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					Amore Memories 1728 6th Street 979.245.7600 On the square in Bay City Bay City, TX 77414 979.245.7602 (Fax) October 2008

October Classes and Crops
How would you like to be entered in a drawing for a $75 Gift Certificate? Every time you prepay for 3 or more classes in advance, at one time, you get your name entered in the drawing to be held on October 31. So the more classes you take, the more chances you will have to win a $75 Gift Certificate. You can always uselt ione ourlmoge Chrisautsoge Cethiyouear. ich NIFOU WIN AICH n’och nt me, rion wir 6:30ich N P.M.LASSES Y, STRIOGE LCTLE HFE CHLCTHND CRWEAN ALS YOUR UPN WITE, RIONE OURHLCTHNBREAK. WEAN ALWASO PACKAGEND KIONR 3 U TAKO ME, RE MOPROJT ONHOM YO insrsid13307118Octobe