them halfway by joining us in investing in the lives of discarded young men, women and children so they can receive a second chance through Jesus Christ. For more information on how you can sponsor these men and women, or about other ways to be involved, including volunteering or employment opportunities, call us at (916) 362-2800 or (800) 437-1919.

Please remember S-V-T-C when designating your United Way contributions from your place of work.

#9198 in the Sacramento Area #5324 in Shasta County

This seal is our pledge that your gifts are being used as you planned.
“We are so glad we can say with utter honesty that in all dealings we have been pure and sincere, quietly depending on the Lord for His help, and not on our own skills.” ~ 2 Corinthians 1:12

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