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Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held at 1.45 p.m. on Sunday, 1 June 1997 at the Forest Hotel, Dorridge, Solihull


A J Braund P F Hunt G S Smith M Hopkinson Dr C Maunder Mrs J Stewart E Hodgkins Mrs G Minchin Mrs B Morley R Morley Mrs M Denman N Denman S Manning C Avery J T Jones R A Stevens Mrs C Hopkinson J Wilson A Pike E Place J Cooke M L Potter R Sewell A Kindred Mrs T Kindred Mrs S Maunder J B Cope P White J Goff W Howie R G Brett W Brett I T Parsons Mrs V Micklewright M F Penney Mrs K Fuller L Fuller B Cook Mrs C Cook C Kovac Dr E Watson Mrs O Barnet R Barnet R Fleming N Fry

Chairman, BOC; Somerset OS Hon Secretary, BOC; RHS; Wiltshire OS Minutes Secretary, BOC; Bournemouth OS Vice Chairman, BOC; East Midlands OS Vice President, BOC; Sheffield & District OS Vice President, BOC; RHS Birmingham & Midlands OS Birmingham & Midlands OS Cambridge OS Cambridge OS Cheltenham & District OS Cheltenham & District OS Cheshire & North Wales OS Central OS Central OS Cotswold OS East Midlands OS Harrogate OS Hinckley & District OS Hinckley & District OS Lea Valley OS Lea Valley OS North Bucks OS OSGB OSGB Sheffield & District OS Solihull OS Solihull OS South East OS South East OS South West OS South West OS South West OS Sussex Orchid Group Sussex Orchid Group; Mid Sussex OS Swindon OS Swindon OS Thames Valley OS Thames Valley OS Wessex OS Wessex OS Worcestershire OS Worcestershire OS British Odontoglossum Alliance British Odontoglossum Alliance

Note from Minutes Secretary The names of those recorded in the Minutes as being present at a Meeting is taken from a “register” which is circulated during the Meeting. This, occasionally supplemented by notes taken at the Meetings, is the only source of such information. It is believed that a number of Delegates who were present on 1 June did not record that fact on the “register” for that Meeting, in consequence of which it has not been possible to list their names above. Each Delegate is asked to note that it is his or her individual responsibility to “sign in” on the “register” at each Meeting. This will assist in ensuring that a complete record of Meetings can be maintained.

The Chairman opened the Meeting of Council at 1.45 p.m.


Apologies for Absence Received from Mrs P Allwood Dr E Brindley Mrs J Eng R Lindsay P Phillips W Allwood A Burt Dr J Fine Dr the Hon A Morrison I Robertson Dr R Bakaya Mrs M Burt W Gaskell G Nash D Townsend P Ball J Davison Mrs K Lindsay Dr H Oakeley Northern Ireland OS


Correspondence a. BOC A request for information on the activities of BOC was received from the BBC Radio Helpline, in respect of environmental matters. Apparently BOC is in the “Environment” category rather than “Horticulture” and it is now hoped that the BBC‟s records have now been corrected. b. Member Organisations and the “Golden Guide” The Hon Secretary noted that completed questionnaires have now been received from all but six member societies - East Anglia, North Staffs, North Hampshire, Southern Counties, Suffolk and Wessex - who are asked to complete and return them as soon as possible. It will be from the information provided in these questionnaires that the next edition of the “Golden Guide” will be produced - particularly the dates and venues of shows between September 1997 and August 1998, details of Societies‟ normal monthly meetings, and secretary‟s name and contact address and telephone number. The Hon Secretary asked to be informed of the numbers of copies of the new Guide required by each Society. Unless advised to the contrary, it will be assume that 50 copies will be enough - some will require more, others less; an appropriate “return slip” is included with these Minutes as Appendix 1 to facilitate a response. Distribution arrangements are uncertain at present but it is assumed that supplies will be received in time for issue at the September meeting. He noted that he will require Society representatives to sign for receipt this year, as last year several Societies advised never having received their allocations and copies had to be scrounged from Paul Phillips to make up the shortfall. c. British Native Orchids About 50% of enquiries received this quarter have concerned British native orchids, often having been referred by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew! Most are regarding very rare orchids growing in the gardens or nearby countryside of the enquirers “ladies slipper orchids - hundreds of plants” - inevitably when a sketch or photograph is sent turning out to be the early purple, common spotted Dactylorhiza fuchsii, bee orchid, or twayblade. d. Sarah Anne Drake An enquiry was received regarding the whereabouts of Miss Drake‟s correspondence and artwork. Miss Drake was one of the finest orchid artists of all time; she was a contemporary of John Lindley. If any help can be given on this matter, please contact the Hon Secretary. e. “The English Garden” Information is received from time to time on various journals “ your members would like to have”, but a recent communication should not be dismissed lightly. A new gardening journal, “The English Garden”, is now being published. Correspondence on this has been received from a Miss Malika Boukhoubza, offering any member of BOC member societies a 15% discount on the usual subscription price, together a further offer to donate £2.50 to BOC funds from every such subscription. Leaflets on this journal, plus sample copies of the journal itself, were available for examination at the meeting. f. CITES Considerable information has been received from the DoE, mainly about CITES. The Hon Secretary observed that a Meeting of Council was not really the right forum for discussion in detail, suggesting instead that a small group of delegates concerned with conservation could be useful. The views of BOC in most cases would be the same as those of the RHS and BOGA but, to add strength to their views and to show that we also care, the views of BOC could be separately expressed. Anyone interested should contact the Hon Secretary.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 June 1997 Accepted as a true record of that Meeting


Matters Arising a. List of BOC Judges This was received from Dr Maunder and included as an attachment to the Minutes. • • It recorded the position as a 6 March 1997, not 1996 as stated. The following were incorrectly recorded in the List as Trainee Judges; they were all Qualified Judges by the date in question John Cooke Steve Manning John Jones Robin Stevens


Congresses & Weekend Events a. European Orchid Congress, Geneva, 16-20 April 1997 This event has now taken place. Joyce Stewart reported that it had been most successful, with the Show including many well-grown plants and a good number of unusual species, and that several Botanic Gardens from around Europe had exhibited. Also included in the programme were a number of good social events. A number of other EOC matters arose during the Congress • • • The baton of the Presidency of EOC was passed from Mrs Verena Fischer (Switzerland) to Hans Christiansen (Denmark). The dates for the next EOC Congress in Copenhagen are 6 - 9 April 2000. It was also noted that the WOC Congress in Malaysia in 2002 would probably take place in May. The RHS/BOC/BOGA proposal to host the next-but-one EOC Congress in London in 2003 was made. A proposal from Italy for this event to be held in Treviso was withdrawn in favour of London.

The Chairman noted that mounting a BOC exhibit in Copenhagen (by which time he will have passed the baton to another) would be far simpler than the eventually abandoned attempt to do so in Geneva; cross-border constraints would not apply to Denmark, being within the EC. He urged that early thought be given to this, including Societies organising plants for loan, particularly in view of the UK bid to host the following EOC Congress. b. 18th BOC Congress, Canterbury, 3-5 April 1998 John Goff (South East OS) reported that matters continue to progress well. He also advised that • • • • • c. All Societies have been notified of the Show details. The local Fire Officer requires that display back-drops, where used, must be treated with anti-fire sprays. Registration information has been distributed. The local Tourist Board has been contacted and will send relevant information to Societies. The County Hotel is offering special rates to Registrants: £30 per person bed and breakfast.

19th BOC Congress Steve Manning reported back on Cheshire & North Wales OS‟s consideration of the possibility of hosting the 19th BOC Congress • The invitation from the RHS to consider joining with them in a week-long event during July 1999 was appreciated, but declined as impracticable. It was felt that there were too many negative factors, not least of which was a full week under canvas. A possible venue is a purpose-built conference centre in Llandudno, where 17-19 September and 12-14 November are available. A detailed feasibility study will be undertaken if Council wishes it.


An alternative proposal was made by Harrogate OS to hold the Congress in conjunction with one of the Harrogate Shows - either in April (4 days plus set-up) or mid-September (3 days plus set-up) - both major events attracting some 30,000 visitors. The venue would be a frame marquee, heated, with a solid floor, with other facilities including provision for a lecture programme and a registrants‟ lounge. Discussions would need to be pursued with the Shows‟ organisers. A general discussion of the merits of the two bids then followed, with Max Hopkinson noting that this appeared to be the first occasion on which there was a “battle” for hosting a Congress and cautioning that Council should not waste either offer. The matter was concluded with a proposal, accepted without dissent, that -

• •

Cheshire & North Wales OS be asked to go ahead with a detailed study into their hosting the 19th Congress in Llandudno in September 1999 (preferred over the alternate November date). Harrogate OS be asked to investigate the possibility of their hosting the 20th Congress in conjunction with the Harrogate Show in September 2000 or 2001.


Sub-Committee Reports a. Judging Sub-Committee Dr Maunder reported that there had been 68 positive responses to invitations to attend the next Judging Symposium, to be held at the Newbury Show on Saturday 28 June. The following Symposium will be at Dorridge on Sunday 19 October, as previously advised. He also reported that the programme of Symposia for 1998 is now a little clearer. The proposed visit to Marcel Lecoufle‟s nursery in France has fallen through for the time being, so a Symposium to be hosted by the Eric Young Orchid Foundation in Jersey has been set for 9-10 May. A second Symposium will be held at the Devon Orchid Weekend later in the year, if that event goes ahead. b. Species Group There was no report, in the absence of Ted Jones (who the Chairman will contact). c. Lecturers’ Panel Val Micklewright advised that there was nothing to report since the last Meeting - no requests and no additions (which are always very welcome). d. Slide Library Steve Manning reported, with thanks, that gifts of some 70 slides each had been received from Alan Kindred and Barry Cook. There had been no other activity of recent weeks.


Membership of European Orchid Council The Chairman felt that Council should have a specific opportunity to consider the value of membership of the European Orchid Council to BOC, and therefore the maintenance of its continued membership. He noted that BOC currently benefited from a specially reduced membership fee - based on the number of its member organisations rather than the number of members of its member organisations - of 750 Swiss Francs per annum (approximately £320) shared equally between BOC and the RHS. The Chairman suggested that in view of the absence from the Meeting of the President, Dr the Hon Alasdair Morrison, any decision affecting Council‟s future membership of EOC should be deferred until its next Meeting in September. However, it was proposed from the floor that such deferral was unnecessary and that BOC should continue membership of EOC; this was carried overwhelmingly, with few abstentions and no votes against.


Diary of Events - Additions and Alterations An updated „Diary of Events‟ is attached to these Minutes.


Any Other Business No matters were raised under this Agenda item.

There being no further business, the Meeting was declared closed at 3.15 p.m.

Minutes Secretary

Graham Smith 61 Mallard Road Colehill Wimborne Dorset BH21 2NL Tel. 01202-885536

The Minutes Secretary should be advised directly by Societies of future events or of changes to events already listed - preferably by means of a simple written note at Meetings of Council, or a brief telephone call or letter at other times. The member organisation‟s name, the nature of the event, the date and the venue are the only details required. 1997 Aug. 23 - 24 Late Sept. 7 12 - 17 13 Oct. 4 4 12 18 19 19 25 26 26 Nov. 8 16 22 25 - 26 29 Dec. 7 13 1998 Jan Feb 21 28 28 Mar 1 7 - 8 21 22 22 28 Apr. 3 - 5 10 18 North Bucks OS Show, Woburn Village Hall, Woburn Bournemouth OS Show, St John‟s Church Hall, Boscombe, Bournemouth Cheltenham & District OS Show, St John‟s Hall, St John‟s Avenue, Churchdown, Gloucs Harrogate OS Show, Mansion Hotel, Roundhay Park, Leeds RHS London Orchid Show, Vincent Square, Westminster, London North Hampshire OS Show, Church Cottage, Basingstoke South West OS Show, St John‟s Garden Centre, Priory Way, Taunton Cambridge OS Show, Harston Village Hall, Harston, Cambridge West Cornwall OS Show 18th British Orchid Congress, Canterbury Solihull & District OS Show, Arden School, Knowle, Solihull Bristol & West of England OS Show, Somerset Hall, Portishead revised date; venue to be advised BOGA Orchid Fayre, Elcot Park Hotel, Newbury South Wales OS at Swansea Flower Show date and venue not advised

BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull Zimbabwe OS 50th Anniversary Congress, Harare, Zimbabwe North of England OS Show, Mirfield Cheshire & North Wales OS Show, Northwich Civic Centre North of England OS Show, Bolton School Wiltshire OS Show, The Guildhall, Salisbury Somerset OS Show, Parish Rooms, Somerton, Somerset East Anglia OS Show - venue not advised BOC Judging Symposium, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull East Midlands OS Show, Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester Birmingham & Midland OS Show, Botanic Gardens, Edgebaston, Birmingham South East OS Show, British Rail Staff Association Hall, Ashford, Kent North of England OS Show, Didsbury Sussex Orchid Group Autumn Show, Crawley Horticultural Society Hall, Crawley Swindon OS Show, Cricklade Town Hall OSGB Autumn Show, RHS Halls, Westminster, London Central OS Show, Perton Community Centre BOC Council Meeting, Forest Hotel, Station Approach, Dorridge, Solihull North of England OS Show, Hale Barnes

19 25 26 May 2 9 - 10 Jun. 27 - 28 Jul. Aug. Sept. 8 - 15 Oct. 25 Nov. Dec. 1999 Jan. Feb. Mar.

North East of England OS Show, Houghhall College, Durham Hinkckley & District OS Show, St John‟s Hall, Brunell Road, Hinckley, Leics. Birmingham & Midland OS Show, Botanical Gardens, Edgebaston, Birmingham East Midlands OS Show, Spalding - as part of Spalding Flower Festival BOC Judging Symposium, Eric Young Orchid Foundation, Jersey, CI Newbury Orchid Show, Newbury Show Ground

6th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference, Townsville, Queensland, Australia Birmingham & Midland OS Show, Botanical Gardens, Edgebaston, Birmingham

Apr. 23 - May 2 May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. 17 - 19 2000 April 6 - 9

16th World Orchid Congress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

19th British Orchid Congress, Llandudno - PROVISIONAL

European Orchid Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark


2002 May (?) 17th World Orchid Conference, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia dates still to be announced


Societies are asked to provide a realistic estimate of the number of copies they require of the next edition of this publication, anticipated for distribution at the Meeting of 7 September 1997. A requirement of 50 copies will be assumed if no response is given. Please complete this return slip and sent it BEFORE THE NEXT MEETING to the Hon Secretary Peter Hunt P O Box 1072 Frome Somerset BA11 5NY

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